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Ongoing War in the Middle East

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Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West

Netanyahu: It's 1938 and Iran is Germany

Israel developing anti-militant "bionic hornet"

Next stop: Iran

The Dark Ages -- Live from the Middle East

Security and Defense:

Hamas's "Executive Force" Gaining Strength in Gaza

A World Without Israel

Israel: Syrian Fears of Attack Unfounded

Al-Aksa threaten to kill Hamas heads
11 killed, at least 150 wounded in Hamas-Fatah clashes over last two days.

Iran proposes France enrich its uranium
French officials appeared to distance themselves from the idea.

Ali G banned from UK synagogues

Poll: Fatah, Hamas neck-and-neck

Haniyeh urges moderate Arab states not to back US policy
US Secretary of State Rice meeting eight Arab allies in Cairo in attempt to strengthen Abbas, distance Arab moderates from extremists.

'PM would agree to talks with Syria'
Ben-Eliezer: Negotiations only if Israel's right to exist recognized first.

Congress okays joint project funding

Security and Defense: AIWACS diplomacy


Nasrallah hails 'victory' in first appearance since July
Hizbullah leader, flanked by bodyguards, takes stage; says Regev, Goldwasser will be released only when all Hizbullah prisoners are freed.

'Iran's supreme leader forbids nukes'
First VP Parziv Davoudi warns Iran will retaliate against military action.

Bush, Musharraf meet amid tensions
Musharraf claims former State Dept. official threatened to bomb Pakistan.

Haniyeh still won't recognize Israel
Hamas leader refuses to head any PA gov't that recognizes Jewish state.

Two PA police wounded in Rafah blast
Gunmen explode bomb near police guarding EU monitors; gunbattle ensues.

Israel's Elbit wins US security contract
Part of Boeing-led consortium to develop new means to secure US borders.

Vandals attack synagogues in Russia

Peretz: Full-scale war was not planned

UNIFIL won't actively disarm Hizbullah

Iran: An honest look at the military option

U.S. still lacks understanding of al Qaeda: report


Bush: Now is the time for Iran to come to the table
Iran's nuclear program, Darfur humanitarian crisis, Middle East peace process top agenda of 61st session of UN General Assembly.

Rumors of coup sweep Thailand
PM Thaksin declare state of emergency; gov't TV station suspends programming.

Israel's population stands at 6,990,700
76% are Jews, 19% Arabs; Jewish population is "oldest", Muslim "youngest".

Gunmen attack Wafa office in Gaza
Journalist beaten, equipment destroyed; Fatah officials: Hamas responsible.

Terror group threatens Gaza Christians
Group says it will target "Crusaders" unless pope issues official apology.

Home Front report cites 'total disorder'
Halutz tells FADC: "There will be no troops left in Lebanon by Rosh Hashana."

Egyptian FM: We'll bring Shalit home

IDF tackling Iran's WMD threat


Balad MKs praise Hizbullah resistance in Beirut visit
Tell PM Saniora resistance "lifted the spirit of the Arab people"; MK Lieberman: "Their visit is blatant act of espionage."

US revising regulations on Arab boycott
New proposal aims to boost compliance with antiboycott rules.

Palestinians: Five killed in Gaza
Report: Top security official among victims; shooters were Palestinian.

Report: Israel gets letter from Shalit
'Al-Ayyam' claims Egyptians passed on correspondence meant for Noam Shalit.

Eitan to 'Post': Pollard was a mistake
Eitan: There is no doubting the fact that his wife is hindering his freedom.

Generals slam Halutz in meeting
Ben-Gal: A chief of staff from the IAF can't command IDF infantry forces.

Giora Eiland: Iran will get nuclear bomb

UEFA lifts ban on Israel soccer games

Spanish troops arrive for UN force

Jewish candidates win big in primaries across United States


Another Tack: The Europeanization of Israel

Abbas will dissolve Hamas-led government in 48 hours
PA Prime Minister Haniyeh and PA President Abbas reach agreement to form coalition; Hamas still refuses to recognize the State of Israel.

Vinograd appointed war probe head
Shas ministers support move initiated by PM to restructure inquiry committee.

Rabbinical Courts limited by High Court
Barred from divorcing mixed couples; judges cite pro-Jewish bias.

Al-Zawahri threatens Israel in new tape
Al-Qaida hints at future attacks in Persian Gulf, Israel.<...

