Genocide Delayed

by Jon Guttman

Fall 2000, The Bill of Rights Sentinel



NOTE - The Bill of Rights Sentinel is no longer published but over time much material that had appeared has been archived on JPFO.


In the midst of despair the Warsaw ghetto Resistance fighters foundhope in their own courage against overwhelming odds and the cruelest of enemies.

"Fought in the heart of the Nazi empire against hopeless odds, the Warsaw ghetto uprising has become the symbol for numerous outbreaks of resistance that put the lie to the myth that the Jews were herded into the death camps without a fight -- and of the indomitable spirit of a people who, despite the Nazis’ most determined efforts, were not eradicated from the face of the earth."

So wrote Jon Guttman, editor of World War II Magazine about the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising. Mr. Guttman’s entire article was reprinted with permission in the Fall 2000 issue of the Bill of Rights Sentinel. Click here to order that issue which contains many other valuable features, including Dr. Thompson's ground-breaking psychological analysis of the anti-gun mentality.$5.00, postage paid. (NOTE- sorry, this link fails - it does not find the original user ID).

To read the full text of Mr. Guttman’s piece on-line, go HERE to read about SS Brigadeführer (brigadier general) Jürgen Stroop. We also have an article about Stroop here on JPFO.

Also - a later addition - The Auschwitz Album - a unique pictorial record of the awful events, presented as an archived slide show video.  View on the page or download a WMV file to keep.

Additional reading about the Warsaw ghetto uprising can be found on The JPFO Bookstore: Fiction and The JPFO Bookstore: History. Purchase of books from these pages are through, and JPFO receives a small commission for sales by this route.


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