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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  •  August 29, 2019  •  Contact: Floyd Neeland

Red Flag Laws Cause Permanent Harm

When neighbors can red flag each other
no one wins, everybody loses.

Abandoning constitutional guarantees destroys
American freedom for a false hope of safety

A red flag law allows you to officially snitch on your neighbors, relatives or friends, and have them detained without bringing real charges. You can do it out of fear, or just suspicion that people you know may be "up to something" without proof. The cops can break in, confiscate property (arms), and the person you rat out ends up with giant legal bills, court dates, a permanent blot that can't be removed -- and they didn't actually do anything -- you just used your expanded legal "right" to red flag the person. If that sounds terribly wrong it"s because it is. Mass media didn't tell you that, did they.

These red flag laws are being promoted by people on the political left who are motivated by fear of psychos, often drugged up, who have been encouraged by mass media, TV and the movies to shoot up schools, theaters, restaurants and their workplaces. Those horrific tragedies, shown endlessly on nightly "news" reports, are being used to get legislators and the public to adopt these red flag laws as a supposed solution. You, Mr. and Mrs. Normal, can notify ("red flag") authorities about these supposed sociopaths before they explode and we'll all be safe. It almost sounds good, except you've heard that authorities knew about the maniacs many times, did nothing, and then picked up the pieces when it was too late.

No, the red flag laws have a different, hidden and terrible purpose. They are a new clandestine method for taking guns away from innocent Americans -- a long-time and frustrated goal of the political left. With these new laws in place, authorities have a permanent excuse, and a way around due process (also known as the rule of law) to confiscate guns with little civil protection for the innocent. People in the know get it, but the public isn't getting even a hint of the truth, just the blaring loudspeakers of CNN and the networks, promoting a false promise of safety from some new law, where all other similar laws have failed miserably.

Red flag laws have zero effect on the reason children want to slaughter their classmates. They do nothing on top of the background checks we've had for decades that do nothing to disarm the inner cities where historically black neighborhoods endure 6,000 murders every year. Officials are lying to you, and so-called reporters merely perpetuate the lie.

You get truth from a group like us, JPFO, and others, but the mass media is a mass of deception. Red flag laws are wrong for America from every angle. We already have a half dozen of them on the books, did you know that? Does a wife sleep better with a paper restraining order against an abusive husband, even if they forcible take the guns she knows he has, with a drawer full of kitchen knives? It doesn't even make sense.

People too dangerous to have their own firearms are too dangerous to be left out on the street by themselves. Join JPFO to learn more. We'll give you the real deal, not a false flag to wave. Get and read Dial 911 and Die from JPFO.



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