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What Do Gun Owners Think About
Today's National Issues?

A Detailed Survey

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JPFO's new venture into surveys as againsts simple polls seems to have met with broad approval judging by responses.  Thank you to all who have been contributing - it will give a very useful picture of how folks are thinking and probably there will be some further surveys later.  Of course simple yes/no type answers are not entirely perfect but the intention is to keep the options as simple as possible.

Using the links above you can download PDF results files - one shows the accumulated comments, and the other a graphical display of question answer statistics. Over time the comments page may well become rather large but we will try and update results at intervals. Additional - we have received extra comment through email - this is placed below.

Use this link to the survey, if you haven't already been, although it is set up for only one vote per computer and thus per person.


Extra Email Comment Received


July 23, 2010


Dear Aaron,

I've rearranged your questions into three categories. The first are those questions that I feel cannot he answered with a yes or no. The second group are those that can be answered with a "yes". The third group are those that can be answered with a simple "no". Bob


Group I

1. Can elections and legislative action restore personal freedoms to Americans?
This is a matter of semantics. Yes they CAN. The question is will they. Unless the various groups that are trying to bring change to Washington pull together and adopt the KISS principle [keep it simple stupid] I really have my doubts. The main issue is to vote existing legislators out of office. Then Congress needs to adopt a policy of strict constitutional government. We need to repeal amendment 17 of the Constitution. If necessary we need to impeach federal judges who do not follow the Constitution. The American people are going to have to learn something about the Constitution so that they can see that their legislators uphold their oath of office. This is where question 37 really is important. I also strongly feel that for promotion ALL military personnel should be required and re-required to pass a stiff test on the Constitution of the United States. A knowledge of early American History might also be in order for an individual to be promoted. I could say more but I think you get the idea.

2. Do I think America will survive our current politicians and their appointees throughout the land?
Possibly. At the very least it will require a major political revolt by the American people. The people are going to have to drastically change the majority makeup of Congress and elect patriots who believe in the Constitution. At worst it may require a civil war that will make the last one pale in comparison in the terms of bloodshed and death. I really wonder if the masses of the American people are capable of coming to understand what a serious situation our country is in right now. Certainly the idiots in Washington don't seem to see what's coming because of their actions. I seriously doubt if any of them could be convicted of treason but what they are doing is far worse than what some individuals, convicted of treason, have done.

3. Many Americans believe socialists control America. Do I agree?
It depends what you mean by socialists. If you're talking about the socialism of Norman Thomas I would have to say no. If you are talking about a group of the elitist, power-hungry, and often corrupt, politicians who feel they know better what their constituents need than what their constituents want. These politicians, in my opinion, for years have been taking our country down the road to socialism and far worse. They have all but destroyed the unique form of government that our founding fathers created and our country that arose due to this form of government. The situation in our country is now all too similar to what existed in Germany that brought Hitler to power and if I'm not mistaken also brought Mussolini to power.

4. Do I think voting in November will make a difference?
Maybe. If the Democrats lose control of one or both houses and the Republicans lose some seats, to show them that they are not immune from the public's ire, we may see a change of thinking in Congress. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

5. Do I expect drastic cuts in my Social Security and Medicare benefits for "deficit reduction"?
Possibly. I do not feel that anyone can foresee was going to happen till next November and what that will lead to.

6. Do I think a national strike against out-of-control government spending of our tax dollars would do any good?
How is it to be done? By whom? I'm not sure it would do any good. And certainly I feel it is unlikely except at the polls.

8. Do I believe that America must remain a nation based on Judeo Christian values?
It depends on what the values are. I do not feel that America is or should be a country that is based only on the values of two religions. I'm sure there are philosophical values from other sources that could make America a better place to live. I get scared to death when I hear religious leaders expounding their narrow minded bigotry. We need tolerance in this country and not bigotry.

9. Have I chosen to live by G-d's law for my own self defense?
I believe in natural law which I feel is also expressed as G-d's law in various religious writings. I also strongly believe in the foundation of Our Republic which is the Declaration Of Independence, The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. There is plenty in these documents supporting the natural law [G-d's law] and anyone's right to self defense. That's what the Second Amendment is all about.

10. Do I think we'll see a tax revolt in the near future?
We are already seeing it now. What do you think "cash under the table" is all about? Also bartering? Think of all the money that illegal aliens are paid in cash. The rich are more fortunate. They buy off legislatures to write loopholes in the tax law that benefit the rich and have little use for the economically disadvantaged.

