NY Governor Second Amendment Ramifications

By Harold Hutchison. July 5th, 2019

New York/United States - When I first noted Andrew Cuomo's efforts to misuse financial regulations against the National Rifle Association, I had hope that it would fail. I had hope that it would be like a last, desperate throw of the dice for one of the worst anti-Second Amendment extremists in the country. Furthermore, I had hope that its failure would be assured by the fact that Second Amendment supporters would unite against the abuses.

To my sorrow and anger, I was wrong.

Instead, over a year after this started, Andrew Cuomo is winning. An anti-Second Amendment extremist who has, for all intents and purposes, lost the arguments on Second Amendment issues, is now winning with an abuse of power on par with Operation Chokepoint and the IRS targeting of the Tea Party.


Well, in the year since those abuses came to light when the NRA filed suit, instead of uniting against the existential threat Cuomo's abuses against one pro-Second Amendment group posed to the entire community, far too many Second Amendment supporters have instead been fighting amongst themselves.

What was needed in the wake was a modified version of the principle of NATO: An abuse of power against one pro-Second Amendment group needed to be viewed as an abuse of power against all. Because, when it comes to abuses like Cuomo's, someone is always the first to feel the brunt of them. And keep in mind, Andrew Cuomo and Letitia James want the NRA destroyed. .....

Cuomo's goals are as they always have been - take on 'gun control' to the limit by any means. The situation discussed here is beyond dangerous in theory because of potential consequences due to knock-on effects, such that if the NRA was to get dissolved, what would be next regarding other 2A organizations and financial service companies.


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