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2000 Alerts

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2000 Alerts

December 31, 2000 It's The Bill of Rights, STUPID!

December 28, 2000 Beware The Barbed Hook of "Gun Control" (Exclusive advance copy for e-mail subscribers of a future Shotgun News column)

December 20, 2000

December 19, 2000 JPFO Performance Report

December 14, 2000

December 12, 2000 South Carolina BOR Celebration

December 8, 2000 More Bill of Rights Day news

December 7, 2000 Britain: Guns banned, crimes up, cops armed

December 6, 2000 Bill of Rights Day -- Eaton Rapids Michigan

December 3, 2000 Bill of Rights Day Proclaimed in Santa Cruz County, California

December 2, 2000 Bill of Rights Day Proclaimed in Provo, Utah and Thermopolis, Wyoming!

December 1, 2000 A Bill of Rights Day Essay Contest

November 30, 2000 JPFO Web Site Gets Another Award/Bill of Rights Day

November 27, 2000 The Black Book of Communism, Reviewed by Claire Wolfe

November 20, 2000 A New Poster, A New Life Preserver Test

November 10, 2000 Socialist Demonstrations

November 8, 2000 Feedback on the Mancus Letter

October 31, 2000 The Dark Secret Underlying CCOPS

October 25, 2000 Psychiatric Study Fingers The Real "Nuts"!

October 24, 2000 Torah Court Excommunicates Prominent National Figure -- Must Read

October 23, 2000 Gun Owners, Please Do the Right Thing!

October 22, 2000 Latest Co-Op Billboard, Waycross, Georgia

October 16, 2000 Watch This Pro-liberty Movie On-line -- FREE

October 14, 2000 A Jew Who Has Learned from History Offers Advice to ALL!

October 12, 2000 Interview -- Richard Stevens author of "Dial 911 and Die"

October 2, 2000 1) Letter to an Aussie & 2) Support Olympic Shooters

October 1, 2000 Another Jew Stands Tall for the Second Amendment

September 29, 2000 Michael New Day

September 25, 2000 WalMart wants your opinion about guns

September 20, 2000 CCOPS Art Contest: Political cartoons by future leaders

September 18, 2000 National Socialism: A Plan Waiting For An "Emergency"

September 10, 2000

September 8, 2000 Is Senator Charles Schumer lying?

September 7, 2000 New Group Targets Police State Policies in America

August 31, 2000 Stay Tuned for Next Week's Bold Announcement

August 24, 2000 Next Generation Is Anti-Self Defense? Time is Short

August 18, 2000 The Bill of Rights in French

August 17, 2000 Letter to UAHC about their rejection of the 2nd Amendment

August 14, 2000 JPFO Literature Used in Alaskan High School Class

August 12, 2000 Read "The Mitzvah" to Understand Jews & "Gun Control"

August 10, 2000 Al Gore's Historic Public Relations Coup

August 9, 2000 Achtung! JPFO Publishes U.S. Bill of Rights in German

August 7, 2000 Getting Hollywoods Attention ... Using Their Language

August 1, 2000 Rabbi Mermelstein to Appear on Chuck Morse Radio Show, August 15, 2000

July 31, 2000 Another Life Preserver Test

July 30, 2000 Another Billboard Success Story!

July 26, 2000 The Dannon Company supports "Million Mom March"

July 20, 2000 Tom Stark has questions for Gander Mountain

July 19, 2000 John Lott event -- September 13 in Chicago

July 13, 2000 We Need Summer Soldiers and Sunshine Patriots -- Reno Is On the Loose!

July 12, 2000 Do You Want to Live Under Such Laws?

July 7, 2000 Matching Funds Billboard Program Blitzes Tampa

July 6, 2000 Do you speak another language like a native? Please help JPFO

June 30, 2000 If Dr. Seuss Talked to your Rabbi

June 29, 2000 Poor fellow clings to his delusions

June 22, 2000 Gran’pa Jack Pulverizes "Gun Control" Myths

June 9, 2000:

June 8, 2000 50 Million Round March

June 7, 2000 Rosie vs. Reality: What Every Woman Must Know

June 5, 2000 More New JPFO Radio Spots

May 30, 2000 The New JPFO Radio Spot

May 25, 2000 Members, Please Make Sure We Have Your Correct Address!

May 24, 2000 A Significant Win in the Gun Rights Battle

May 23, 2000 For Those Interested in New Jersey Election (or other elections)

May 20, 2000 The latest JPFO T-shirt

May 17, 2000 Thank You -- And Keep It Up!

May 8, 2000 Something We Must All Do For Mothers' Day

May 3, 2000 Is Your Doctor A Spy?

May 2, 2000 JPFO Works to Protect All of the Bill of Rights

April 29, 2000 Dead Batteries Make Dead People: The truth about restricted-use firearms and trigger locks

April 28, 2000 Huge PR Victory Possible -- Check This!

April 22, 2000 Federal Agents Storm Private Residence Before Dawn

April 18, 2000 Columbine Propagandists Trample the Truth About Firearms Ownership

April 10, 2000 Be A Smart Mom -- Oppose the Million Victim March

April 9, 2000 Help Stop Prosecution of Self-Defending Woman

April 9, 2000 Honestly Rappin' about the new "Racism Exposed" CD

April 6, 2000 Smith & Wesson Must Die

by L. Neil Smith

April 4, 2000 Vicious Gun Brings Down Airliner!

March 27, 2000 JPFO Wants to Give You Money -- Will You Take It??

March 25, 2000 Beretta Sub Machine Guns -- Only $320! (We Told You So)

March 22, 2000 Rappin' Out the Truth -- A Hot New Idea to Help Save the Second Amendment

March 20, 2000 Jewish Civil Rights Group Condemns Reform Rabbis "Gun Control" Stance

March 12, 2000 It Worked! JPFO Rattles HCI

March 12, 2000 New Tool to Expose the Police Protection Myth!

March 6, 2000 HCI Conceals Data to Mislead President, Press and Public on Child Deaths

March 3, 2000 JPFO Blasts AJC for 'Ghetto Jew Mentality' in School Shooting

March 1, 2000 National Firearms Association (of Canada) Action Plan

February 23, 2000 "La Lista de los Derechos del Ciudadano" -- Taking the Bill of Rights to 500 Million More People!

February 1, 2000 Showdown with the United Nations -- Your Rights In the Balance

January 27, 2000 The Mitzvah reviewed in Soldier of Fortune

January 26, 2000 Levi Strauss Supporting Gun Prohibitionists

January 15, 2000 The Letter Xerox Refuses to Answer

January 13, 2000 Do Everything to Encourage Dr. Laura's Shooting Lessons!


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