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Reader Responses to "Not YOUR Kind of Gun-Owning Jew "

Thank you for the no compromise...


A few thousand "reasonable/unreasonable" guns in the hands of the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto in 1944 would have shortened the end of the Nazi evil. PLEASE ALWAYS REMEMBER; The Bill of Rights sole purpose is to Protect the people! PROTECT THEM FROM OUR OWN GOVERNMENT!!

A group of heavily armed men is breaking down your door and you and your family has only a handgun and you believe these men intend to kill you and your family. Ask your self would I prefer this group to be SS? ATF? KKK? Me? Give me the ATF, and God steady my aim, and Hell will have a few more evil denizens. Some believe in a deeper Hell, if so it must be a "Good old boys roundup". A "private club" a place where ATF meets GESTAPO,SA,and SS.



In my opinion, "justice" is just as nebulous a concept as "reasonable". Examples: According to the US Supreme Court,"justice" is the imprisonment of a man who owns a firearm while in the middle of a divorce, if the boilerplate legalese of the divorce paperwork includes an automatic restraining order. It is further "justice" for a municipality to force a homeowner out of his home if a private land developer can create some commercial structure that will generate greater tax revenues. Since "justice" is whatever a government entity seems to desire, we cannot afford to presume that "justice" has a universally acceptable definition.


As I read this email I was getting really ticked off for at first I thought you endorsed this reasonable idiot. As in, first they came for the Jews, I said nothing for I was not a Jew etc. Do they not understand that reason does not work. The Second Amendment is deliberately misquoted as is the First when they bring up the so-called separation clause. At the time the Second Amendment was written a comma indicated a change of thought, separating the first thought from the second. The Right Of The People To Keep And Bear (carry) Arms shall NOT be infringe as the second thought, separate from the first. It was over 100 years later that we got a National Guard.


Reasonableness resides in the camp of those who tout the notion that there is no ultimate right or wrong only that which is perceived by the individual however different that may seem from one person to the next. That's nonsensical at best and dangerous to say the least. Deadly dangerous. Just go a couple layers deeper with it and you'll quickly notice how downright stupid it is too.


I would ask the Jewish gentleman a question. Would the perps abide with the rules and use only low capacity clips? Of course not !

If the gentleman wishes to use a low capacity clip I will not stand in his way ( I certainly will pray for him though). So in like fashion I ask him to be reasonable and do the same for me/us. Mind his own business and I'll promise not to try to force him to arm his self properly with a very large capacity weapon of any kind. His choice of course. Be it a howitzer or a Daisy BB gun.

The kind of thinking he espouses scares the bageebers out of me.

As we continue to go along with all these reasonable rules, and ordinances ,which become law, there will come a time when those people who agree with the reasonableness fraud (and we who already see the danger in it) will know for a fact that incrementalism is the name of the game. I only hope we are not too late and what you, JPFO, are trying to do regarding the BATF is successful. .

Geeeezzzzzzzzzzz I was born in 1938 and sorta wish it was 2098. Sorta. Hahaha!

Thanks JPFO for what your doing and keep up the good work






I would like to respond to the individual " Not YOUR kind of Gun-owning Jew". First, I am nor Jewish, but I am also a gun owner with similar Bona-fides! Let him express his same firearm attitude to the Jewish residents now residing in their home state of Israel! Would they think it reasonable to have seven round mags for their own personal FULLY-AUTO UZI'S
which by the way, Law abiding Americans , on the whole, can't even own!!! I think they would probably slap the snot out of him and send him into the Gaza Strip with his 10 round .22 rifle. Where in the second amendment does the word REASONABLE fall, before or after SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!


Your response to the writer's position was the most well reasoned possible. Your objective rebuttal to each of his points clearly showed that his belief system was without merit.

A job well done.


Dear Aaron,

I, too am a gun-owning Jew, served the the US armed forces, was a reserve cop, and hunt and shoot, and have a CC permit. Your answer to the unnamed person is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ON THE MONEY, SIR. "Give them an inch and they'll take a mile" has NEVER been truer than battling for our 2nd Amendment rights against the grabbers.

