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Thanks are due to Industry Member and their generous donation to JPFO, May 2012. Robert Barrkman, President of The Robar Companies. Robar Technologies has two websites, and, which we are promoting below as a synopsis. To gain further information just follow the site links. Contact information appears at the foot of each description.



The Robar Companies Inc. strives to provide its clients with an uncompromising quality of products and customer service. Their commitment to producing the finest custom firearms and finishes on the market today is steadfast, and remains the foundation of its continued success.

Firearm finishes - Robar custom firearm finishing is backed by in-depth study of the operation of firearms in the defensive role, practical competition, and operations in natural environments. Knowledge gained from personal experience in police confrontations, military actions and field conditions around the world aid Robar technicians in designing the best coatings possible. They have custom finishes, including multi-colored and combination finishes to suit the most discriminating shooter. Each finish is applied within stringent parameters and tested for quality and compliance.

Staff associates are comprised of highly qualified gunsmiths, metallurgists and chemical engineers to guarantee superior craftsmanship, metals and technology. We have the most current equipment, including a fully equipped test and research laboratory. Their processes are certified to aerospace standards and are regularly inspected for compliance, ensuring their customers of the highest possible quality finishes.

Types -
Poly T2, NP3, NP3 Plus, Roguard, Polymax Camouflage, and additional finishes -
Black Oxide (blueing), Electroless Nickel, Blackening of Stainless Steel, Phosphating / Parkerizing.

Customizing Packages -
Handguns - 1911 Packages, Glocks, Browning Hi-Power, Springfield XD, Kahr.
Custom Shotguns - various packages.
Precision rifles - SR90, SR60, QR2 / QR2F, RC50 / RC50F, Precision Hunter

You can find them on the web at
Their email is -

Their facility address is:

The Robar Companies, Inc.
21438 N. 7th Ave, Suite B
Phoenix, AZ 85027
(This is the shipping and mailing address)

Phone (623) 581-2648
Fax (623) 582-0059


Coating Technologies, Incorporated

Coating Technologies is committed to providing our customers with outstanding service and uncompromising quality at a competitive price. We are totally dedicated to these principles and believe they are the foundation of our continued success.

Methods employed -- plating, blasting, phosphate/conversion, masking, painting and thermal treatment.

Plating -- Coating Technologies Inc. offers a variety of plating services designed to enhance your products' performance. Their plating processes provide lubricity, corrosion protection, conductivity, hardness, bondability, solderability and cosmetics. These processes are Nadcap Accredited and are operated under stringent process controls with an emphasis on traceability of all processed hardware. CTI offers a brief description of all of their plating processes and any applicable specifications to better assist in selecting the process whatis right for customer applications.
NP3 (Electroless Nickel / Teflon) Plating, Electroless Nickel Plating, Gold Plating, Bright Tin-Lead Plating

Blast finishing -- operations have a wide variety of purposes. These can range from the removal of contaminants, such as, scale, oxidation/rust and excess flux from brazing to providing a clean and properly prepared surface for bonding of subsequent coating and plating operations. CTI's blasting operations are controlled in accordance with Nadcap requirements. Each operator controlled variable (i.e. blast pressure, blast media and offset distances) is documented for each lot of hardware processed. All operators are trained in proper blasting techniques and documented instructions do not allow for deviation outside of predetermined parameters.

Several phosphate/conversion coat processes are offered by Coating Technologies Inc -- Phosphate (Zinc and Manganese) Coating, Black Oxide Coating, Passivation of Stainless Steels. These processes produce a conversion coating or oxide that provides corrosion protection, as well as, a bondable surface for painting operations. Each process is Nadcap accredited and operated under stringent process controls with an emphasis on traceability of all processed hardware. CTI offers a brief description of each phosphate / conversion coat process, as well as, any applicable specifications to assist the customer in selecting the process that is right for their application.

Masking -- Certain applications can sometimes require that particular areas of the same part be free of plating or coating. In those cases appropriate masking techniques must be employed. CTI offers both hard masking and wet masking techniques. Hard masking can include the use of screws, plugs, caps, tape and other application specific masking hardware. Wet masking involves the use of pre-approved lacquers applied either by hand painting or a spraying operation. All of CTI's masking materials have been selected to accommodate the specific process chemistry, temperature, pH and any other relevant process characteristics.

CTI is a Nadcap certified supplier, having provided services to such companies as Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed, and Honeywell.

Coating Technologies, Incorporated --

21438 North 7th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85027

Phone: (623) 581-2648
Fax: (623) 581-5397


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