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Alerts - Pre 2000

(please note that websites change frequently - links within articles may be lost over time)

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(Earliest alerts, oldest style format.)

Alerts - Pre 2000

December 22, 1999 Reform Judaism's Latest Push for Victim Disarmament

December 12, 1999 Celebrate Bill of Rights Day -- December 15!

December 12, 1999 Holocaust Miracle: Candles on the Train

December 6, 1999 Another blood-soaked victory for victim disarmament

November 16, 1999 New Jersey Legislature Declares Bill of Rights Celebration

November 4, 1999 Hawaii's "Gun Control": Formula for Mass Murder

October 1, 1999 What the Doctors Say about Dial 911 and Die

September 24, 1999 Scuttle the Scam: A Slick New Way To Destroy "Gun Control"

September 19, 1999 American Jews are Walking a Perilous Path

September 17, 1999 Announcing the JPFO Bookstore, in Association with

September 1, 1999 Why All Americans Need to Read "The Mitzvah" -- A Reader Speaks Out

August 11, 1999 A Triumph for Gun Control in Los Angeles

August 5, 1999 Armed Citizens Save Uncounted Lives in Georgia

August 1, 1999 The Anti-Gun Culture Kills Nine in Atlanta

July 19, 1999 Will NAACP Sell Black People into Powerlessness and Oppression?

July 9, 1999 Rabbi Mermelstein on The Mitzvah

July 7, 1999 Don’t Let Your Fellow Citizens be Vulnerable … and Stupid!

June 22, 1999 Gran'pa Jack #5

June 6, 1999 Was the NRA Too Embarrassed To Stand Up For American Values?

Firearms Industry's last Chance!!!

Save Money and Save the Constitution

Racism and 'gun control'

Political Prisoner Needs Your Help!!

Bad advice from Doctors about Firearms

Use your rights or lose them!!

November 12, 1998 USA Today uses old "Propaganda Trick" to promote media hoax!!

November 9, 1998 Rabbi Mermelstein’s message on the 60th anniversary of Kristallnacht

Brasco(TM) THe Liberty Bear, New Ammunition in the Fight Against "Gun Control"!!

August 21, 1998 California Legislature Declares Bill of Rights Day !!

August 17, 1998 Rights Destroyers Stop at Nothing

July 25, 1998 D.C Shooting - Worthless "Gun Control" Laws Fail Again


May 23, 1998 Moral Vacuum + Gun Control = DEATH

May 15, 1998 Comments to BATF on Instant Check

May 10, 1998 NEJM Renews Attacks on Guns


April 23, 1998 CHALLENGE TO BATF

April 18, 1998 Action needed on Gran’pa Jack #4

April 16, 1998 Racist Roots of Gun Control EXPOSED!

April 7, 1998 Nazi Love Words = "Sporting Purpose"

March 28, 1998 Gun Control" Kills Again

February 26, 1998 SOF Magazine Praises new web site

February 14, 1998 If ever there was a time to fight …


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