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Kavod Custom produces high quality rifles on the AR platform.They can be found on the web at



About Kavod Custom:

We are excited to launch the new premium line in our AR platform; Kavod Custom.

The Kavod series is built around our experience over the last three years of producing VPS carbines, and its intended to be a distinction over commercial m4 clones.

Our philosophy was to put together a set of variants built around a solid set of core components, and upgrade every part which touch the receivers. Our NiB bolt carrier groups and stainless barrels are intended to help support enhanced reliability, while the extended charging handles and rubber grips create functional improvements which make the rifle more comfortable to operate.

The full-length free float rails fully protect the gas system, with plenty of space to mount sights, scopes, rails, grips, and/or bipods.

All barrels are threaded to accept suppressors or muzzle brakes, and have faster twists to stabilize heavier rounds.

We perform range testing of each rifle after initial assembly, to ensure proper function. If any upgrades are requested to be installed, or if we are servicing any rifle, we conduct further post maintenance testing at the range.

Kavod's Value Propositions:

We believe we offer the highest quality rifles for the money.

We stand by our products with a limited lifetime warranty and supplemental support.

We offer expert and professional customer service.

We build using cutting edge innovation and design.

Contact Information:

Company name - Kavod Custom [dba Vidalia Police Supply]
Contact person - Kristin Prandini
Title - Manager

Address - 110 East Meadows Street, Vidalia, GA 30474

Phone 912-246-4021
Fax 912 303 8650
Email address -


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