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An Open Letter To All Urban Residents –
And Especially Jews.

by Rabbi Dovid Bendory, Rabbinic Director,
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.
Copyright 2011 JPFO

My Friends:

Rabbi BendoryThe mainstream media is doing its best to belittle a dangerous trend in America today: the “flash mob” of “youths”. The term “flash mob” originally referred to groups of peaceful citizenry who gathered for what are best called “social experiments” – jovial sing-alongs and dance-alongs and other forms of harmless improvisational theater. I was personally caught up by several such “flash mobs” in New York City – and smiled at the entertaining street theater.

(YouTube video.)

Times have changed rapidly, and ominously so.

In Wisconsin – home to JPFO’s office – “Witnesses' accounts claim everything from dozens to hundreds of young black people beating white people as they left State Fair Thursday night.” (WTMJ News).

In Philadelphia, the “mayor talks tough to black teenagers after ‘flash mobs’ … attack people at random on the streets of the city’s tourist and fashionable shopping districts.” (Washington Times). The mayor has now imposed a curfew on the City.

“In Chicago on Memorial Day weekend, roving teens flashed gang signs, knocked cyclists off their bikes and harassed picnickers.” (Washington Times)

We’ve seen similar events in Peoria, IL; Atlanta, GA; Las Vegas, NV; and – close to home for me personally – South Orange, NJ. (Flash Mobs).

And while you won’t see it in the MSM, you can find plenty of blogs that highlight the racial undertones – and overtones – of these flash mobs. Here’s an account of a Peoria eye-witness who says the mob chanted “kill all the white people.” (See Blog).

As most decent people are watching the stock market gyrations and following our federal government’s mismanagement of both monetary and fiscal policy, our nation is entering an unpredictable phase. I’m sorry to say that, based on history, things are going to get worse. Just look at London, England, where four nights of rioting hooligans have resulted in the deployment of an extra 16,000 police officers in an attempt to stop the looting, vandalism, destruction, assaults, and robbery.

My response to “flash mobs”?


Get a gun, and learn how to shoot it accurately, under pressure. If you find yourself in a “flash mob,” the police will NOT show up in time to do you a bit of good. These mobs gather in minutes and disperse just as quickly when the first police car arrives. Or worse, they attack the first police officers until backup arrives.

What kind of gun should you get? Start with a quality semi-automatic pistol. A standard magazine of 12 or 15 rounds will come with it, and you can purchase and carry one or two backup magazines on your person or in your car. If your state laws allow it, a loaded shotgun in your car wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Interestingly enough the State of Illinois (Peoria “flash mob”) will not issue concealed weapon permits.

Wisconsin (Milwaukee “flash mob”) has a newly instated concealed carry system, but it hasn’t been in place long enough for many Wisconsinites to get their carry permits.

And in London, all guns are outlawed.

Thank G-d, in America, we still have the Second Amendment.

I’m an Orthodox Jew. It is our people’s custom to dress in a somewhat distinctive manner. Orthodox Jews stand out. I want to ask a very somber question: How do you think one of these mobs of “youths” out looking for victims will react to a car full of Orthodox Jews?

Evil force can only be met by righteous opposing force – effective, superior, righteous opposing force.

One righteous person in Milwaukee, licensed to carry concealed, stepping out of his or her car and shooting one of the “youths” as they were beating the teen victim would have stopped that “flash mob” instantly. This would also have been a legal shooting, as it was done to save an innocent life.

Similarly, I wonder how out of control a “flash mob” of racist “youths” might evolve in gun toting Phoenix, Arizona?

But most Jews in America have chosen to disarm themselves. In these times of growing economic and social unrest, nothing could be more foolish.

To all my Jewish brothers and sisters I say again: GET A GUN. Learn to use it safely and responsibly. And prepare to defend yourself and those you love.

To all my righteous non-Jewish friends I send the same message. This growing evil must be met directly, and with ice cold determination. The police WILL NOT be there on time.

It makes no difference what state you live in - you DON’T have a right to police protection! Read more about this alarming information.
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The huge lie of "gun control" is constructed with a combination of smaller lies. One of the most significant of these is "the police will protect you". This is a deadly fallacy. Purchase here. (Special offer - buy one, get one free).


Rabbi Dovid Bendory
Rabbinic Director
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Rabbi Bendory is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor.

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