11. Will the US military in the near future attack Americans under the direction of martial law?
I hope not. Unfortunately what I've seen sense 9-11 makes me think that The Executive and Congress have set us up so it's entirely possible and the oil disaster in the golf could very well be the excuse are government would use to declare martial law possibly as early as next November.

12. Do I think the government is doing enough to prevent another "9-11" event?
YES and NO. In some critical areas there doing absolutely nothing. For example they should be educating the people regarding smallpox. They need to have enough vaccine available for immediate use if a terrorist group were to initiate a smallpox attack on America. In other areas they are spending money like a "drunken sailor" because it looks good on TV yet it has little or no practical significance or purpose.

17. Do I believe America could break up into separate states in response to oppressive federal laws?'s This is a very complex question. If you mean to break up into 50 separate countries I think the answer is no.But we are already seeing several states and in some cases all the states starting to defy the federal government. For example I think all the states have defied the federal government's mandate for national identification. Also several states are defying the Fed's regarding federal firearm legislation. If all the states were to defy the federal government by nullifying all federal legislation that did not comply with Article 10 of the Constitution I feel that a number of cooler heads would prevail so that the states would remain united as envisioned by our founding fathers. Anything else would be chaos.

18. Can the American manufacturing industry once again compete with other countries for low-tech products?
Unlikely. This would be possible only if Congress changes their approach and made it necessary for industry to bring offshore jobs back home. It would entail major changes in the tax code to make it financially feasible for industry to surviving in America. This would require an immense amount of out of the box thinking on the part of Congress. I do feel this is possible because of a talk I heard on Meet the Press several years ago. It was by the then head of the house finance committee who was a congressman from Bakersfield California. He is now retired.

22. Should firearms safety training be a standard mandatory course in high school.
If is used as a method to spread anti-gun propaganda the answer is no. If it is truly used to teach firearm safety the answer is a very strong yes. After all we require driver safety training. It should be started in the first grade. By this I mean first graders should be made to understand that firearms can be dangerous and they should stay away from them unless they are under strict adult supervision with parental consent. They need to be taught to understand that a lot of children are killed because of children playing with firearms. Additionally they must be made to understand that firearms ARE NOT TOYS and toy guns teach bad habits. By the time students reach the seventh grade I have no problem with offering them courses in safe firearms handling that would include experience on a indoor or outdoor 22 caliber rifle range. As it is now all too many children are getting their "firearms training" from other children. The results are a national tragedy. To compound this tragedy these children often grow into adults who have no concept a firearms safety and often become a danger to themselves, their families, friends, and neighbors.

25. Will the government tax sales on the Internet for "deficit reduction"?
They will try. But that could very well be "the shot heard round the world". By this I mean such a tax would have an impact on the financially disadvantaged masses and could well antagonize a large portion of the base of any political party.

26. Should firearms and ammunition be taxed?
Only to the extent that other commodities are taxed. A small additional tax solely for the purpose of teaching firearms safety in schools is something that I feel should be openly discussed in depth.

27. Do illegal aliens in America pose a threat to my freedom.
Only if they're used to strengthen the political parties of the idiots in Washington. It seems to me that we should also be looking at re-creating some sort of labor program similar to the program we had years ago.

28. Do I think "hate speech laws" are unconstitutional?
That depends. We must define what constitutes hate speech. Hate speech that advocates and encourages lynching or vigilante Justice should be outlawed. Like yelling fire in a theater. If it injures people or individuals psychologically or causes them to be, directly or indirectly, physically injured it should be outlawed. For example the recent case of the girl committing suicide because of what was printed on the Internet about her. If someone or some group makes highly emotional and heated speech against politicians and organizations that they preceive to be a danger to themselves or their country we need to look at it differently and with much more care. We don't need a situation similar to that during the administration the President Adams. The idea of freedom of speech and it's limitations, if any, need to be worked out by the wisest individuals in our country and possibly reassessed on a yearly basis.

29. Will my home mortgage interest deductions be eliminated to "reduce the deficit"?
I have no idea. It depends on how much it raises in donations for Washington's politicians.

30. Will Americans have to use arms against Islamic jihadists?
Possibly in some places in isolated instances. This one is a real hard call. With the bigoted hate speech and hate mongering I see on the Internet I feel anything could happen. It's like old times in some parts of America where lynchings were considered public entertainment.

31. If the US Military attacks Americans will this cause a violent conflict inside the military?
I would hope so but fear I may well the wrong. Our military is now a mercenary army. The concept of the citizen soldier is a thing of the past. In my day a large majority of the troops were draftees doing their two-year hitch. There is little doubt in my mind that the officer corps both commissioned and noncommissioned in my time COULD NOT have driven the troops to fire on Americans.