Police accused of ignoring Palestinians
Only 15 percent of complaints against Jewish settlers in 2005 led to charges.

MK Eitam calls for 'removal' of Arabs
MK Tibi: "His remarks would have sounded more authentic in German."

Katsav declares he won't step down

Jewish terrorist convicted of murder

IDF intelligence criticized at ICT


An Unholy Alliance Down Under

It's Fascism - And It's Islamic

Top IDF officer: We 'failed' in stopping Katyushas
Says IDF conducting probes at all levels, should have called up more reservists over past year to be better trained for war.

IDF kills Jihad operative in Jenin
Gaza: Three Palestinians killed; Six killed in earlier IDF operations.

Kidnapped troops' families to meet PM
Relatives slam blockade decision; PMO: We reserve right to stop arms smuggling.

Arad's voice heard in televised video
Elhanan Tannenbaum also shown in TV documentary, describing horror of captivity.

18 suspected of selling private info
2 civil servants and one Bezek telephone employee among those arrested.

Katsav accused by two more women

'Everyone involved in war to be probed'

Diplomat: Americans can't visit families
Rights groups: Israel keeping US citizens from seeing relatives in territories.

Kadima rolls out mini-think tank
Group of researchers to help formulate the party's policies on key issues.


Skyshield Air Defense Being Considered

"Hezbollah is Arming Gaza for a New War on Israel" Says Israel's Spy Chief

Israel plans for war with Iran and Syria

IDF, Shin Bet thwart Tanzim rocket threat in Tulkarm
Yamam counter-terror unit arrests Tanzim leaders accused of manufacturing rockets to be fired at cities in the Sharon area.

Mubarak: Prisoner talks continue
Kidnappers want 1,000 prisoners freed, including 500 women, minors.

Italian troops join UN force in Lebanon
Turkey, Spain also to take part; Turkish soldiers will not disarm Hizbullah.

EU gives Iran two more weeks on nukes
Israel hasn't responded to foreign ministers' decision.

N. Korea: US missile tests a threat
Pyongyang: US pressure will lead to greater "self-defensive deterrent."

IAF destroys home of Hamas operative
Earlier, 3 Palestinians were killed in IDF raid in Gaza.

PA teachers shut down schools
Strike is first since Hamas assumed power; Abbas aide hopeful for unity gov't.

Analysis: Peretz's no-win situation
Labor party chairman looking more and more like lame duck


Thousands rally in Tel Aviv in support of kidnapped soldiers
Miki Goldwasser: "We want the boys home, we don't have any political agenda"; Noam Shalit worries gov't won't negotiate for all 3 troops.

Bush: Iran must face consequences
Iran: we will not accept any bullying, invasion and violation of our rights.

Germany to send personnel to Lebanon
But, due to Nazi past, rules out sending combat troops to avoid confronting IDF.

Lebanese TV claims to air Arad clip
Voice of man heard saying: "I am a soldier in the Israeli army."

Labor to vote on inquiry commission
Yatom collects required signitures; vote set for Friday's Labor Faction meeting.

Peretz backs state inquiry commission
Sources close to the PM: Peretz's decision is likely to create coalition crisis.

Police end British embassy standoff
Man seeking asylum in UK threatened suicide, wielded toy pistol.

Saniora considering prisoner swap
Official: Israel will negotiate if soldiers handed over to Lebanese gov't.

Annan calls for regional cooperation
UN chief: Time is right to build "normal relations between Israel and Lebanon."

District Court judge: Allow foreign workers' children in
Interior Ministry is forcing mothers into a "Solomonic dilemma."

From Hezbollah to Hezbollost

U.S. military sees Iran's nuke bomb 5 years away


Israel indicated a willingness to release Lebanese prisoners in exchange for two soldiers held by Hezbollah.

Israeli special forces killed a senior Palestinian terrorist in the West Bank.

A Jewish girl was kicked unconscious on a public bus in London.

The head of Israel's Labor Party is facing his first formal leadership challenge.

An Israeli group representing Holocaust survivors offered to take Iran's president on a tour of Auschwitz.

Families of hundreds of World War II-era victims are demanding $162 million from the French government and national railroad.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson met the families of three kidnapped Israeli soldiers.

Hezbollah's leader is reportedly celebrating his birthday in seclusion for fear of being assassinated by Israel.

Most Israelis want an independent inquiry into the recent Lebanon war, a survey found.

Charges that Poland is veering toward anti-Semitism are based on a "myth" created by the European media, Poland's prime minister said.


