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October 16th 2012

JPFO Special Offer: Innocents Betrayed DVD


This powerful JPFO production documentary is a 'must see'. It runs almost one hour and shows how governments have historically deprived people of firearms ... and then wiped them from the face of the earth. It has been available at $29.95 ppd for some time from the JPFO store.

We would like to announce a time limited special offer on this outstanding DVD such that you can now purchase one copy for just $19.95 or two copies for $35.90, postage paid. Along with your order you will also receive bonus items -- a copy of the 2A Today for the USA DVD, our award-winning documentary, as well as two Gran'pa Jack booklets -- #1 which is "Gun Control" Kills Kids! and #7 - Do Gun Prohibitionists Have a Mental Problem? We'll also include our "Gun Control is NOT kosher" bumper sticker.

Note: - Other specials still available include -- "The Gang DVD" -- Buy one copy for just $18.00 (plus bumper sticker) or buy 2 for $24.50 (plus free copy of 'BATFE Fails the Test' and a bumper sticker - all postpaid.)
Bill of Rights or Bust video - buy two copies for just $24.95 incl ppd or just a single copy now for $15.00 ppd.
The Mitzvah book, special offer! Buy one copy for just $8.00 or buy 2 for $13.95 - postpaid.
The Gran'pa Jack booklet collection - All now just $1.99 each except #3, at $2.99

Yours in Freedom, The Liberty Crew at JPFO
Protecting you by creating solutions to destroy "gun control"

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"No Guns for Jews" is a major breakthrough and a potent weapon with tremendous potential to destroy "gun control" at this critical time in America, but millions must see it and take action! Download video file copies or view here. If you would like a DVD copy go to the JPFO Store page.
This Second Amendment oriented film demonstrates the racist history of American "Gun Control". Download video file copies or view here. If you would like a DVD copy go to the JPFO Store page.
This JPFO award winning film details the Second Amendment like no other. It is essential viewing, particular for those fence sitters who yet need to understand the 2A. Download video file copies or view here. If you would like a DVD copy go to the JPFO Store page.
A former minor tax collection department is now a billion-dollar agency. This groundbreaking documentary exposes how this agency harasses, oppresses, intimidates, and terrifies small businesses and decent citizens.Visit the Gang Site or go to the JPFO Store to purchase a copy.
United States Army cameras filmed the conditions in the Nazi death camps during their liberation. Read all about this and find out how to purchase from the JPFO store.
Rabbi Bendory explains the difference between Man’s Laws and G-d’s Laws in detail. Read all about this and also listen to a Talkin’ To America interview.


It makes no difference what state you live in - you DON’T have a right to police protection! Read more about this alarming information.
(Special offer - buy one, get one free)
A side-by-side comparison of the 1938 Nazi Gun Control laws and America's 1968 Gun Control Act. Go to read more about this revealing book.
This is #6 in the JPFO series of eight small booklets, all of which carry an important message. See details on the whole series and how to order.


This fine JPFO cap is adjustable for comfort and made in America! To buy one for yourself, just go to the JPFO Store. We also offer a JPFO patch as well, that you can sew to your jacket or shirt.
JPFO has created a great conversation starter to make it easy for you to promote and protect our 2A rights. This is a seven inch high insulated stainless steel lined drinks mug for hot and cold, with a man sized handle - it is not a tea cup! The top incorporates an adjustable slide to regulate flow. Larger expandable pictures here too on an older page. It can be found for purchase at the JPFO Store.
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