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Made in USA with US parts, BedBunker hidden safes are ideal for concealing your gold, silver, and other valuables. BedBunker safes come in a variety of models - bed safes as well as hidden floor safes. The ultimate in concealed safes!

Bed Bunkers replace the box springs in your bed to provide concealed, fire-rated, easily accessible storage for your weapons and valuables.

BedBunkers have a 2 hour fire wall and have withstood temperatures in excess of 1533 degrees. All structural components are tig welded and powder coated for maximum strength and protection from the elements.

BedBunker modular safes are designed to replace the box spring under twin, queen, or king size mattresses and are compatible with most standard bed frames. Custom sizes are available by special order.

The BedBunker is equipped with 1" diameter threaded legs for height and leveling adjustments. Optional fully adjustable casters are available for easy repositioning.

Available in single or double safe models for king and queen size beds.


Review comment from James Wesley -- --

Bed Bunkers are built with welded 10 gauge steel in the body and a 1/4-inch thick inset steel door that weighs 140 pounds just by itself. The hinge side is backed by a very heavy flange that protects the vault against attacks where the hinges might be cut away. Because of the flange, that would be a huge waste of time for burglars. The basic unit (twin bed size) weighs about 650 pounds.

The vault's pair of cylinder locks are a robust "bump proof" and relatively pick-proof lock variety with cylinders and keys that are made in Israel. These vaults have a two-hour house fire protection rating. At around $2,000, they are relatively expensive per cubic foot, compared to traditional upright gun safes. So I would mostly recommend them to families where space is at a premium. One of the vaults that I examined was a double vault where the two Bed Bunkers are bolted to a welded spacer, providing a platform for a king-size bed. The combined empty weight is 1,450 pounds, so it would be exceedingly difficult for burglars to tote that vault away.


Floor Safes

Floor safes are designed to fit between floor joists or wall studs in your home or RV. Made with 10 Guage steel and fire-rated 1/4" steel doors. Floor safes are 10" deep, wall safes are 4" deep. Our Concrete model is made for setting in concrete floors. Floor safes may also be installed in walls.


Contact Bed Gun Safe --

Heracles Research Corporation
PO Box 346
Spokane, WA 99210

Phone: (509) 624-2555
Cell: (415) 602-6100
Fax: (509) 624-4741


Customer Testimonial

Hi, Just a note and a Thank You. I didn't want to post anywhere our residence could be traced on line, so I decided to email you directly. I wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the bed bunker. It took six men, a furniture dolly, and sliders to get it up the porch stairs and into our room, but it proved easier than my husband imagined, (his words.) As for me, I chewed my nails the whole time thinking it would fall and crush someone. I had tried to persuade him to get a professional safe mover but you know men.

Now for the good part. WE LOVE IT!

I had worried I would have to make the bed every time we had to get into the safe (if I could get into it.) Not so. The mattress slides easily, and you don't have to slide it very far since you usually open only one side at a time. I can do it without as much as causing a wrinkle to a made up bed. I even put a bed skirt over the safe under the mattress and the bed skirt slides back into place just as easily as everything else.

As for not having a box spring... this of course is something people have to decide for themselves. I thought we had the mattress pretty well supported, but I realized the first night the bed bunker made the bed more comfortable for us. We're pretty hefty people, though. A box spring is usually made so the bed gives a bit, but in our case it caused sagging. We have a pillow top mattress so it makes the bed a little high, but I still love it.

I read a review somewhere that talked about the exposed hinges. The guy didn't do his research. You can cut off the hinges and the safe still won't open. My husband explained this to me... something about a bar across the opening that slides into place so you can't open the safe if you cut off the hinges. Sounds good to me. The safe displays excellent workmanship and is very solid. We've seen on the news where intruders have hacked open the side of a gun safe or even carried the whole thing off. I guarantee you, after seeing this thing, that is not going to happen with this safe.

Anyway, the hardest part about owning it is not being able to show people how cool it is. My husband was always talking about a gun safe but there was no room and I had no plans for featuring a safe in my decor. This was the perfect solution. Thank you so much.

Gun Safe Tips --

Gun Safe Tips is a blog about safes specially designed to store firearms, but you can use them to store other valuable belongings. The author of this blog sees himself as a gun safe expert because he has a shop that sells everything related to firearms and their safety.

Owning firearms and a proper gun safe for them is very important and that is why there are educational posts that will teach you what to look in a gun safe, what are the types and which one is the one for you.


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