Alas, with what is going on in our wonderful nation and the erosion of our civil and constitutional rights, I fear that only another revolution will be the answer.

Steve Gurner
(Please feel free to publish this WITH my name.)


This is the kind of Jew that nazis and muslims rejoice over. It proves that, like being pregnant, there is no such thing as being a litlle bit liberal.


peaking personally only, the gentleman who wrote the letter appearing below is NOT MY KIND OF GUN OWNING JEW. Matter of fact, he is not especially the kind of gun owner I would willing associate with.

The above is simply a reflection of my own views and analysis of things as I see them. Others are, of course, free to choose for themselves.


Amen to standing by our principles. If we lose our firearms how will we defend ourselves from the religion of peace? by calling 911? NOT Thank you jpfo, I love you all and am honored to support this essential cause for freedom. Totally!


We agree with you " JPFO" , your right on target !



Your point of adhering to PRINCIPLE is not only well received but most timely. Valid and beneficial principles are those which were true and valid in the past, now, and always will be in the future. Considering principles first has application to all our thoughts, words, and deeds. It begins first in applying it first to our thoughts. If properly identified there first, the correct a proper words and deeds are sure to follow. One must remember the simple truth expressed in the title of a book, “Ideas have Consequences”.

Too many of our fellow citizens have not been sufficiently exposed to those principles which promote the best interests of mankind and fail to recognize those who are not beneficial. This is one of the reasons membership in JPFO is a value far beyond monetary measure. If nothing else, every member benefits from the statement or recognition of certain sound principles which have been, are now and ever shall be of eternal validity. Perhaps recognizing those principles which are correctly pointed out to have specific bearing on the ownership, possession and use in a 2nd Amendment setting may serve to prompt a consideration to other applications and even cause one to consider the value of identifying other equally important principles by which we would all do well to closely observe and adhere to in our individual, national, and world thinking.

Thanks again for a well reasoned and thoughtful Alert.


I do not compromise. I will go down fighting for my rights - all of them, un-compromised by some clods deciding regulating my rights is reasonable. Whether the writer knew it or not, every oppressive regulation started out as being "reasonable." Now, none can doubt the de facto lawmakers (they are not in reality law makers, as our laws were made long before man could
write) skip the reasonable part and jump to the "let's ram it home" to the people.


50% + 1 is why I have no use for "democracy." That's just another form of mob rule.


I love you guys !


This is a fake letter - a gun banner pretending to be a hunter etc. These are the tactics of certain people -pretend to be someone you are not.

If he remembers"The echo of Nazi boots and the sound of (Christalnocht) breaking glass should be a reminder of what can happen when the "man on horseback" runs amok and the citizenry has no means with which to defend themselves."

What good is 7 shots going to do to stop this or let's take something more recent example: pillaging and murder in New Orleans after Katrina.


As always Aaron, you are a marvel and deserve to become the next US President. Why don't you apply?
Indeed, your perfect reasoning power, that what is missing with most of the anti-gunners. They don't want justice for any-body, but for themselves. They believe justice is for the priviledged.

But Aaron, you have not answered my question as to Rep. Ron Is he truly a US Constitution man and worth voting for? The news media is ridiculing and sensoring him at every opportunity


Hey friends,I'd like to agree with you. Just I can't see any good argument for death penalty. How many innocent people are in the death row now,in the USA,China,Saudi Arabia ? How many innocents have been executed in the US alone since the Supreme Court allovved the use of the death penalty again in 1976 ? How does it come that the US justice executes many more blacks for murder etc than whites ? As Jews,we should be careful ! I have no problem killing an aggressor in self-defense,even parents killing a child abuser or a woman killing her rapist you see. All this is perfectly legitimate,a natural right,wether you are Jewish,Christian,Muslim, Buddhist or nonbeliever,whatever. But no government should be trusted with the right to incarcerate people infinitely,to torture or to kill. The US constitution explicitely forbids cruel or unusual punishments.

