2A Survived 11 Attacks - Infographic

From Minutemanreview.com. May 4th, 2019

2nd Amendment Facts and Attacks

Attacks on the Second Amendment usually seem to be the most noticeable events but fortunately there have been over time a number of instances when attacks were followed by successful defenses. Some go back a long way but there have been eight that notably occurred since 2000. At the state level there have been some advances with regard to carry options but against that are several states that infringe ever more on the 2A in many egregious ways.

To view the whole infographic - click on the image above to begin image expansion, and then press "F" on the keyboard to go to the full size. Scroll down to view each section using mouse wheel or scroll bar - click on the image to close it down. File size is quite large so initial download may take a little while depending on available bandwidth. Thanks to Minutemanreview for the use of the graphic.


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