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April 26th 2016   NSA Gadget Transfer Program Turning Local Cops into Spies

April 24th 2016   The Dick Act and Gun Control

April 23rd 2016   Concealed Permit Holder Stops Attempted Mass Shooting in Chicago

April 22nd 2016   Netanyahu Talks a Good Game About Independence and Self-Defense, But . . .

April 21st 2016   CO Campus Carry: 12 Years, No Mass Shootings, No Crimes by Permit Holders

April 20th 2016   Teenager Allegedly Rapes Homeowner at Gunpoint, Gets Shot and Killed by Neighbor

April 19th 2016   The Atlantic Takes Aim at Concealed Carry

April 17th 2016   Lawmaker Pushes to End Law-Abiding Citizens, Off-Duty Cops Being Armed on Campus

April 16th 2015   The Insidious Semantics of "Gun Control"

April 15th 2015   Congress Conspires with ATF to Expand "Sporting Purposes" Bans

April 14th 2015   FBI Investigates Man Beating

April 13th 2015   Ruger and S&W got a gift from Admin

April 12th 2015   "It's 'Heart-Breaking' That We Haven't Passed More Gun Control"

April 10th 2015   Right to Bear Arms? Gun grabbing sweeping the nation

April 9th 2015   California's Kamala Harris Wants Your Guns-and Your Free Speech Rights

April 8th 2015   Anti-gun Congresswoman Wants Americans to Sell Their Liberty, Children's Futures

April 7th 2015   Zero Tolerance Stretches Further in TN

April 6th 2015   Constitutional Carry for Kansas

April 3rd 2015   An opinion on gun control

April 2nd 2015   Rules for Them, and Different Rules for You If You Have a Gun

April 1st 2015   Columnist's "Modest Proposal" as Offensively Arrogant as Original, and it's Not Satire

March 31st 2015   Concealed Carry Permit Holder Stops Gunman During Attempted Mass Shooting

March 30th 2015   Haters Of Self-Defense Face Unrelenting Defeat Everywhere

March 27th 2015   Former Commander of MD Gun Licensing Explains Why He Was Wrong About Gun Owners

March 25th 2015   "Progressive" Writer Blames "Arsenal Owners" for Blocking Onerous Gun Laws

March 24th 2015   Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Unconstitutional Executive Orders in Arizona County

March 23rd 2015   Gun Control Group Sets up Fake Store, Shames First-Time Buyers

March 21st 2015   The Bill of Rights Sentinel, March 2015

March 20th 2015   Pastor: Need More Gun Control To Address 'Spiritual Implications' Of Gun Violence

March 19th 2015   "Armor-Piercing" Ammo Ban Bill Undermines Argument to Ban "Green Tip" Rounds

March 18th 2015   JPFO objects to Rabbi's proposal on European Jews gun laws

March 17th 2015   JPFO needs your renewal

March 15th 2015   No Comments Allowed Regarding Ammo Ban

March 13th 2015   Instead of Gun Control: More Private Security

March 12th 2015   Obama's huge lie - could his next actions be even worse?

March 11th 2015   Abolishing ATF Might Undermine One of the Best Tools for Hobbling Federal Gun Laws

March 10th 2015   The 2A Causes High Homicide Rates

March 9th 2015   "Grassroots" and "Gunsense". The real Shannon Watts

March 8th 2015   Guns and Crime Prevention

March 5th 2015   Police Have No Duty To Protect The General Public

March 4th 2015   Missouri's New "Strict Scrutiny" of Gun Laws Frees Non-Violent Felon

March 3rd 2015   SAFE Act database unfinished; gun registration to start

March 2nd 2015   JPFO Responds to attempt to ban certain ammunition

March 1st 2015   Three Sneaky Ways Your Gun Rights Were Attacked

February 27th 2015   Lawyers for Lawlessness, Doctors for Death

February 25th 2015   Is Federal Express the Newest Enemy of Privately Manufactured Firearms?

February 24th 2015   Britain Is Getting More Dangerous. So Give Us Our Guns Back

February 22nd 2015   A Florida Gun Rights Case Update

February 20th 2015   Cartoon demonization of gun owners recalls an earlier target

February 18th 2015   Proposed Ammo Ban is Illegal Attack on Americans' Rights

February 17th 2015   Man, 72, faces 'life sentence' for unloaded, antique gun

February 16th 2015   BATFE To Ban Common AR-15 Ammo

February 15th 2015   An Informed, Free People Cannot be Enslaved from Within

February 13th 2015   Preaching to the Choir

February 12th 2015   CCRKBA Wins SAF-Funded Case On Interstate Handgun Transfer Ban

February 11th 2015   Bloomberg States His "No Guns for Negroes" Policy in Most Blatant Terms Yet

February 10th 2015   Lawyer to Lawyer Podcast

February 9th 2015   Gun Rights Haters Try To Learn About Guns

February 8th 2015   Bloomberg Suggests Banning Young Minority Males from Gun Ownership

February 6th 2015   The Antis' Deceipt: Gun-Grabbers Keep Pushing Deception Masked as Settled Truth

February 4th 2015   Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Not Done Adding New Infringements to List

February 3rd 2015   Washington smart gun push ignores key issues

February 2nd 2015   Bloomberg Banking On The 'Stupidity' Of Gun Owners

January 31st 2015   Interstate Gun Trafficking Mythology

January 30th 2015   'One Percenters' may find escape leads to trap of their own making

January 29th 2015   JPFO - A Brief History

January 28th 2015   Backlash Against "American Sniper" Illustrates More Than Hostility to U.S. Troops

January 27th 2015   Number One With a Bullet

January 26th 2015   Judge alleges 'fraud on the court' by government attorneys in Dobyns case

January 24th 2015   Jews And Guns

January 23rd 2015   Gumbel hatred for 'pig' gun owners not uncommon for establishment sports media

January 22nd 2015   Why Gun Owners Are Right to Fight Against Gun Control

January 21st 2015   Sandy Hook Commission Shows Why Gun Registration Requirements Must be Defied

January 19th 2015   Preaching to the Choir

January 18th 2015   From Neighborhood Cops to Robocops: The Changing Face of American Police

January 16th 2015   Je Suis Humain

January 15th 2015   'Weaponized' canned food

January 14th 2015   Charlie Hebdo helped by 'gun control'

January 12th 2015   BATFE Flouts The Constitution

January 11th 2015   France Considers Army to Protect Jewish Sites - European Jews Seek Gun Permits

January 9th 2015   Are you a JPFO force multiplier?

January 7th 2015   New ATF Ruling on Privately Made Guns Defies Constitution, Logic, and English

January 6th 2015   Guns Confiscated after Man Seeks Insomnia Treatment

January 5th 2015   Wendy Davis Admits She Was Faking Support for Gun Rights to Get Votes

January 4th 2015   Moms Demand Action Campaign Of Lies Targets Alan Jackson And Jeff Foxworthy

January 2nd 2015   A New York State of Mind


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