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By Kirby Ferris

Copyright 2011, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

“Anyone who is lawfully adjudicated unfit to carry a firearm should not be on the street in the first place. They should be in prison or in a mental institution. We’ve thrown the baby (our personal liberties) out with the bathwater, making us helpless to protect ourselves from armed criminals and lunatics. And who promotes this delusional illogic the most fervently? Politicians and the law enforcement hierarchy.”     JPFO Founder Aaron Zelman


I beseech each of you to carefully read Aaron’s words again. Please understand them exactly.

Why? Because, as you read this, we might be only a day away from the next lunatic “lone gunman” like Jared Lee Loughner.

What if tomorrow’s homicidal maniac uses a pump shotgun, or, high on a safe perch, simply keeps reloading a five round capacity scoped deer rifle and calmly shoots people like fish in a barrel? I’m not giving anyone ideas that Hollywood hasn’t already dramatized in dozens of films.

Remember that this entire “crazed lone gunman” thing seems to have started with Charles Whitman, the “Clocktower Sniper” in Austin, Texas in 1966.

At that point, in regards to personal liberty in America, the tail began to wag the dog. Two years after Whitman’s rampage, and still staggering from the assassinations of JFK (“lone gunman” Lee Harvey Oswald), RFK (“lone gunman” Sirhan Sirhan), and MLK (“lone gunman” James Earl Ray) our politicians, our “public servants”, began to methodically gut the Second Amendment. They instituted the “Gun Control Act of 1968”.

♦ At that point, in regards to personal liberty in America, the tail began to wag the dog.

“GCA ‘68” is nothing less than the foundational gun registration blueprint for a police state. It was, in blatant instances, translated and copied phrase by phrase from the German Nazi Gun Laws of 1938. (Read and learn about "Gateway to Tyranny" and The Gun Control Act of 1968). Yes, friends, we now live under hybridized Nazi laws. This fact is irrefutable. Deal with it. (And thank you, Senator Thomas J. Dodd of Connecticut … along with your elusive back room collaborator Congressman Emanuel Celler of New York. Gentile and Jew, working shoulder to shoulder to better America.)

Now, ever since Whitman’s maniacal 1966 opening act, every time a “crazed lone gunman” commits mayhem, the collectivist social engineers and leftist thought control media eagerly insinuate themselves into the situation. Like flies descending upon a rotting carcass, they swoop in to lay their eggs-to-maggots “gun control” schemes.

Study the incredible, freedom killing illogic being foisted upon us. Listen to the hysterical cacophony. Wince in disgust at the shrill cackling of opportunistic moral retards like Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

♦ Study the incredible, freedom killing illogic being foisted upon us.

And how do you really feel, dimwit Pima Country (Tucson) Sheriff Dupnick? You knew all about Jarred “Loony” Loughner quite a while ago, didn’t you? But it’s far easier to distract us from your horrific incompetence by pointing fingers at the Tea Party, or closed border advocates, or talk radio, isn’t it?

No, we mustn’t lawfully adjudicate, and humanely lock up, these lunatics who so often clearly pop up on the radar before they act. No, give ‘em some pills and send ‘em back out on the street. We absolutely must not infringe on their rights. No, mustn’t do that. It’s un-Constitutional. The ACLU would not approve.

No, we freedom advocates must not speak up. We must “turn down the rhetoric”, and grovel to the slavering police state authoritarianism of leftist dupes like Sheriff “Dimwit” Dupnik.

Instead of exercising a logic that benefits 99.999 percent of us (detect, lawfully adjudicate, and lock up, the dangerously insane), our upside-down thinking politicians and leftist media dictate the “only solution”: Let’s further gut the rights of the honest and sane 99.9999 percent of our citizenry.

Let’s make another dozen additions to the existing fetid treason heap of “gun control” laws.

Yeah! That’s the ticket! Let’s add one today about “high capacity” ammunition magazines. That should help, shouldn’t it? And Chuckie Schumer will have us all urinate in a bottle, or take a polygraph, to see if we’ve ever used dope before we can buy a firearm? Oh yes, we’re gettin’ real American about things now, aren’t we?

And, when someone goes off the deep end with an “assault rifle” (sadly inevitable), let’s have our “Assault Weapons Ban II” already penned and waiting. Remember, Senator Dianne Feinstein told us: “I’ll choose the time and place”. She told us! So shut up and obey.

♦ Taken in perspective, it is actually quite amazing how the lunatic acts of so few people over the last fifty some years have desecrated our Second Amendment.

And what if some nut blasts two dozen people with a scoped deer rifle (aka “sniper rifle”)? Will we see a proposed “Sniper Rifle Ban”? (Whoa! Whoa! Not quite ready to pull that stunt yet. That one has to wait for a few years. Forget I mentioned that one.)

You think all this is some bizarre fantasy?

Look how New Zealand and Australia acted after they got a nice solid dose of “Lone Gunmanitis”. Unbelievable hysteria and over reaction that has now effectively placed significantly disarmed Kiwis and Aussies under the boot of government. Thank the back door conniving of British Socialists for that state of affairs. They’d pulled it off in England decades earlier.

Taken in perspective, it is actually quite amazing how the lunatic acts of so few people over the last fifty some years have desecrated our Second Amendment. One could wonder if any other example of modern political conniving has been so effectively leveraged.

What foreign armies have never been able to do to America’s “Guardian of the Bill of Rights” (The Second Amendment), a handful of murderous “lone gunmen” have accomplished with mind boggling efficiency and momentum. One could almost begin to think that some of it may actually have been planned.

But let’s not go there.

Frequent JPFO contributor and strategist, Kirby Ferris collaborated intensively with Aaron Zelman over the last two years. Ferris is now the Operations Manager of JPFO.

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© Copyright Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

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