Israel rebuffed a United Nations request to lift its sea and air blockade on Lebanon.

Lebanon's prime minister said his country would not sign an independent peace deal with Israel.

The U.S. Treasury Department froze the assets of an organization that allegedly funnels money to Hezbollah.

Kofi Annan said Israel is responsible for most violations of the cease-fire that ended the Israel-Hezbollah war.

Israeli forces foiled a Palestinian plot to blow up a position on the Gaza border.

Two Israelis were beaten by a group of skinheads at a Belgrade rock festival.

There's been a significant increase in anti-Semitic incidents during the past month, the group responsible for the safety of Britain's Jews reported.

A bill in Poland on compensation for property confiscated by the Nazis will be addressed by the country's Parliament next month.

Naguib Mahfouz, a Nobel-Prize winning Egyptian author whose support of peace with Israel led some Arab countries to ban his works, died Wednesday at age 94.

Some Jewish lifeguards at a U.S. beach are claiming discrimination.

Hostage Families Leave Empty-Handed After Talks With Annan

Israel First in Multiple Births; Moslem Births - Down

Major Hamas Authority Tunnel-Terror Attack Thwarted

Knesset Committees Hard at Work

GSS Chief Paints Grim Security Picture of PA-Controlled Areas

Diskin: Palestinians upping long-range missile smuggling
Shin Bet head: Terror groups learning Israeli weaknesses from war; FADC members slam Hanegbi for blocking discussion on state commission.

TV producer thinks Arad film authentic
Family confirms MIA's identity in Lebanese TV promo; footage to air in a week.

Jewish fertility steady, Muslim down
Israeli women, on the whole, have 2.84 children; Muslim rate drops to 4.6 kids.

Lindenstrauss: Don't tell me what to do
Comptroller stresses job's independent nature; MKs reject internal commission.

Iran issues tenders for nuclear plants
Ahmadinejad to discuss UNSC deadline on uranium enrichment later Tuesday.

Sharon's condition greatly improves
Former PM transferred from ICU to respiratory rehabilitation department.

IDF kills two terrorists in Nablus
IAF strikes armed cell in Gaza; army resumes artillery fire on launch sites.

Police bust military weapon thieves
Seven Wadi Ara residents suspected of taking nearly 60 guns from soldiers.

Fatah activists threaten 'intifada'
"Rebels" to convene emergency council meeting in first sign of open split.


Olmert meets with aides to discuss nature of war inquiry
PM won't say whether state commission of inquiry or gov't commission chosen; PM to meet with Peretz, Hirchson about Defense budget increase.

Iran opens heavy-water production plant
Ahmadinejad: We are not a threat to anybody, not even to the Zionist regime.

PA: Kidnappers to free Fox newsmen
Haniyeh says he personally received assurances they'll be released unharmed.

Report: IAF fires on Reuters vehicle
Five wounded in Gaza strike, including two cameramen; IDF checking report.

Braverman: Labor left socioeconomics
Says Labor should not have focused on defense at expense of social issues.

Hizbullah surprised at Israeli offensive
Nasrallah's deputy said they expected IAF to bomb for up to three days.

Palestinian teen killed in IDF operation
Rocks, bombs thrown at IDF, surrounding a house where fugitives were hiding.

UK Labourites defect because of war
37 party members say foreign sec. Beckett didn't do enough for quick cease-fire.

Egypt: Israel-Hizbullah prisoners exchange deal in works

What did you do in the war, UNIFIL?
You broadcast Israeli troop movements.

Iran Test-Fires Sub-to-Surface Missile


The State Department reportedly is investigating whether Israel's use of American-made cluster bombs in southern Lebanon violated agreements with the United States.

The head of Israel's air force was chosen to oversee Israel's military preparedness in case of a confrontation with Iran.

Israelis seem to be shifting to the right following the war in Lebanon, recent surveys report.

France's president said a U.N. peacekeeping force in Lebanon did not need 15,000 troops.

Israel's foreign minister called on Syria to respect an arms embargo on Hezbollah.

Italy's foreign minister said the "aggressive" approach taken by the United States and Israel has caused serious damage in the Middle East.

A New York man was arrested for providing Hezbollah's satellite channel in the United States.

HIV/AIDS specialists from Israel, the United States, Iran and various Muslim countries met at an international conference in Toronto.

Jackie Mason is suing Jews for Jesus for using his name and likeness in a pamphlet.

