Update on Red’s Trading Post:
July 31st, 2007



Our attorneys have spoken with the US Attorneys office and they have agreed to neutralize the Third Status Concern in which they claim that I harassed and intimidated them. Although an apology would be nice, this will suffice. We are pleased with this decision and with the response that we have received from supporters across the nation who have been following this case. There is still no court date in sight because of all of the attempts of the ATF to get the judge to terminate our injunction that was granted. I am assuming that the audits will continue but as I was pointing out in my now infamous blog that the scrutiny has dramatically increased, where as in our 2005 audit we had one inspector that covered 5 years worth of paperwork. In the last audit they flew in 2 Inspectors and an Area Supervisor to cover 2 1/2 weeks of paperwork.

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