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October 26th, 2009

Foreign Governments and BATFE
KNOW where to find your guns

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If you read last week’s alert about the national gun registry BATFE is creating - - then you will be extremely interested in the comments in this article by the Hillary Clinton State Department. This can also be found archived on JPFO. Over thirty foreign governments and thousands of police agencies can access the BATFE registration records to find firearms owned by Americans under the guise of tracing "crime guns".

The same data base could be most useful to an anti-gun administration who asks for assistance from a foreign government to confiscate your guns. The potential for misuse of the BATFE database cannot be underestimated.

We are receiving information from those in the firearm industry confirming that BATFE agents are removing 4473 firearm sales forms from stores and holding them until they have completed copying all data from the form.

If you are not on board with JPFO to abolish BATFE then don’t complain when you get your door bashed down in the name of "public safety". Discover more about BATFE - and learn about the use of Nazi "Gun Control" laws to write America’s Gun Laws. Go also to "Gun Control": Gateway to Tyranny -

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