JPFO Denounces Obama Executive Orders

Bellevue, WA. January 06, 2016

JPFO unequivocally denounces the immoral and unconstitutional “gun control” Executive Orders issued today by President Obama.

This set of executive orders and actions exceed presidential authority and undermine the fundamental right to keep and bear arms protected by the Second Amendment.

Obama’s new so-called “Gun Safety” measures have nothing to do with safety and no realistic chance of reducing the amount of violence committed by the crazed or criminal. Further, for decades firearms involved crimes have been on a steady decline even as firearms ownership has increased.

Claims we suffer a “Gun Violence” epidemic or even a “Crime Epidemic” are nothing but a partisan lies in pursuit of the long time leftist dream of limiting and then eliminating the right to keep and bear arms.

“Gun Violence” is nothing but a made-up term for so-called “gun control.” Claims that a person can legally buy guns on the Internet without a background check are either blatant lies or equally blatant ignorance.

Obama’s breathtaking expansion of background checks, potential creation of a de facto national gun registry, the increase of the stigma regarding mental health treatment (while claiming to reduce that same stigma), the threatened elimination of private gun sales and the promised expansion of the definition of prohibited individuals combine to form a package repugnant to all ethical and reasoning individuals.

The new definition of “gun dealer” is so vague that a prosecution is a matter of whimsy or malice, rather than any objective standard. The White House statement makes clear that even selling one or two guns, or renting a table at a gun show, accepting credit cards or printing business cards may somehow turn one into a gun dealer – or not, depending on the discretion of the federal agent.

Gun owners might think to apply for a Federal Firearms License – but since the Clinton era the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has denied applications for “gun show sellers” because they did not maintain a brick and mortar store and revoked licenses of “kitchen table dealers”, claiming the dealer was a “hobbyist” as the revenue was not a “significant” portion of the dealers income.

Good luck with getting that FFL.

JPFO asks every concerned person to join us in our critical opposition these unlawful and unconstitutional presidential actions, particularly those setting the stage for tyranny and public corruption.

Together, we must fight back against Obama, Bloomberg and their ilk. Your donation today of $50 or a $100 will help JPFO stop Obama and his gun-grabbers.

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