"Run, Hide, Tell" - Recipe for Slaughter?

Some may remember the film from the cold war 60s which told people to "seek shelter" etc in the event of a nuclear attack - for example, hide under a table! An unlikely place of safety in such an event!

Here is a public information video that seems to have a similar message of false safety, dreamed up by UK law enforcement to 'save lives" in the event of a mass shooting. It has to be wondered whether this, or something similar, could equally be imagined being fed to Americans in order to satisfy the enthusiasts of gun-free-zones. The San Bernadino and Paris massacres showed only too well, that for large numbers of exposed targets, the options for running and hiding are very limited - things happen very fast.

As for 'telling' - well perhaps someone manages a 911 call but how does that immediately mitigate group slaughter? Sure, if the cavalry shows up eventually, the perpetrator or perpetrators may be dealt with but by then it's time to count the corpses.

To stand any chance of limiting events such as these, there needs to be person or persons already armed and potentially able to at very least reduce the body count, if not even be able to beneficially control the situation. It seems however that this logical approach is deemed crazy - instead, there are expressions of horror at the mere thought of "good guy guns" being present.

Stay Safe: Firearms and Weapons Attack, Published on Dec 17, 2015

In the UK the Police Service and partners work very hard to keep us safe from the threat of gun crime. Firearms and weapons attacks are thankfully extremely rare, but we must always know what to do to stay safe. What would you do if you came under fire or heard gunshots at work or in public? Should you stay and hide, or run for the nearest exit? Would you know what to do to stay safe?

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