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February 22nd 2012

Is Race War in America Inevitable?

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In 1997 a man named Thomas Chittum wrote a book called "Civil War Two - The Coming Break Up of America". I read it in 1998, was disturbed but impressed, and wrote a review of the book for a local newspaper.

Chittum now seems to have fallen off the map. There is a lot of obviously bogus material on the internet regarding him, even a pdf file of CWII floating around that is a blatant forgery, and rather clumsy "communications" from people claiming to be this mystery man.

In my estimation, Chittum's predictions are well on schedule, especially with the insane global financial crisis exacerbating the present situation and the influx of Islamic Jihadists into this nation. To my recollection (I loaned out my copy of the book and it was never returned), the author did not even brush on these subjects.

The book has not been reprinted. You will find a link to at the end of my 1998 review. Check out the price of a new copy.

My advice to Thomas Chittum, wherever he is, is to re-print CWII without a word being changed or a word added. No need to "update". We can all connect the dots. Go Here to read the review

Kirby Ferris, Research Director, JPFO


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