Theres no doubt that death penalty is very cruel and since the 19 th century becoming ever more unusual in the civilised world. Among the "western" states,only the US and Japan apply the death penalty. Even Russia 's president has suspended all executions. No european state nowadays has provisions for death penalty,not even in times of war. Come on, no one needs the death penalty,its cruel and superfluous,and used to discriminate people on behalf of their race ,as the US does,it calls for bitter revenge , sooner or later.

There's no doubt inmy mind that the Founding fathers,brilliant humanists like Jefferson, rather had abolished the death penalty alltogether,just as slavery. Its a shame the USA,founded by forward thinking people,is now one of the most backwards and reactionnary states in the world,not a beacon for freedom,but a symbol of oppression,war,police state,dictorial
presidency,profit mongering and modern forms of slavery.


Mayor Bloomberg is going state to state stating how guns coming into NYC are causing crime.

How come the honorable mayor does not stop NYC "Finest" police from going to the State of New Jersey and using NYC police department issued firearms to commit drug related crimes?

Did his excellency bother to ask how come a NYC police officer was arrested in Rhode Island also carrying a NYC police issued fire arm and was arrested on drug charges.

How about the NYC parking violations employee (which comes under NYC police department) who allowed her 6 year old son to bring a revolver to school for show and tell?

NYC it would appear transports more fire arms then it imports from other states.

Even HELLery Clinton called NYC police "murders" and she should know because under the Clinton regime Wild Bill sent Janet shoot them up Reno to Ruby Ridge where the US Government took 2 lives and even managed to kill the family dog and settled out of court wrongful death action.

Not to be out done Janet proceeded to attack Wako Texas and she slaughtered 100 men women and children that were not posing any threat to the US citizens or the people in the surrounding area.

Then Janet had the chutzpah to use Gestapo tactics to invade a home in Florida which was a civil matter of child custody.

Reading the head lines in NYC news papers or just placing NYC police shooting in NYC one has to wonder what is considered justifiable for the use of deadly force.

Considering Diallo was hit 19 times out of 41 shots fired thankfully he was unarmed and not moving or more 9MM ammo would have been spent and then another person was fired upon 5 times all fired at this persons back by a peace officer IMAGINE if a civilian had shot anyone in the back the repercussions that Bloomberg would have ranted about.

Then this week NYC finest again settled an out of court settlement for another unarmed person shot to death .

I wonder who the real criminals are that want to disarm the citizens?

Being a life member of the JWV and DAV I fought to protect the American way of life and cannot understand how anyone of the Jewish faith would dare want to allow history to repeat itself because Jews are disarmed.

Chuck Schmuer would have been one of those Jews who collaborated with the Nazi's in the death camps pointing his finger as to who should be next to be exterminated .

We are in a very dangerous period of time and to have fellow Jews turn on us is is unbelievable and unforgivable

The Nazi party is alive and well in NYC along with many other anti Semite groups and the liberal democrap Jews are going to do more harm to us then the Nazis ever dreamt possible.

Everyone who thinks it cant happen here is a blind moron as it already started and Jes forget what happened in Brooklyn when a Rabbinical student was taken from his car and knifed to death under Mayor Dinkins and the Jewish politicians said it was "black rage" and let it go at that as votes were more important on their agenda.


The response to this moron was excellent and to the point.


Honey, I don't know enough about the gun issue, obviously, but I think what the first guy says sounds more "reasonable" than the other guy's platform, which is scary to me. It will never be "all or nothing" on this or any other highly-charged political issue. Maybe this group is savvy to that, and pushes their extreme position in hope of landing somewhere in the middle?


I read the recent letter by the Jewish ex-reserve officer who has been using guns responsibly for 40 years and is in favor of a national gun license.

I am, however, in favor of enforcing current law.

Loss of freedom begins when there are so many laws that overlap and in many cases contradict, and the teeth of the law - the judicial branch - gets to pick and choose based on political, public relations, or other policies that have more to do with the DA and Judge's personal beliefs and agendas rather then the laws themselves.

