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Reporting Problems

(Additional note - July 2009 - we have undertaken a wider links check and tried to remove some invalid examples or marked others as expired. We also have some very obsolete code on early pages which time does not permit for correction - please excuse any inconsistencies found in this respect).

The most usual problem that can occur is to find that clicking on a link either does nothing other than give a browser error, or - takes you to a wrong destination. With a site that has grown as much as this one over the years plus restructuring, errors can occur and we like to know about it if possible, so as to remedy the problem if we can - plus too of course links can and do ''go dead'' over time as material is removed from sites (some of JPFO's old pages go back near 10 years!). Other problems also can occur with page content display at times.

If you have found a problem we appreciate feedback, please email us - but we would ask that you supply the following information ....

1) - If a link problem - was the link operative or ''dead'' and on which page did you find it (please copy the address of that page from the browser address bar) ..... and if possible too, mention the page you may have landed on in error or the file you failed to download even.

2) - If something on a page does not display as you feel it should then again, please email us and give information as to what page (page address) and the perceived error. There are several browsers in use currently and it is not always possible to achieve total consistency between them all.

3) - It is just possible a few people may not be at ease with using links, copying, pasting, downloading, playing media files and even file storage - and so we offer a page of helpful hints which might be of use.

Thank you.

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