32. Will the day come when other religions that don't tolerate Christians and Jews be forced out of America?
This this is an individual and not a group matter. For that matter what is one to do with Christians and Jews who preach hate? Consider the bloody history of American crime. Do we throw to the sharks all Irish,Jews, Italians, Sicilians, and other groups that supplied underworld personalities? Oh yes. I forgot the Chinese and Mexicans. I think you get the picture. For sure the American Indians would have a field day if we deported all but the full blooded True American.

33. Do I believe the phrase "Worse is better?"
I do not know what it means. I looked it up. I feel a better choice of words could be found to express what you are asking. I'm not a computer geek.

38. Do I think The Tea Party will grow into a national presence that will influence Presidential Elections?
Not unless they change. They need to narrow their focus and concentrate on one issue. Otherwise they will continue to be a polarized group brought together by a common feeling regarding Washington politics. In other words they do not want any issues that will cause dissension in the ranks.

46. Would you accept a national sales tax if the IRS and personal income tax were not abolished?
Do I have a choice?

53. Will I consider buying an electric powered vehicle.?
Not at this time for I am not convinced that they are economically feasible and as environmentally friendly as a lot of greens seem to believe.


Group II

7. Is the media more dangerous to the American people than the politicians?

14. Do I think we will have elections in November 2010.

16. Do I believe the economic and political situation in America will get worse before it gets better?

19. Do I think inflation is coming to America?

23. Should parents who refuse to allow their minor child to attend firearms safety courses be held financially responsible for ALL firearms related damages their Child could cause?
YES. See Group I #22

34. Could businesses hire more people if there was no tax on business profits?
YES. But the real question is "would they"?

36. Will taxes raised from "deficit reduction" schemes simply be used to increase the size and power of government?

37. Should your state mandate that "warts and all" American history and an understanding of the Constitution be taught to all students from first grade on?
YES. YES. YES. Of all the questions on this survey this is by far the most important in my judgment. Additionally students that don't get an acceptable grade should be denied a drivers license. That will make them sit up and take the subject seriously.

39. Should illegal aliens be given full citizenship for serving in the US Military?
YES. Depending on how many years they serve.

40. Is America headed towards a revolution against a trannical and unconstitutional government?
YES. To some extent the citizens of America are now in revolt. This is indicated by the various movements [Tea Party, GOOOH, Oath Keepers, and other similar groups] that are trying to change Washington. It could eventually become a full-blown civil war. The problems we now face are far more serious and difficult to resolve than those Our Country faced in 1861.

41. Will the government try to confiscate gold and silver from Americans even though our money is not backed by either?

42. Do I believe elitists who want a"new world order" will succeed?
YES. Unless American citizens quickly get their act together. I feel this way because most of the poorly informed masses, many of which have degrees in higher education, will not learn in time what is going to happen to then till it is to late.

45. If the personal income tax and IRS were abolished would I accept a national sales tax?

48. Do I think the huge increase in firearms and ammunition purchases by Americans influences the thinking and behavior of politicians?

49. Do I believe we are experiencing a climate change that will harm humanity?

50. Should the federal reserve be thoroughly audited?

51. Should our paper currency be backed by gold and silver?

52. Should career politicians be replaced with part-time legislators who also work in the private sector?
YES. This is a marvelous idea. It sure worked great when the California Legislator ran that way.


Group III

13. Do I think we'll have a significant terrorist event before the November elections?
NO. Unless by one of our government agencies.

15. If a bumper sticker read "Muzzle Mainstream Media" would you display it?
NO. What is to prevent good and truthful media from being muzzled?

20. Do I believe deflation is coming to America?

21. Did the economic stimulus actions benefit me positively?

24. Should the government have the power to censor the Internet?

35. Would America be safer if all our troops were immediately brought home?
NO. From where? Do we want large numbers of mercenary troops who are trained to follow orders, not to think, and who probably know little if anything regarding American History, and even less about The Constitution on American soil? If we do I want three times as many armed and trained patriot citizen solders/militia on our soil. This is nothing but Jefferson's philosophy and it's more true today than in his time. Our Constitution even implies this. See Article I, Section 8 and Article II, Section 2.

43. Do I agree that the United Nations must cease to exist?
NO. Just get it out of America and stop footing their costs. Lets use the money saved to help American Industry IN America make a comeback and hope it helps recreate the middle class.

44. Have you told others about the "Battle of Athens" article on the site?
NO. Sorry. I've been so busy I forgot. I'll try to do better.

47. Have you seen the film take your money back?

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