I have been threatened by the BATF in my own business. They came in and told me they knew I had an automatic weapon and that if I did not turn it over, they could confiscate everything I own and my recourse would be to start over from scratch after I got out of prison. These guys had been at a gun show and offered me money to fabricate a receiver for a STEN when I told them I could repair some things on guns with my mill. They kept offering more and more money till I told them that for all they know, I might be a BATFE agent. They asked "Are you?" and I said "No - but if I was, you might be wishing you had not solicited someone to commit a crime; I know how to do it, but I won't do it"

The BATFE oversteps its bounds and treats all gun owners as troublemakers. The have no qualms about breaking the law in order to ruin anybody.

When I am told that I have to register myself and my guns in a national data base, I will consider that an attack on the U. S. A. All the law we ever needed was the first one - the right to bear arms.


Superb issue and point.

I am a retired cop, a real one, not a reserve, and most of my career was spent as a firearms instructor, rangemaster and lethal threat management instructor. Although I am not Jewish, I strongly support the JPFO. The arguments the other reserve cop gives are fallacious, and all too typical.

Compromises such as ludicrous magazine capacity laws simply do not deal with the violent criminals. They instead are "feel good" laws that only deal with the hardware, not the software, the criminals. If this guy was really a cop, he should understand why cops carry large capacity magazines, to stop lethal attackers. One shot is for snipers with big rifles and the movies, not for real-world handgun lethal attack defense. Cops shoot a lot of handgun rounds to stop a determined attacker. A citizen under the same attack needs the same.

The national ID card and similar seem so justified for "homeland security," yet our broken borders, or 5% inspections at our ports, efforts to allow Mexican truckers to drive into our country anywhere, or importing most of our products, all put us at great risk. Hell, the Z-visa is a real travesty of the "grand compromise."

But the attitude of this former reserve cop is what is so scary. Your rebuttal points are excellent. The secular progressives of the far left would disarm us all in a heartbeat, then "take care of us from cradle to grave," of course. Hitler promised the same thing. Wrong. They will have their guns and all their exemptions to the laws that govern the common folks they want to govern, and control. And some on the right wing would do the same.


Hi guys:

Excellent response to "Not YOUR Kind of Gun-Owning Jew"! The biggest problem I have w/this is that virtually none of my Jewish friends or aquaintences "like guns", are "afraid of them", etc. etc. [sure you've heard all this sort of stuff forever] I have never been able to get even ONE to see the light. I say "Don't you believe in our '...right of life, liberty, & the
persuit of happiness?'...Sure you do!" That's as far as I usually get. My Jewish attorney shows no interest in discussing the matter.He's a great guy. btw/not long ago he recieved a very prestigious award for his ethics. I always thought lawyers were not supposed to have ethics. Well, he could very well be an exception. I've known him a long time & he's VERY, VERY smart,
but, when it comes to firearms...I don't even mention anything, other than those that are in my estate. Boy, did I catch some flack when certain individuals learned that I have a Jewish lawyer handling my affairs. They think I'm nuts. [I'm Episcopal & my wife is Greek Orthodox] I go on to tell them I also now have two Jewish MDs....shock, shock. [No, they aren't gun owners, but they are damn good doctors.] I'm certain you all have heard all this sort of crap, & I probably shouldn't bring it up, but, (pardon my French) it really pisses me off, especially when some find out I'm so pro-Israel. I think I got this from my parents who were in Germany in 1936. Things got really creepy after the Olympics & they were very glad to get out.

Keep up the good fight, guys


I thought your response to the "Not YOUR kind of Gun-Owning Jew" was great!The thing most people cannot, or refuse to see in compromise is that it never starts from zero. The people who want to impose more restrictions on gun ownership always want to start from where we are now. We should always want to start from zero, that is the ownership of machine guns and cannons and whatever else we would like to have. After all, they are all arms. If we compromise from where we are now, we are doomed to lose.



Excellent response! It is so frightening to see a gun-owning Jew place so much trust in the government. How quickly some of us forget the past!


