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2022 Alerts

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2022 Alerts

January 17th 2022   'Gun Control' States See New Reality for Gun Rights

January 14th 2022   Where There's a Will, There's a Way!

January 12th 2022   Cracking A Code: 'Gun Control', 'Brainchild Of Privileged Liberals'

January 11th 2022   Schools Must End Gun-Safety Censorship

January 10th 2022   More Private Security Hypocrisy

January 7th 2022   Grassroots: 2021 Year in Review Pt2

January 5th 2022   Without Gaslighting and Projection, Gun Prohibitionists Have Nothing

January 4th 2022   The Times May Be A-Changin'

January 3rd 2022   How to Secure America's Houses of Worship

Later Alerts from 2021 for temporary reference.

December 31st 2021   David Hogg is Confused: None of Our Rights Are Absolute

December 29th 2021   To Home Carry, or Not To Home Carry: A Battle of Experts

December 28th 2021   NV Supreme Court Halts Lawsuit Against Gun Makers

December 27th 2021   Keep Your Dreams of 'Gun Control' Out of the Mouths of our Founding Fathers

December 24th 2021   Quick Draw or Slow

December 23rd 2021   Protect Due Process and Innocence Presumption for Michigan School Shooter Parents

December 22nd 2021   An Opinion on 'Gun Control'

December 21st 2021   A Nation of Cowards

December 20th 2021   Why Wearing a Gun in the Home is a Good Idea

December 17th 2021   Reflections on Waco and Sanctioned Murder

December 15th 2021   CA Continues to be Irrationally Anti 2A

December 14th 2021   Read the Bill of Rights out loud

December 14th 2021   Dec. 15 is Bill of Rights Day

December 13th 2021   NJ's Latest Anti Gun 'Catch All' Scheme

December 10th 2021   Who is The Personal Protection Therapist in Your Life?

December 8th 2021   PA's Constitutional Carry Law is Common Sense - Opinion

December 7th 2021   The Libertarian Stance on 'Gun Control': A Beginner's Guide

December 6th 2021   DC: Blame The Guns - Offer Snitching Rewards

December 3rd 2021   More Gun Laws Needed it Seems, After MI School Murders

December 1st 2021   Laws for the Little Guys

November 30th 2021   Kyle Trial Puts Left in Denial

November 29th 2021   Second Amendment Censorship

November 26th 2021   'Gun Buybacks' Proof that Desperate 'Authorities' Need Scapegoats

November 24th 2021   JPFO's "Don't Mug Me Mug"

November 23rd 2021   Children and Firearms Safety

November 22nd 2021   Kyle Trial Ends in Justice

November 19th 2021   'Gun Control' Support Drops to Lowest Level Since 2014

November 17th 2021   Our 2A Rights & Freedoms

November 16th 2021   Prosecutor Gun Handling Skills

November 15th 2021   Will SCOTUS Decide How Polite an Armed Society Will Be?

November 12th 2021   Is the UN Arms Treaty Dead - or Not?

November 10th 2021   IL Supreme Court Strikes Down Gun and Ammo Tax As Unconstitutional

November 9th 2021   The Alec Baldwin Gun-Safety Act

November 8th 2021   The Right to Bear Arms Gets Its Day in Court

November 5th 2021   Victory Likely in SCOTUS' Landmark Gun-Rights Case

November 3rd 2021   The Coequal 1st & 2nd Amendments

November 2nd 2021   Chipman Spouts Lies to Smear the Firearm Industry

November 1st 2021   "Ghost Gun" Homemade Shotguns At Columbus "Buyback"


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