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USA TODAY Refuses To Publish JPFO Rebuttal To One-Sided"Debate" On New Firearms Regulations

USA TODAY does not want you to read this letter, when you do, youwill be aware of the part they play in the "media hoax". Please forward this to everyone you can think of.

Offering two articles that agree with one another, and calling it a"debate," is a classic technique of propaganda. USA Today joined theranks of master disinformers on its November 6, 1998 editorial page whenit published two pieces calling for more firearms regulation. It was acase of Tweedledum vs. Tweedledee, to which JPFO objected promptly andclearly.

To date, USA Today has not printed JPFO's letter, even though theletter fell within the length limits of their op-ed section and was sentalmost immediately. We can surmise that the editors could not abide theembarrassment of the truth. The text of JPFO's letter follows below inits entirety.

The latest assaults on the right to keep and bear arms focus on "gunsafety" as the key issue. Watch how glibly the anti-gun rightslobbyists will mix rhetoric about criminal misuse of firearms with callsfor trigger locks and other "safety" devices designed to preventaccidental discharge. The American public who are as increasinglyunfamiliar with firearms as they are with detecting propaganda, may befooled by this latest trick.

Take action right now! Every person reading this alert must send ane-mail now to the editor of USA Today. Use the online form at:

or call USA Today at (703) 276-3400 -- ask why they refuse to acknowledgeJPFO's message and publish JPFO's response to its editorials.Ask why USA Today is apparently afraid to publish JPFO's views. Urge USAToday to call on JPFO for truly opposing views on "guncontrol" issues. Weneed thousands of people to respond, please post and repost this message!

The text of the JPFO letter, sent via email on November 9, follows:

November 9, 1998

Letters to the Editor
USA Today
1000 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22229

Dear Editor,

USA Today's November 6 "Today's Debate" column used an old propagandatrick: put up two articles that take the same view and call it a"debate." The USA Today editorial argued that the federal governmentshould require trigger locks on all firearms. The "opposing view" camefrom New Orleans Mayor Morial who thinks suing firearms manufacturers,dealers, and trade associations is a good idea.

Both articles were united in saying that the firearms suppliers areresponsible for people's misuse of guns. Both articles twistedstatistics to make their points. USA Today said: "14 children under age19 are killed each day of the year." The stat is silly: "childrenunder 19" includes 18-year old adults, and most of the deaths are ofelderly teenagers, not toddlers. USA Today's editorial wanted federallymandated trigger locks on guns -- but most of these deaths wereintentional killings. Trigger locks don't stop gangs and murderers.

Mayor Morial pulled the same statistical stunt. He wrote: "we don'twant to ban guns; we want guns made safer." He cited a single case of achild killed by another child who found a loaded gun. All of his otherdata was about criminal use of firearms, but he mixed it with rhetoricabout airbags and car bumpers. His proposal, to sue the suppliers,won't stop gangs and murderers.

To help prevent future one-sided "debates," our organization herebyvolunteers to provide a truly "opposing" view when the "Today's Debate"feature next visits the "gun control" debate.


Richard Stevens
Firearms Sentinel Editor
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Inc.
P.O. Box 270143
Hartford, WI 53027

(800) 869-1884

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