The Freedom of One’s House



By Stewart Rhodes

There is no better renunciation of the outrageous idea that our government may secretly spy on us or ransack our homes without a warrant than the fiery words of Founding Patriot James Otis who spoke against the NSA spying of his time; the Crown’s use of similar searches without a showing of probable cause before a judge, known as writs of assistance or general warrants.

Take a few minutes to step back in time and read an account of one of the chief causes of our forefathers taking up arms against their own government in defense of inalienable rights, in the words of one of this nation’s greatest patriots.  And then resolve to do your utmost, even at risk of YOUR life, YOUR fortune, and YOUR sacred honor in defense of those same inalienable rights against our own King George.

Stewart Rhodes

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E. Stewart Rhodes, ex-paratrooper, disabled vet, ex-firearms instructor, former Ron Paul staff member, Yale Law grad/Research Scholar, & Montana/Nevada lawyer. Stewart has written for Gerry Spence’s The Warrior, for, writes the Enemy at the Gate column for S.W.A.T. Magazine, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people in the "war on terror." Stewart is NOT a liberal, unless you want to consider him a classical liberal.


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