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November 21st, 2007

Some Reader’s Comments on
yesterday’s ADL Article

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Following up on our alert yesterday about the hypocrisy of the ADL condemning the Ron Paul campaign, we thought we’d share with you some comments from our readers.

We’d like to draw your attention to an error on our part regarding the word "democratic", which was included in our description of Nazi - when in fact of course there was nothing democratic about the nazi party. We have corrected yesterday’s alert which is on our site at -


Thank you Aaron, G-d Bless you and have wonderful Thanksgiving! Jack


Thank You, Mr. Zelman.


Thank you so much Aaron for defending Ron Paul.
Scott, Buffalo Grove, IL


Dear Aaron
Nice message - thank you for sending. Kindest regards.


Thank you for a cogent, clear and ideologically sound opinion on the donations to the Ron Paul campaign.


Dear Aaron,

Not not all the ADL officials are so knee jerk liberal - the director of our CT ADL is actually pretty conservative -and religious. I think we need to identify potential converts within the ADL’s ranks and make it address it’s core issues -keeping Jews safe. This includes widespread firearms ownership and training among Jews and indeed all Americans who want to be secure and free. When the Achmed shows up at you kid’s school intent on mayhem, throwing diversity pamphlets at him isn’t going to help solve the problem, but 230 grains of


Dear Mr. Zelman:

Thank you for this information. Your points are well taken and I support Congressman Paul and despise racism of any sort. And ADL, burn in Hell, whew, I don’t think I could say that and get away with it. You’ve got moxie.
All the best,


Dear Mr. Zelman:

Thank you for righting on a long suffering wrongs of the ADL an organization which has lost it’s way.
Thank you for the time and effort, courage, conviction, and search of the truth if defending Dr. Ron Paul the only defender to my knowledge who actually defends our Constitution and Bill of Rights and has done so all his life.and bring out the hypocrisy of ADL.
In Liberty, Billy


Right on, Aaron!

I will get this out to everyone in my mailbox and then some.

I don’t know how much truth there is to this, but I have heard that some of these nazi and fascist groups will work with the FBI. If that is the case, then I can see them trying to tie themselves with Ron Paul in order to demonize him and help him lose elections. The enemies of Liberty will stop at nothing. That always amazes me, because it is their Liberty that is under fire as well. Why do they never understand that?

ADL can burn in hell is absolutely right. I am going to give them an earful as well.

Ron Paul will never get to the presidency in the first place, and even if he does, the powers that be will assassinate him. We are going to have to watch this republic crash, and we are goinng to have to restore it. I just hope what is left of the American people have the stomach to do it. I will always fight for Liberty!

Never give up your guns -- no matter what "laws" they pass -- no matter what they say or do -- no matter what! If we give up the firearms -- it’s all over. Period.

Sincerely, Ted


Hi Mr. Aaron Zelman

Wow just finish reading your "A Personal Message from Aaron Zelman", powerfull, but the Truth must be told! Just as strong as "JPFO and NRA Have Different Views of BATFE". No other site tells it as it is! I wanted to say keep up the Great work. I always listen to "Talkin’ to America" on my way to work, I made 4 CD of all the mp3s you have posted I always play it, every time I carpool! Thanks for taking the time to read my email.
Mr. J C



Needless to say, I read your hard hitting piece against ADL. That certainly made the issues crystal clear, and I appreciate your taking the position you did.

It is a wonderful piece that encourages all of us to stand up to the ideological bullies who seem able to command center stage with their irrelevancies. Well done!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Good article, I appreciate Aaron’s honesty here, and that is what makes the sons of Zion so great when one considers the enemies encircling them. Honesty to a fault will keep a people and society great, freedom is expensive. We in the gun rights movement are frequently maligned with white supremacists. Recognizing and vocalizing the racial divides, problems, issues, etc. which I do frequently does not suggest I’m racist … but a realist.

These issues must be handled with tact, mutual respect, and honorable motive/desire to fix the problems, right the wrongs.. I honor and respect true accomplishment. Israel and it’s diaspora has it in spades. It is important for us to repel and expel the hate and rhetoric of these (uneducated) neo nazi orgs who seek support, association, and growth. To reassure the left leaning Jews who mistakenly align themselves with Foxman/Democrat Party ideals and fall prey to their usury … thx, CF


Hello, I’ll bet a small amount that money from “extremists’ or extremists to RP will have originated from the ADL just so they can stick their claws into him. As any Nationalist organization would understand, that to donate to RP’s campaign is exactly what the ADL is looking for.
Cheers, Michael


Hi Aaron,

Thank you for defending Ron Paul against an unjust attack on him (/alerts/alert20071120.htm). However I suggest removing the term "dark horse" from your description of him. Part of the establishment’s strategy is to make people think Dr. Paul is precisely that -- a "dark horse" who has little or no hope of winning the election.

They seek to downplay and hide how much popular support he has, so that people will not vote for him (unfortunately, many United Statians typically cast their ballots not for the candidate they think is best, but instead undermine democracy by voting for a candidate they think is likely to win, and the powers that be know and count on this).
Love & Liberty,
((( starchild )))


You might also consider the "nazi" supporters of Ron Paul are ADL and or SPLC, FBI, DNC, RNC stooges. Useful idiots etc … "J"




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