Greece's foreign minister toured the Middle East.

Iran Scores in World War

'Ahmadinejad would sacrifice half of Iran to wipe out Israel'
Exclusive: Former security adviser Giora Eiland says we'd be in a very dangerous situation if Iranian president were to succeed Khamenei.

'A. said Katsav raped her several times'
Yacimovich, Avraham open their own investigations into Beit Hanassi matters.

Israel feels US will not attack Iran
J'lem defense official accuses US State Department of 'appeasement.'

US demands Syria abide by cease-fire
Rejects idea that Damascus is threatened by international peacekeeping force.

France to send 2,000 troops to UN force
Israel expresses satisfaction at the decision; Italy may send 3,000 soldiers.

Report: Iran has 15 P-2 centrifuges
Hundreds more could be enriching uranium by end of next year.

Israel gives up on disarming Hizbullah
What Israel does expect is that if they try to attack, someone will stop them.

Battles remain for recovering soldiers, families
"I protected my land and my birthplace, and even with the injury, I'd do it all over again."

Al-Manar TV soars into ratings 'Top 10'
Survey shows significant increase in Arab youth viewing of news channels.

Fatah lax on Hamas recognizing Israel
Hamas minister accuses Abbas of "confiscating" $35 million to pay loyalists.

Poll shows Israelis turning to the Right
Likud and Israel Beiteinu are each expected to get 24 seats after the war.


Kofi Annan is planning a visit to Israel, Lebanon, Iran and Syria to help strengthen the cease-fire in south Lebanon.

Iran's response to an incentives package to end its uranium enrichment falls short of U.N. Security Council conditions that would prevent sanctions, the United States said.

Israeli soldiers captured a Hamas leader in a raid into Gaza on Thursday.

Israeli soldiers captured a Hamas leader in a Gaza Strip raid.

Police questioned Moshe Katsav after two additional employees complained of sexual misconduct by the Israeli president.

An Israeli undercover unit seriously wounded an Islamic Jihad leader in the West Bank.

The United States is ill-prepared to assess Iran's nuclear weapons capability and intentions for developing weapons of mass destruction, a congressional report said.

About 18 percent of Israeli Arabs said they backed Hezbollah during the recent war, a new poll finds.

The owner of a new restaurant in Bombay named after Hitler promised he would change its name.

Outfielder Shawn Green said the large number of Jews in New York was a factor in his decision to accept a trade to the New York Mets.


An Israeli soldier was killed and two officers were wounded Wednesday in southern Lebanon, apparently by an old Israeli mine.

Iran wants Italy to help negotiate the release of two Israeli soldiers kidnapped in Lebanon.

Kofi Annan's office chided Iranian officials for an exhibit of cartoons questioning the Holocaust.

The judge in the classified information case against two former pro-Israel lobbyists ordered an investigation into the leak of the investigation two years ago.

Several Israeli Arabs died in a bus crash in Egypt.

France's foreign minister said one of the main tasks of the U.N. force in Lebanon would be enforcing the weapons embargo at Lebanon's borders.

Amnesty International said Israel committed war crimes by intentionally destroying Lebanese civilian infrastructure.

Meir Sheetrit was named interim justice minister while his predecessor awaits trial for committing an indecent act.

Millions of Canadians participated in a national day of prayer for Israel and peace in Jerusalem.

A grant will help preserve items related to the heyday of Yiddish theater in the United States.

Point of No Return? By Thomas Sowell

Semi-official news agency: Iran won't drop enrichment
Washington: We are prepared to move forward with sanctions if Teheran's response to the incentives package is not positive.

Assad rejects forces on Syrian border
Says deployment would be 'hostile act'; urgent talks called over ME force.

Iran perfects foot-dragging art
Analysis: Teheran presented yet another option only as attempt to buy more time.

Olmert firm on Lebanon blockade
PM says sea and air blocade will end when UNIFIL force deploys.

10 Israelis killed in Sinai bus crash
10 critically hurt as bus carrying Israeli-Arab tourists overturns near Nueiba.

Katsav's lawyers slam the police
Urge A-G to probe media leaks; president to be questioned under warning Wed.

Kaplinsky admits logistical failures
Notes mistakes in preparing emergency supplies, reservists' equipment.

Iran urges prisoner swap negotiations
Italian lawmaker says he received messages asking Italy to act as mediator.

PA parliament speaker indicted
Hamas's Abdel Aziz Duaik charged with membership in illegal organization. 

