Oleg Volk 2A Posters

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Oleg Volk has kindly given us permission to share some of his posters which have a strong Second Amendment message. Over time we will add to this collection. JPFO's original handbills page is here.

He can be found at --
www.olegvolk.net/ - Hundreds of high resolution portrait, nature and still life images on personal, visual and political themes.
www.a-human-right.com/ -- There he explains and justifies the right and wisdom of preserving firearms ownership for self-defense, combining pictorial, historical, and current perspectives.
Also - Facebook and Twitter (@olegvolk).


How to View Pictures

Place the mouse cursor over a thumbnail image below and left click to open a larger version. Depending on your connection speed there may be a small loading delay the first time you open any one picture. If your browser window is not big enough the image will display slightly smaller to fit - use the four-way arrow symbol lower right to click and go full size.

Once open - you can click/hold on it to drag to another screen position or simply click to close. While open however, you may use your keyboard arrow keys to browse left or right in sequence through the page thumbnails.

More to come.


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