Guns, Knives and Accelerant Control? Why the
Weapons Are Not Responsible for the Crimes


By Beth Alcazar. August 27th, 2019 USCCA
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An attacker screaming “Drop dead!” and “DIE!” recently murdered 34 people and injured three dozen more in a brutal attack. This terrible tragedy occurred only a few months after another rampage in which a man attacked 17 elementary school children and two adults — leaving two dead. It followed yet another mass killing in which a deranged individual wrote a letter claiming that “all disabled should cease to exist.” He then went on to murder 19 people and wound 25 more, the youngest 19 years old and the oldest 70, at a facility for the mentally disabled.

The mainstream, anti-gun bandwagon would claim that these are just three recent examples showing the need for “common-sense laws” and stricter gun control. Surely red flag laws and background checks could have played a significant part in thwarting these evil men. If assault weapons were out of the picture entirely and wait lists were enacted, these horrific attacks could have been prevented … and 55 innocent lives would have been saved.

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Oh, but wait. Here’s something you should know: These mass murders did not take place in the USA. These terrible atrocities occurred in Japan, a country considered one of the world’s safest. According to a United Nations’ global study on homicide.... ........

For some time it has been all but obvious that the media is not very enthusiastic about reporting mass killings unless they involve guns - then they seem to revel in high profile exposure. Any events that involve bombs, knives or other non-firearm weapons receive little more than a fairly brief mention, along with relatively minimal editorial discussion. The bias is obvious.


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