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December 28th, 2011

Aaron Zelman and the NRA

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Here’s a "blast from the past".

Aaron Zelman was no fan of the NRA. On occasion he was accused of "bashing" "The Gun Lobby". It was surprising that almost ten times more communication came our way supporting Aaron’s "zero tolerance" of the National Rifle Association.

There is no question that Aaron’s in-your-face attitude affected the NRA over the years. We’d like to think that it put "The Big Guys" back on a truer course towards freedom. Since Aaron’s passing, the NRA has done the right things with Eric Holder and the despicable "Operation Fast and Furious", the insidious poison of the U.N. "Small Arms Treaty", and the drive towards nationwide concealed carry. Their political grading of politicians is still pretty cheesy.

Times have changed. JPFO no longer holds the animosity that Aaron felt so deeply in his bones about the NRA.

However, let’s not let our guard down. Here’s a classic refresher on the difference between JPFO and the NRA. Some ignorant criticism arose from this article from mentally challenged folks who thought it was actually a hit at Ted Nugent.

Ted and Aaron were Brothers in Arms. (Read Ted’s memorial comments about Aaron on the Tribute Page.) Ted never formally answered Aaron’s "open letter". It was a "between-a-rock-and-a-hard place" situation for Ted. We are sure, however, that Ted got the message delivered upstairs to the big wigs at the NRA.

Were you listening, Wayne?

(Dec 29th - addendum to the above - in case the tribute page link to the comments page was not seen, this is the direct link to take you there.)


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