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Comment on the Orlando
Martin Interview of 7-22-10


We have received comment concerning the interview, which covered the subject of the Kennedy assassination, and the number of shots and number of shooters theory.



Read Kennedy and Lincoln by Dr. John K. Lattimer. I hate to be a wet blanket, but all the best evidence points to Oswald acting alone. Dr. Lattimer experimentally repeated all the Kennedy assassination shots using the same type of Mannicher-Carcano rifle and 6.5mm Carcano ammo from the same make and production date as used by Oswald (WCC 1954). Yeah, we made ammo for the Italians after WWII when they became "good". (Incidentally, Lattimer was present at the Nuremburg trials and oversaw the hanging of the Nazi war criminals using British hanging tables!)

By the way, here's an interesting experiment. Take a ripe honeydew melon, wrap it in 5 or 6 layers of duct tape (to represent skin), and shoot it with a .308 Win. or .30/06 soft point. You'll get a 4" dia. stellate exit "wound", and the large amount of ejecta forcefully emanating from this will cause the melon to travel towards the shooter (It's pretty cool really, you can win bets with this. No grassy knoll gunman needed here.). This is called retro-jet recoil effect, and it is a phenomenon that most forensic pathologists are well acquainted with it (Oliver Stone had to go through 20 or so forensic pathologists until he found one that didn't understand it.). The experiment I just mentioned was originally performed by an independent team headed by Nobel Prize-winning Physicist, Dr. Luis Alvarez. I've personally tried it myself and it works (using both a 5-6 layer duct tape wrapped ripe honeydew and likewise wrapped "milk"-filled coconut).

Dr. Lattimer performed that same experiment with the same results using actual human skulls filled with animal brain matter and white paint (for photographic purposes). In his experiments, the 156 grain round nose FMJ military WCC-'54 6.5mm Carcano rounds were used, but when the bullets hit the thick rear (occipital) bone of the skull, they typically had their jackets rupture, mushroomed to double their diameter, and suffered core-jacket separations (just like Kennedy's head shot bullet did).

As for the so-called "Magic Bullet", it is not magical at all. This type of bullet exhibits virtually no deformation at all when shot into soft tissue (or accurate simulant thereof, such as 10% calibrated ballistics gelatin at 4 degrees C), ending its trajectory base forward. The shot through Kennedy's neck destabilized in mid air and struck Governor Connelly sideways striking a rib, passing through his body and entering thigh base foreword. The "magic bullet" is slightly flattened on side (from the rib impact) and has about 1mm of its core protruding from its base, corresponding to a radio-opaque lead smear on Connelly's femur). Lattimer duplicated all of this using hog flesh and human skeletons.

I've sent a copy of this email to JPFO Life Member, Dr. Martin L. Fackler who is THE world's foremost authority on gunshot wounds in case he wishes to add more to this.

Be careful with JFK assassination conspiracy theories. They will ultimately destroy your credibility.



P.S., Lattimer's books is currently out of print but obtainable at

P.P.S., One can also get it get it via intra-library loan. The Library at Cape May Courthouse, NJ has a copy.


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