US demands swift action for Iran's nuclear noncompliance
Bush: "There must be consequences if people thumb their nose at the United Nations Security Council."

PM rules out negotiations with Syria
Counters Dichter, who favored pullout from Golan in return for Syria peace.

Preliminary report: Gov't mismanaged home front
Knesset subcommittee headed by MK Ami Ayalon (Labor) criticizes Peretz's decision not to activate Melah emergency plan.

Bush: Int'l force must deploy quickly
Force should have "robust rules of engagement," Bush tells reporters.

State Comptroller to probe war conduct
Lindenstraus's investigation unlikely to impact demands for state commission.

Likud MKs angry at Bibi's silence
Opposition leader "trying to improve his reputation in the short term."

Losing Lebanon...again
Juanna Sharvit, a Lebanese expat living in east Jerusalem, talks about her hopes and fears for Lebanon.

Abbas forced to drop anti-Kassam plan
Armed groups threaten to attack PA security forces.

Three gunmen killed in clashes with IDF
IDF soldier seriously injured in Taibeh after falling and hitting head.


Many Israeli Soldiers are Critical

Israeli Government Faces Deep Post-Lebanon Crisis

Israel Determined to Stem Hezbollah Rearmament

IDF On High Alert in Jerusalem Vicinity


A New Day of Mourning

Annan to give UNIFIL 'teeth'
Secretary-General expected to recommend changing rules of engagement with Hizbullah.

Beirut warns groups to keep cease-fire
Any group breaking cease-fire would be "decisively dealt with."

PM: 'Talk of war will mislead Syria'
Peretz: Israel should prepare for the next round in Lebanon.

Arab FMs discuss rebuilding Lebanon
Diplomats say plan meant to counter flood of money from Iran to Hizbullah.

Ramon hopes for quick return after resigning
Justice minister waived immunity, asked attorney-general for speedy trial.

IDF determined to keep arms pipeline shut
Military Intelligence has been keeping a careful eye on Lebanon and attempts by Hizbullah to rebuild itself.

IDF keeps an eye on Iranian maneuvers
Defense officials decline comment after Teheran test-fires short-range missiles.

PM to appoint new panel to probe war
Ministers call for independent committee to regain public's trust.

Naval blockade of Lebanon may go on for months
Peretz: Israel will use all available means to stop Hizbullah smuggling.

IDF arrests PLC secretary-general in 'five-minute' al-Bireh operation

President Bush called for a quick deployment of peacekeepers in Lebanon.

Ehud Olmert said Israel would not accept peacekeepers in southern Lebanon from countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel.

Ehud Olmert is under pressure to establish a state commission of inquiry to investigate how officials handled Israel's war with Hezbollah.

Kofi Annan called Israel's weekend raid on southern Lebanon a violation of the U.N.-brokered cease-fire on the conflict.

The Israeli army's chief of staff declared Israel's war with Lebanon a victory.

An Israeli soldier was killed when a Palestinian gunman opened fire at a West Bank checkpoint.

Turkey prevented five Iranian airplanes and a Syrian aircraft from flying into Lebanon because of suspicions they were carrying weapons for Hezbollah.

Israel's justice minister resigned in the wake of sexual-harassment charges.

The United Church of Canada dropped a controversial proposal to divest from companies that contribute to Israel's presence in the West Bank.

An explosion at a Jewish-owned market in Moscow killed at least 10 people and left 16 to 40 wounded.


The Convert
by Cal Thomas

3,500 foreign soldiers committed to Lebanon force
Israel disappointed by size and scope of international force; France only commits 400 troops, Germany to assist in Naval patrols.

Lebanese troops deploy south of Litani
Residents "feel safer," welcome Lebanese troops in village of Marjayoun.

Mazuz to indict Justice Minister Ramon
Minister suspected of sexual misconduct; may be required to resign.

US to move quickly on Iran sanctions
US official: "It's not a mystery to the Iranians what is going to happen."

Kadima MKs vie for Justice Ministry
Top candidates: Interior Minister Bar-On, former justice minister Sheetrit.

Hizbullah encourages Palestinian terror
Number of rockets fired at Israel increases since cease-fire in North.

Hamas: Mossad planning Mashaal hit
Several Mossad agents reportedly come to Damascus during war in Lebanon.

Analysis: If not realignment, then what?
'The political horizon is looking a bit empty at the moment'.


