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July 18th 2012

Silly Rabbi, Guns are for Goys

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Anthony Colandro runs Gun for Hire, the largest firearms training facility in New Jersey. He's one of the voices of the pro-2A pro-liberty community here: he podcasts on Gun for Hire Radio, serves as Treasurer of the Association of NJ Rifle and Pistol Clubs, and is involved with legislative and get-out-the-vote efforts. Anthony was the first life member of JPFO that I ever met, and I recently asked him to offer his perspective on why he is so supportive of JPFO.

Rabbi Dovid Bendory
JPFO's Rabbinic Director.

You can read Anthony's perspective about JPFO on this page.

JPFO membership page.

Yours in Freedom, The Liberty Crew at JPFO
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ADDENDUM: regarding the latest khaki/tan t-shirts - we mentioned in error in our 7/16/12 alert, that these had no pocket option, when in fact they do! It is just our new camouflage shirt that has no pocket option.

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