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What help would you have if you were unfortunate enough to be involved in a legitimate self defense shooting? Even worse, what would you do if it occurred on a Friday evening? Do you struggle through best you can with law enforcement and jail until you (perhaps) find an attorney on the following Monday? There is way too much at stake and so your best option is to be prepared, which is why JPFO is happy to promote the services of Slate & Jones, a legal service to ensure that for a modest annual sum ($99) you can have rapid help at hand. If you sign up please enter the Coupon Codes relevant to your offer choice, whereby you get a free membership or DVDs, SEE BELOW.


Every self defense incident will be different from another, and that's why you can expect Slate and Jones will tailor their response to each scenario. Typically though, this is what a member can expect: —

If a member has been in a self defense shooting, they should immediately take out their membership card and follow the instructions. Their first call would be to 911 and then to Slate and Jones, where they will be linked telephonically with one of their attorneys in the area. The attorney will get the basics of what happened and give the member initial instructions. If at all possible, he will then physically head over to be with the member and handle the situation. He would speak to the police on behalf of the member, monitor all conversations, answers, etc. If the media is there, the attorney would make any statements and handle questions. If the member is arrested, he would walk through that with them, providing all necessary representation. Relatives and key people will be contacted on behalf of the member and the attorney would help locate any bail bondsman that might be needed.

Once the initial circus has been dealt with, the attorney would be present for any interviews with police or media. If it is apparent that there will indeed be charges brought against a member, the attorney will continue to represent the member until the state would "require" that the attorney be assigned to handle the case through it's end. Each state is different , so that this point could be any number of events. Some states will allow the attorney to be present at the first court appearance, and others would not. Most judges and legal professionals Slate & Jones has spoken with, have shared that those first few days will normally determine the long term shape of any legal or civil actions. Many times, arrests and charges can be avoided completely if handled correctly. If there is to be a longer case, a member can choose to retain the Slate & Jones attorney, or if the member would like another attorney, they will help locate appropriate counsel and assist the new attorney in transitioning.

Of great concern to Slate and Jones, is that their members are covered from every angle. Many of their attorneys are criminal defense lawyers, but some of them are also very adept at media management or civil litigation liabilities. If after sending an attorney to represent their member's emergency it is apparent that another specialist is needed, Slate and Jones will send out a second attorney to respond and defend against any potential claims. Slate and Jones is committed to providing their members with a wall of legal support if they ever experience a CCW Event.

Think of Slate & Jones as the Pro-Firearms Triple A - they are there to do triage and emergency management to get you over the first critical phase, which is usually when immediate assistance is most required.

To learn more you can sign up on line (or by phone).  (The site has available a map of current state's availability.)  Use the links below, and enter the appropriate Coupon Code to suit your choice from the offers described below:

When you sign up for legal service you receive a FREE annual membership to JPFO for first year (Coupon Code - JPFOMEMBER, in capitals), or your choice of either the"Innocents Betrayed" DVD (Coupon Code - JPFOIB, in capitals) that shows the connection between gun registration and government sponsored genocide, or "The Gang" DVD (Coupon Code - JPFOTG, in capitals) that shows the criminal behavior of BATFE employees. Each film is a $29.95 value.


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