 IDF to withdraw despite plans to leave Hizbullah armed
Lebanese cabinet minister: Soldiers would not "chase" or "take revenge" on Hizbullah guerrillas in a bid to disarm the fighters.

No questions allowed at FADC meeting
Halutz appears before MKs amid criticism; Beilin: Meeting "waste of time."

Annan to meet families of captives
Livni meets UN chief, says int'l community must secure their immediate release.

Peretz appoints war inquiry committee
Former army chief Lipkin-Shahak named to head probe.

Halutz: IDF will stay until LAF arrives
"IDF presence in Lebanon likely to last severalweeks."

Olmert, Peretz popularity plummets
Poll: 43% satisfied with Olmert before war, 78% during war, only 40% after.

Peres: Kidnapped troops alive and well
Deputy PM says Arab planes allowed to deliver aid to Lebanon during war.

Battling post-war stress
Now that the war has ended, psychological healing must begin.

Costa Rica to move embassy from J'lem
Relocation in Tel Aviv decided upon in order to change "historic mistake."

Fatah, Hamas to work on joint gov't
Factions clash in Gaza Strip; 2 killed in IAF strike on Khan Yunis


The international community must ensure that the United Nations resolution ending Israel's war with Hezbollah is fully implemented, Israel's foreign minister said.

Israelis are divided on whether their country won the Lebanon war, a poll found.

The Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency said it is working with Israel on ways of countering rocket attacks.

Israeli forces killed two Palestinians in a strike on a Gaza Strip arms cache.

Israel's defense minister called for peace talks with Lebanon, the Palestinians and eventually Syria.

Israeli troops killed five Hezbollah gunmen in southern Lebanon.

The alleged shooter in the Seattle Jewish federation shooting pleaded not guilty.

Israel reportedly botched a second attempt to assassinate Hamas' supreme leader.

More than 500 English-speaking immigrants arrived in Israel.

The chairman of the European Jewish Congress gave $3 million to the Jewish Agency for Israel to help with summer camps for children from northern Israel.

Mossad Missed Hezbollah Threat

Hezbollah Leads Work to Rebuild, Gaining Stature

Many Israelies Furious at How War was Run

Peretz: Negotiations with Syria may be possible
MK Avigdor Lieberman: "It is just this kind of obliviousness to reality that brought the country to the present conflict."

IDF: Withdrawal to last up to 10 days
Army to release reservists; Paratroopers march back to Israel on foot.

Hizbullah likely to retain weapons
Deal brewing indicates arms would not be exhibited publicly.

Halutz slams 'tendentious' report
Chief of staff sold off investments when war broke out.

Hamas demands prisoners for Shalit
Khalil al-Hayeh: Israel must pay heavy price for its soldiers.

Analysis: Less 'a state within a state'
Hizbullah now threatens to become stronger than Lebanon.

Israel pushing for deployment of force
Peres meets Rice to discuss new UN force, calls to rebuild Lebanon.

Assad: America's Mideast 'an illusion'
Livni warns Damascus not to intervene in Lebanese affairs.

Annan: Comprehensive peace is vital
UN chief tells Channel 2 abduction was terror, states releases are necessary.

Police recommend charging Ramon
Justice minister suspected of forcefully trying to kiss a young woman.

We Told Olmert the Army is Hollow


CNN Int'l Snubs Israeli Civilians

Olmert - We will continue to pursue Hizbullah everywhere
While many MKs temporarily bite their tongues, some already criticize PM.

US: Cease-fire a setback for Iran, Syria
Agreement strengthens democracy in Lebanon, stabilizes border with Israel.

Fatah, Hamas discuss unity gov't
Hamas: IDF "defeat" in Lebanon beginning of end for Zionist project.

Sharon's medical condition worsens
Hospital confirms Sharon in "very serious condition," MRI scan "severe."

IDF to begin withdrawal by end of week
Two minor clashes mar cease-fire; no IDF casualties

All-Druse Herev Battalion returns without single casualty
Why did Herev succeed where so many other battalions appeared to have failed?

UN sends PMs cessation expectations
Annan letters to Israel, Lebanon warning against occupying additional territory.

Politicians take aim at Olmert
PM: The morale is lower than we wanted it to be but everything will be alright.

What happened during the last battle?
"A company commander told us that it our tank which had fired at us."

Olmert appoints Dekel pointman on kidnapped soldiers
Families ask EU to condition Lebanon aid on soldiers' release.

