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The Sixth Reason

By Kirby Ferris
Copyright 2011, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

After having formally launched JPFO’s “High Capacity Freedom” campaign (aka “High Cap Freedom”), JPFO’s Rabbi Dovid Bendory listed five reasons why you would WANT (not “need”) a high capacity ammunition magazine.

We purposely held back at that time the crucial “Sixth Reason”. It has “stand alone” significance, and is probably the most important reason for an armed citizenry to “keep and bear” significant weaponry and ammunition capacity.

It has been called the “elephant in the room” of American gun rights. Few in the Second Amendment movement are comfortable contemplating this critical issue. The matter is simple: “We the People”, as a coast to coast and border to border conglomerate, must retain the armed might to, FAILING ALL OTHER RECOURSE, overthrow our own government. It is a gut wrenching and heartbreaking option, but an option that must be potently retained for the sake of our liberty and the liberty of our descendants.

The Declaration of Independence spells out this unalienable right to revolt, and lists some of the basic reasons for which it might be exercised. Despite what the liars of the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center might blather, this concept is not something new that has sprouted from the minds of “seditionists” and “insurrectionists” (their new code words for determined American gun owners).

The Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights for predominantly this purpose, to warn off tyrants. The States are to remain free. State Militias were to deter the intrusive potential of a national standing army. Defense against foreign invasion was a secondary, not the primary, motivation for penning 2A.

The Founders had an instinctive distrust of government, and especially a centralized Federal government that might someday drift towards the tyranny of a monarchy. At the time of the writing of the Bill of Rights this distrust had become deep and profound. America had just cast off the authoritarian rule of England and was in absolutely no mind to allow such tyranny and despotism to rise again … from whatever quarter.

To realistically achieve this “détente” or “balance of power” with the Federal government and the heavy handed bureaucracies under its control, the American citizenry must now have, as much as ever, some semblance of parity in regards to weaponry.

The Founders' distrust of government has proven true on an international scale. Governments gone bad have been far too frequent, most horrifically in the last hundred years of world history. The death toll of citizens disarmed and then murdered by their own governments, or factions supported by those governments, is simply appalling. See:"Innocents Betrayed"

The Second Amendment, unarguably meant to establish and maintain a widely armed citizenry, is the guardian against home grown tyranny. It is the only true guarantee that the power resides with the people, regardless of the moral fiber of the politicians in power. Elections are only effective if they remain honest. The somber truth is that freedom’s “bottom line” remains the "bullet box", not the ballot box. Were it not so, but it is.

This is why the Second Amendment made no limitation on the type of personal firearms it covered. It was obvious and understood that the citizens’ standard would at least be equal to the standard of a common soldier.

Our soldiers can pack 30 round ammunition magazines with their AR15s. Why shouldn’t we? Parity of weaponry was the standard in 1791, when the Bill of Rights was penned, and it remained the standard for more than 140 of our nation’s first years.

The irony of this modern debate over so-called “assault weapons” and “high capacity ammunition magazines” is accentuated by the fact that, up until 1934, American citizens could lawfully own unregistered machine guns! Again, that’s more than 140 years of American history wherein the citizen could arm him or herself on equal to a foot soldier. How come, all of a sudden, this historical parity, this absolutely logical “balance of power”, is in question today?

The answer? Because the elitists and authoritarians who lust to rule over us want the citizenry, “We the Little People”, completely disarmed. They want a neutered flock of disarmed and obedient subjects, a state of affairs similar to that of Britain, France, Germany or Japan.

But what are the elites in America stuck with now? As citizens, en masse, our combined might comprises at least EIGHTY MILLION GUN OWNERS.

This somber reality remains an armed deterrent, a deep and rumbling reminder to the police forces and military forces that, at present, still loyally serve us.

No, nuclear weapons and other "WMDs" would not be part of the parity equation. This is a flippant red herring bandied about by the shills of the victim disarmament crowd. A Second American Revolution would not take place on battle fields. It would take place door to door, block to block, rock to rock, and tree to tree.

No treasonous cop or treasonous soldier would feel safe anywhere. There are THREE HUNDRED MILLION privately owned firearms out here. And billions of rounds of ammunition. No other nation’s citizenry presents that quiet and steady warning to its government. No other nation’s citizenry (except perhaps Switzerland) has so many civilians capable of one-inch groups at one hundred yards.

To attempt to counteract this obvious state of affairs, there has arisen a faction of the liberal wing arrayed against gun ownership that embraces the psychological warfare tactic, the “roll over and die” mind set.

This is the “resistance is futile” crowd. These moral weaklings mock the idea that a free man or woman might step up to defend their freedom and the freedom of their loved ones. Many of these types are unreachable with either fact or logic.

However, here is the fundamental reality of the situation:

The combined armed forces of the United States amounts to about 1.4 million soldiers. All the police forces of this nation combined amounts to about 800,000 police officers. Call this combined figure 2.2 million armed individuals who could forcibly inflict a tyrannical government’s will upon the citizenry … if they “followed orders” without question.

In reality, many or most of these loyal men and women would not go along with a despotic turn of events. So let’s, in a worst case scenario, assume that there are 500,000 of the “just following orders” types in our police forces and military forces. This amount is purposely inflated. More accurate guesses of the potential for treason in the armed forces and police are at about the five percent level. To verify this estimate, ask any loyal cop or soldier their opinion on how it would pan out.

Therefore, if (at the very most) 500,000 traitors showed their true colors, they would go to work each day with EIGHTY MILLION American gun owners watching their every move.

They would be outnumbered by 160 to 1.

Think about it. It’s not a good job description.

This is why the elitists and the authoritarians in our government and burgeoning bureaucracies want the (their?) cops and soldiers to have high capacity ammo mags … but not you. The Schumers and Bloombergs (and a disgusting line up of big city police chiefs) yelp all day long about “protecting our police”, but conveniently forget the fact that few American gun owners want the cops hindered by magazine limitations or rifle function limitations. We simply demand the same for ourselves.

So, the next time someone skirts the issue of the “elephant in the room”, quietly and somberly remind that person what the Second Amendment really intends.

Now, in conjunction with JPFO’s “High Cap Freedom” campaign, keep buying those “high capacity” magazines for your pistols and rifles.

Let’s get millions upon millions of them into citizens’ hands. A magazine ban is coming, either now, or when the inevitable “Loughner II” occurs.

Since 1968, modern “gun control” legislation has depended upon the acts of “crazed lone gunmen” to achieve its insidious goals. There will unfortunately be another “crazed lone gunman”. Whether propitious or programmed, an act of lunatic mayhem would seem as inevitable as the next earthquake.

Prepare now. Exercise your “High Cap Freedom” while you still can.

Frequent JPFO contributor and strategist, Kirby Ferris collaborated intensively with Aaron Zelman over the last two years. Ferris is now the Operations Manager of JPFO.

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© Copyright Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

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