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JPFO used to record these provocative, hard-hitting interviews in a studio which cost over $200 per session. At one interview per month even, as we used to try and do, or better -- the goal was to raise over $2,000 per year! Since the great loss of the JPFO Founder Aaron Zelman, this has somewhat taken back burner status for now but we do hope to resume some Talkin' to America material when we can.

We would like to however still thank our supporters and suggest that if you would like to make a donation to us for this, just click on the button below to go to our relevant store page. Any and all contributions greatly assist our efforts.



Douglas Meeks

Thomas Niderost

Tom Liston

Bill Pitts

Lee Hobart

John Madfis

Marion Micelli

Catherine Austin Fitts

Greg Allbritton

Concealed Carry Magazine

Thomas L. Conrad

Christopher di Armani

Fred's M-14 Accessories
Shooters Committee on Political
Education New York
Maria Keown


Nick Massaro

Cpl. Marion Miceli

Fulton Amory

Sean Glazier

Thomas Ralph Kintner

Paladin Press

Nathan Schuette

Forbes W. Scott

Martin Ullstrup

Robert Dietrich

Melanie K. Wooten

William Price


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