Israel's Verdict: We Lost the War

Israeli forces are expected to begin withdrawing from Lebanon by Wednesday.

A senior Iranian cleric said his country would fire missiles at Tel Aviv if attacked.

The outcome of Israel's war on Hezbollah sounded the death-knell for U.S. visions of reforming the Middle East, Syria's president said.

The judge in the classified information case against two former pro-Israel lobbyists rejected a prosecution attempt to broaden the indictment.

An exhibit of cartoons on the Holocaust opened in Iran.

Israel's military chief drew fire following revelations that he sold an investment portfolio when the Lebanon war erupted.

A synagogue on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia, was attacked for the second time in two weeks.

A senior member of Israel's governing Kadima Party faces criminal charges for cronyism.

Close to 50 Reform youth leaders urged the movement to address the deaths of civilians on both sides in the Israel-Hezbollah war.

The father of a man standing trial in Tennessee for allegedly murdering his wife said he helped his son conceal the body because "she was a typical JAP."


White House Fears Syria, Iran Will Re-Arm Hizbullah

Air Strike Targets Three Gaza Terrorists

Report: Bin Laden´s Son In Lebanon

Lebanese Minister Says Its Army Cannot Overcome Hizbullah

War Summary: 52 Civilians Deaths in 3,970 Rocket Attacks on Israel

Three soldiers, two officers killed in south Lebanon
IDF shoots Hizbullah UAV full of explosives, destroys truck full of bombs; four soldiers seriously wounded during the day.

Lebanese cabinet delays vital meeting
Session to discuss implementation of cease-fire postponed indefinitely.

One killed in rocket attacks; 30 wounded
One person seriously wounded near Haifa; 250 rockets

Cabinet approves UN cease-fire deal
Mofaz abstains from 24-0 vote; PM: plan good for Israel.

Iranian FM meets Mubarak in Egypt
Egyptian president urges Teheran to help stabilize Lebanon.

Olmert under fire over cease-fire
MKs from both Right and Left attack PM's acceptance of UN resolution.

IDF to uphold 'fragile' cease-fire
Troops take up positions along Litani River; will be ready to enter any village.

Comment: Cease-fire less impressive than the war's accomplishments
Now is not the time for politicians to start attacking each other to gain more headlines.

The last civilian fatality?
The 83-year old Madi was a refugee of the village Ikrit near the Lebanese border.

Hizbullah 'victory' boosts extremists
"We have cases of parents asking to name their newborn after Nasrallah."

What Israel has done for US lately

Comment: An unmitigated disaster

Donate to Help Israelis

Analysis: for Israel, an Imperfect Deal

Israel Suffers Highest 1-Day Toll of War


Lebanon refusing to allow French to enforce mandate
Resolution could be put to vote by Friday, but if no agreement forthcoming, France may present "a text on its

IDF engages in heavy clashes in Lebanon
16 soldiers wounded, one seriously; warships fire on launch sites near Tyre.

Analysis: IDF fumes over denied victory
Military official: Diplomatic processes will not achieve the right effect.

Abbas under pressure to dissolve the PA
Haniyeh already told legislators that such a drastic move should be considered.

Doron Almog: Incursion only option
If we could stop rockets before they land, then incursion would not be needed.

Haredi rabbis seek 'hudna' with Hamas
Yosef leads move to negotiate between Jewish people and Islamists.

Reutersgate strikes other news outlets
BBC, New York Times, AP forced to recall photos or change inaccurate captions.

Ministers explain their war positions
Abstentions from ground ops vote, Peretz-Mofaz fight, show cracks in gov't unity.

Diplomats said a vote was close on a U.N. Security Council resolution that would end the fighting in southern Lebanon.

Israel bombed a bridge in north Lebanon, killing 12 people.

Israel said it was putting its expanded Lebanon offensive on hold to give diplomacy a chance.

France is searching hand luggage on flights to Israel in the wake of a terrorism alert.

The U.N. human rights commissioner said the Human Rights Council must consider Hezbollah as well as Israeli abuses.

More than 50 Holocaust scholars sent a letter to Venezuela's president condemning his statements comparing Israel to the Nazis.

Police arrested a suspect in the stabbing death of an Italian tourist in Jerusalem's Old City.

A prominent evangelist stood by his endorsement of "The Passion of the Christ" and called for forgiveness for Mel Gibson.

Taiwan's foreign minister said complaints about his April meeting with Hassan Nasrallah were taken out of context.

