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Responses to alert:

"UN Ignores Own "Declaration of Human Rights""

Please note these are reprints of comments JPFO received from readers, and do not necessarily reflect JPFO's views or opinions.


This would appear so based on what is written in this article, but it is not so for the following reason. Article 29 section 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says "These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations." So whenever it is more convenient for the UN to violate your rights, then you have no rights.



I do not have any money. Please tell me where I can write, regarding any specific references such as bill numbers, to stop this horse shit.

Yours in Liberty,



You omitted the scariest provision of that document, the one that allows all abuses:

Article 29.

(1) Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible.
(2) In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society.
(3) These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

(emphasis mine)


Indeed my friends, what can reasonable people reasonably expect from a government run so far amuck? It is unreasonable to expect our city, county, state or federal law enforcement officers to understand and respect our Constitution and Bill of Rights, so long as we keep electing Senators, Congressmen, and Presidents who do not.

I am behind you 100% in support of a "Bill of Rights culture" and a return to Constitutional government... even though this will cost me my (current) sole source of income. I am surviving right now on Social(ist) (in)Security disability benefits and that's kind of cool; the gubment is giving me back a little of what it has embezzeled from me for the past 40 years. However at the moment I'm working on a plan that will, I pray, allow me to re-enter the workforce as a productive member of society. I hate having to live on money (even though it is rightfully *my money*) doled out by a socialist government program that should never have existed in the first place... at least never in *this country*.

Many years ago here in the Southland a lot of women died during childbirth, so were not able to nurse their newborns. The Black nannies would wrap some sugar in a rag, wet it (with milk, if available), and let the little ones nurse on that... not very nutritous or sanitary but folks did what they had to do. Anyway thus was born the term, "sugartit". Since I've been disabled that's what I feel like I'm on... a sugartit. We all do what we have to do but we don't have to like it and if we are determined we can change it.

It is time for the people of the USA to collectively spit out their 'sugartit' and get back to work. It's time to restore the Constitution as the law of the land. And in my not-so-humble opinion it is time every politician or judge who violates it be tried for treason and shot.

Oh, and re. the UN, or NAFTA, or any other such foolishness: the US did *not* become the greatest nation on earth by bending to other nations' follies, and it will not enhance or sustain itself in any way by bending to them now. Those of us who value our Republic must *DEMAND* that our elected officials reinstate the Constitution, fortify our borders, and return our Nation to the ideals upon which it was founded. If we fail to do this we will lose it and we should not be surprised. What else might we reasonably expect?

- W (and if you think I'm 'opinionated', you are too kind)


Years ago, I and several other American citizens conducted a protest in front of the UN. Actually was across the avenue, as I recall. While we were harassed, it was not by the NYC police and we accomplished our mission. BUT this is incredible, that this committed citizen was almost arrested by UN "police" and NYPD Officer Rizzo... I'll be damned if we citizens are going to allow them on OUR SOIL to circumvent the Constitution of the United States at the behest of the Marxist United Nations! -- e lee north

alas, the citizen who penned the fwd'd message is not identifued... JPFO: how about it? (Go to the JPFO website in the message).


That explains everything..... The ATF must have been declared a "national security area"....



This is deplorable and only goes to enforce what the video I watched yesterday talks about. It is Alex Jone's (from 9/11 The Road to Tyranny. I strongly urge all freedom lovers to watch this powerful and informative DVD. Thanks.


I get so many email, but the ones from JPFO are always important because they deal with our fleeing Constitutional Rights Freedom, and Sovereignty. Don't give up your guns. If you don't have a gun, Jesus would say, "Sell your garments and buy a sword."

Even in Iraq every family is allowed "one" AK 47 by the Army's urging for self-protection. Saddam never disarmed his people, because he wasn't afraid of them and people bought guns in their open market places. Our government must be afraid of us. What is coming that is so bad they need to disarm citizens?

What happens when self-defense is against the law? Thousands are massacred.

What Happens When Innocents Betrayed. <>

"The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed unless they try and take it away." -- Thomas Jefferson.



