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March 15th 2010

The Bagel Brained Jews of Baltimore
are Bleating Vociferously

By Aaron Zelman, Founder and Director of
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
Copyright JPFO 2010

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For too long, Jewish liberals have led the cries for more and more “gun control”. While common sense might point out that Jews should be the least likely group in America to advocated the disarming of a free society, people like these idiotic and dangerous Maryland politicians keep beating their perverse drum, calling for more and more gun prohibitions. See Baltimore Sun article. (archived page on JPFO)

JPFO is anti-Semitic? An unbelievable assertion.  See this most appropriate cartoon response.

From its inception, JPFO has “targeted” victim disarmament advocates of any stripe. But we reserve a special indignation for those who call themselves Jews, but actually spit on one of the most fundamental tenets of our religion: the right to self defense and the defense of the innocent. See "The Ten Commandments of Self Defense"

JPFO can go where others dare not. Go here to see the electronic handbill that is causing blood pressures to rise within the Jewish anti-gun community.

When politicians support policies that are potentially dangerous to all humanity, one should not hesitate in calling them “bagel brains”.

Now look at the idiotic responses from politicians like Samuel I. Rosenberg. See some TV coverage of this story within this page from WJZ-TV.

Maybe you’d like to contact this horribly misguided Jewish politician and share your own ideas with him via his public email address.

And clueless Art Abrahamson of the Baltimore Jewish Council (seen in the TV clip as well) can be contacted at via his public email, or through the Jewish Council’s website:

And as for bagel brained Brian Frosh?   Visit this page and watch the clip for a classic stupidity sound byte.

You can make your views known to Brian Frosh at his public email address here. He seems to want to hear from folks. Well, let him hear from you.

And how about this one? This one is simply mental illness unveiled: Comparing JPFO to Islamic Jihadists? Really mushy matzoh thinking from these bagel brained Jews.

JPFO has a lot of support out there in the common sense community. Here’s just one example of the positive responses being aired about us on FreeRepublik:

So the storm has hit shore and we at JPFO are making our case heard. To all our members, thank you. And please let us know if certain politicians in your State need to be “targeted” by JPFO.



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