Muslims in Bangladesh and Somalia protested Israel's actions in Lebanon.

Hizbullah Declares Victory

Reutersgate strikes other news outlets

Israel Planes Strike Hezbollah Positions


Israel said it was putting its expanded Lebanon offensive on hold to give diplomacy a chance.

Fifteen Israeli soldiers were killed in clashes in southern Lebanon.

A woman and a girl were killed by a Hezbollah rocket salvo on northern Israel.

The judge in the classified information case against two former AIPAC analysts denied a motion to dismiss the case but narrowed the government's ability to invoke the U.S. Espionage Act.

Israeli troops reportedly killed members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard in fighting in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah's leader challenged Israel to press its Lebanon offensive and rejected U.N. cease-fire efforts.

An Israeli Arab was charged with passing classified military information to Lebanon.

Israeli security forces thwarted a planned Palestinian suicide bombing in the West Bank.

Fifteen couples from northern Israel got married in Tel Aviv.

The Rev. Pat Robertson reported from northern Israel.


Most IDF dead Wednesday killed by anti-tank missilesAt least 40 Hizbullah gunmen killed; 37 IDF soldiers wounded; IAF guns down top Hizbullah operative in Masjara, strikes south Beirut.

IDF awaits PM's green light to invade
Cabinet approves ground offensive by vote of 9-0, with three abstentions.

160 rockets fired at Israel Wednesday
Long-range missiles fired toward Beit Shean, Gilboa region.

US calls for an end to escalations
UN Security Council vote not on horizon as diplomatic wrangling continues.

40,000 troops poised to enter Lebanon
Senior officer tells Post it will take at least a week to reach Litani.

Nasrallah supports deployment of army
Rejects use of int'l force alongside LAF; calls on Israeli Arabs to leave Haifa.

Robertson, Olmert pray for victory
Robertson: "Evangelicals in America stand with Israel in its struggle."

Gal'on: Gov't decision a 'death trap'
'Zionist Left' to protest war for the first time on Thursday.

Analysis: Wanted: A plan with clear goals
The only chance of a significant Israeli achievement in this war is in being in for the long run.

Israel says BBC not reporting war fairly
Officials: Foreign Ministry under pressure to boycott British news company.


  • Three Israeli soldiers were killed in fighting with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon late Monday night and Tuesday.

  • Lebanon said it would deploy troops in southern Lebanon if Israel withdrew.

  • Israel's attack on Kana may be part of a larger pattern of violations of international law in the Israel-Hezbollah war, Kofi Annan said in a report.

  • The U.N. Human Rights Council is expected to discuss a resolution later this week condemning Israel for its actions in Lebanon.

  • Voters in Connecticut are heading to the polls Tuesday to decide on the political future of Sen. Joseph Lieberman.

  • Israel recalled its ambassador to Venezuela.

  • Four Holocaust-era looted paintings will be auctioned by Christie's this fall.

  • A U.S. group supported by evangelical Christians pledged $9 million to help residents of northern Israel.

  • A synagogue in Brazil was attacked.

  • The Israel Project released a poll indicating strong backing for Israel in its conflict with Hezbollah.

  • IDF casualties reported in heavy fighting near Bint Jbail
    Army declares traffic curfew in s. Lebanon in effort to stop supply to Hizbullah fighters; 3 troops killed

    Lebanese army calls up reserves
    15,000 soldiers will be sent to s. Lebanon as soon as IDF troops withdraw

    Hizbullah UAV shot down off Acre coast
    Navy collects remains of aircraft floating in sea.

    Israel recalls envoy from Venezuela
    Last week Chavez recalled envoy in Israel because of Lebanon "genocide."

    Analysis: Assad is crazy like a fox
    Clearly, Bashar is no Hafez. His father was a far better strategist.

    Syria is the key
    To achieve Israel's goals in Lebanon, use both sticks and carrots.

    Analysis: Hizbullah still strong
    Senior Intelligence officer: IDF still far from reaching its goal.

    UNSC delays action on cease-fire
    Vote delayed to listen to Arab delegation flying to NY to demand major changes.

    30 nations mulling role in int'l force
    France pledges up to 5,000 troops; Malaysia willing to send 1,000 troops.

    Olmert launches emergency fundraiser
    PM tells US Jews: We will have to pay a terrible price but we will win.

    Left disappointed with coverage
    Claim over 100 anti-war demos have barely received any media attention.

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