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By L. Neil Smith. lneil@netzero.com. December 9th, 2016
Attributed to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

It says here (in an altogether too-brief Breitbart piece by their gun-guy AWR Hawkins, that the internationally-famous cuckoo Yoko Ono is celebrating the 36th anniversary of John Lennon's death by calling for "gun control", which my regular readers are aware is more accurately termed "victim disarmament". I don't have a clue how to get in touch with this demented dolly, but if I did, I would ask her, in a nation in which no infringement of any kind, of the fundamental individual human right to own and carry weapons is lawfully permissable, exactly what the hell she imagines we have now, when a supposedly free people are forced to beg the almighty state for permission to exercise their inalienable right to buy or tote a gun.

I'd also point out that this unspeakable atrocity occurred in a jurisdiction, New York City, that has had exactly the kind of gun laws she wants for 99 years. Or didn't she ever hear of the Sullivan Act, written and passed to disarm poor 46 Italian immigrants?

I suppose Yoko's lunacy might be excused. According to this article, she's 83 years old (Yes, I was surprised -- but then, my own age often surprises me), but in all that time, like many another Marxist Democrat, she hasn't managed to learn a damn thing. It's a kind of disease among them. Apparently, nobody within reach of the poor woman has had the kindness to stand on her toes, seize her by the lapels, and shout into her nostrils, "Don't you realize, you miserable, stupid bint, that violent crime is in a long, steep decline, precisely because so many individuals -- many of them still enraged and saddened by the irrational murder of your husband -- have armed themselves and learned the art of self-defense?" It might even be legitimate to add that the outrageously violent crime rate of the 1960s and 1970s was a direct result of the very kind of laws that Yoko advocates so self-righteously.

Then I'd add that "John is dead, Yoko, because you shirked your loving responsibility to defend his life. If you had been carrying a .44 caliber revolver that terrible day, or a .45 caliber automatic pistol, John would still be singing to all of us, making us laugh, and the piece of excrement who ambushed him would not be consuming taxpayer-financed meals, or living in a nice, warm cell, whining every few years to be let out among decent human beings. True, John had an equal obligation to defend you and himself, but, unlike you, he was bright enough, eventually, to come around to that realization. 'For want of a nail ... ' You know how that goes."

It is possible that there are those among my readers who think that's awfully harsh, but it has been 36 years, after all, and my half-century of experience in political advocacy has demonstrated to me, beyond the palest shadow of a doubt, that the principal mistake we have made with the enemies of freedom, is being too polite to them. Year after year, their myriad of buzzing bonnet-bees get people killed, and it must stop.

I am sadly aware that Yoko will never read my words. If somone ever tried to read them to her, she would scream and clap her hands over her ears. Marxist Democrats are like that. They never let the facts of history and human nature interfere with what they foolishly demand, which, of course, is why Hillary Clinton is out of work. Americans are vastly safer today than they ewere in 1980, precisely because they have ignored the mind-numbed likes of Yoko and gotten themselves a gun. Or five. During the last, bleak years of the Obama Administration, such purchases were the only thing keeping the economy together.

That, and Internet pornography.

And, of course, there is absolutely nothing you can do about the fact that every time one of you opens your yap about "gun control", firearms sales skyrocket through the ceiling. The last number I have is that Americans own 750,000,000 firearms "of modern design, in good working order." That's what you and yours have accomplished, Yoko.

Proud of yourself?

There is not a single victim disarmament law on the books (or on any books, for that matter) that is acceptable, under the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Over the next four to eight years, there are those of us, real libertarians, who will dedicate themselves to repealing or otherwise disposing of every piece of anti-self-defense legislation ever enacted. If that isn't horrible enough for you Marxist Democrats, how about this? I'm arguing that serial numbers on firearms must be removed when their manufacture is finished.

Happy Holidays!

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