Las Vegas Massacre Anniversary Sparks
Debate on 'Gun Control' (Or Not)


By Dan Zimmerman. October 1st, 2019

Below is an Associated Press report on this, the two-year anniversary of the Mandalay Bay shooting. It's a textbook example of "push journalism." Titled Las Vegas Massacre Anniversary Sparks Debate on Gun Control, it asserts -- with no evidence at all -- that the anniversary of the shooting is providing new fire for the 'gun control' "debate" in this country.

But the anniversary is doing nothing of the kind. In fact, 'gun control' efforts never go away and it's been a current hot topic ever since the Gilroy shooting. The El Paso and Dayton incidents only accelerated that.

We've seen this all before. Following other high profile spree shootings, the forces of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex (the 'gun control' orgs, their anti-gun politician friends, and the media) have marshaled all of their resources and pushed for more "common sense" restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms. ........

Once again it would seem that the media has much to answer for when it comes to stirring the pot on 'gun control'. Tragedies of course should never be forgotten but there is no need to use past events as an excuse to further the tired old "we must do something" and pushing for more "common sense" restrictions that punish the law abiding gun owners.


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