Could be wrong, but I strongly suspect that this "reasonable Jew" is in reality a liberal, gun-banning, smug, self-righteous, tree-hugging, pot-smoking, peace-at-any-price NON-Jew. Of course, the Schumer-Feinstein-Streisand connection could be at work here. Thank you for your correct and direct answer to this person's "reasonable" attitude about MY CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED Right to Keep & Bear Arms! No one of sound mind could possibly believe that limiting mags to only 7 or 10 rounds, and having the BATFE "give" us a National Firearms License would have any possible effect other than to propel us further down the road to total firearms confiscation. If that writer was indeed a serious person of the
Jewish faith, I feel sorry for his ignorance of history and his blindness to reality! In short...he's a fool if he believes he can trust the government!


That Jewish Cop is crewed up in the head as are all Cops. We dont need his kind as a Jew. He is basicly a Nazi.


Hi All,

Thank you for the news and the alerts. This one is interesting but contains an unfortunate typo. The event referred to here as "Christalnocht" is commonly spelled Kristallnacht, from the German word for crystal, alluding to all the broken glass. The term is unrelated to the name of Christ, which this spelling suggests (perhaps by analogy with words like Christmas and
paschal). Yiddish spelling would explain the o in "nocht" but I don't think Yiddish would substitute ch for a k-sound. Does that make me a _chvetch_? :)

Great harm has befallen Jews throughout history in the name of Christ but this particular event should be laid at the door of Nazism.

Thank you for your work from one of your Christian members!

[From JPFO: The word the original email author was meant was "Kristolnacht." We chose not to alter the email to reflect the correct spelling.]


Enjoyed your "reasonableness" discussion of gun control. Reminded me that the dialectic is the great enemy of people of principle. Compromise on basic principles is not reasonable, only negotiated by force.

Thanks for your thoughtful work!


I read the letter sent to you "Not YOUR Kind of Gun-Owning Jew" and I felt compelled to send you my response. Here are MY bond fides: I was born Jewish in Miami Florida, my grandparents own a Kosher delicatessen in Hallandale Beach, and I have been shooting since I before the training wheels were taken off my bike. The irony is that the first gun I ever shot was a German officer's FN .32 auto my grandfather brought back from WWII as a war trophy.

At the tender age of 18 I moved from Miami to Terre Haute, Indiana. When I had finished college I went to graduate school in Rapid City, South Dakota. It was in Rapid City that I had my very first run in with hardcore anti-Semitism. I had heard comments in Indiana, but nothing that ever made me really afraid. At my first apartment in Rapid City, I installed a Mezuzah on my door and within a few days I had neighbors and people from across the street yelling hateful anti-Semitic things at me, peering in my windows, and wanting to know what "that Jew bastard" (what I was known in the neighborhood as) was up to. Eventually I moved the Mezuzah to the inside door frame. I took a part time job as a welder and found myself working alongside a Neo-Nazi. He had swastikas tattooed on his body, and painted on his welding helmet. I never let on I was Jewish while working there, and am glad it never got out. Jew bashing was the second most frequent subject of break room conversation. After one semester working there, I quit. I was legitimately afraid for my person. I had always had my CCW, mostly to get out of the state waiting period in Florida and Indiana, but for the first time I started packing. Now I am almost never more than arm's length from a weapon, the only time is when I'm in class, and then there is a gun in my car. Yes, one can hide a GLOCK under a work shirt and leather welding coat.

I don't understand liberal, gun control supporting Jews. Have they never felt the fear of being openly hated? Do they not know what it's like to have neighbors and coworkers advocate your extermination? What I do know is that no Jew has ever been dragged from his or her bed by one man. It takes the security of numbers, the backing of a mob, to go from just spitting invective to committing violence. I never bought into the whole Brady Bill attitude in an academic libertarian sort of way, but now I advocate at the top of my lungs the right to own high capacity magazines, assault weapons, and other weapons of a purely anti-personal nature. I never liked hunting, I did it once and could not stop crying the first and only time I killed an animal. But I know the feeling of fear that comes from having a possible neo-Nazi rally on your front lawn. I am a law abiding citizen with no criminal record, and I will be damned if some PC, gun hating, liberal schmuck will abridge my right to arm myself to the teeth and prevent my own lynching.




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