This sort of thing sounds like a heaven-sent opportunity to for somebody with a wire (audio surveillance) and a couple of friends with video cameras (out of sight, of course) to get some embarrassing (for the UN and NYPD) videos - wait a week or so for the memory to fade, and then do exactly the same thing again, record it and post it to YouTube...



Jack and Margy Flynn are teaching us little guys how to win in court using the Constitution only. Have your leader look up the website and get it's members to join. Together we conquor divided we fall.

Let us get together and win.



If this incident, in fact happened, why have you not filed a complaint via the existing court system? Particularly, why have you not engaged the ACLU - THEY, allegedly, are in favor of all human, animal, and alien rights.
Oh, by the way, why don't the countries that, "inhabit", the United Nations Building pay their rent for a change? Or maybe even pay their own electric bills?





The mistake you made was in not letting them arrest you. Then you have a civil rights case.


When did this happen? Can we expect this to be in the paper or on the news? Or is that to much to ask of "our right to free speech".



We need to rid our nation of armed and dangerous law enforcers. I do not know of one case in which the enforcers confronting innocent law-abiding citizens did not violate multiple laws plus the premises this land was founded on. They are nothing but a useless pile of dog dung, as far as I am concerned, that are not committed to the Constitution and Law but whatever they want to impose in the form of ex post facto and Bills of Attainders.
It must stop as it is my firm belief they are being trained to act as a military unit against the people.

Best regards,



You at least have the 2'nd ammendment to point to. In Canda we also have a bill if rights (small letters intentional) but most times when it is tested other issues are deemed to be more important. With the media controlled as it is , it is difficult to get the average voter to see clearly. In our last round of gun control there is an exemption for the entertainment industry.
This is not for artistic reasons: it is to allow the industry to continue teaching that only bad people have guns : police and military being a necessary evil.


Very dear friends @jpfo,

You probably already know that the UNUDHR contains in its text the statement that none of the enumerated rights may be exercised in conflict with the purposes of the UN, or words to precisely that effect. The declaration itself is therefore a pure sham, and it was being fully respected in the incident reported on.

Keep up the good work.



Is their any chance you could get me a picture of Officer Rizzo of the 17th precinct.



I suspect that the gentleman who communicated with you on this problem has run into what I refer to as the Mario Savio Free Speech Movement Syndrome, one feature of which dealt with "free speech", of which there was plenty for Mario and his acolytes, though precious little for anyone else.

As for "the fuzz" encountered, the following possibilities come to mind.

1. The lawyer the gentleman spoke was wrong.
2. The police officer was wrong about the law.
3. Being questioned was a threat his authority worse yet, to his self-importance or manhood. I'm not certain as to which of the above would be the most serious transgression.
4. Repeated questioning of this officer, no matter how politely the questions were opposed, in the presence of his fellow officers compounds the felony, so to speak.
5. Obviously, neither the UN nor certain members of the NYPD, I have no idea as to how many, are particularly impressed by the U.S. Constitution.
6. As to the gentleman filing a complaint, an "on-line complaint" might turn out to be lacking in certain formality, this is a guess. Having said that, filing as formal a complaint as can be done is obviously the way to go, as might be contact with media. Re this last, I would say that unless one got to the "right" individual, the complainant was pissing into the wind, given the REALPOLITC involved.



I wrote this to the mayor of NY:

I understand Officer Rizzo of the 17th precinct does not care about the laws of this country. Officer Rizzo violated the terms of his oath to protect and defend the constitution and must be removed from service. Violations can not be tolerated.

Excerpt of story below:"When I tried to explain to him again that my lawyer had confirmed my project was legal, he again said laws and lawyers are meaningless, and he ordered me to leave and tried to intimidate me physically. I left and walked away, but then went back to ask him some questions for my incident report. Officer Rizzo started to threaten me and menace me, refused to answer any questions, and he and two other officers followed me up the street, threatening to arrest me and throw me in jail. "


What did this person expect a cop to do? Their job, in this century, is to intimidate.....period.


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