Why it is important to call it 'liberty
control' instead of 'gun control'

By D Parker. October 5th, 2019

The inalienable human right of self-defense is the keystone of liberty, so why aren't we treating it that way?

Two recent stories that involve freedom of speech and the right of self-preservation illustrate why we have to be precise in the words we use to frame the issue. The arch of liberty is built upon the keystone of the inalienable human right of self-defense. This critically important concept buttresses our other human rights, that is why it is the first target of tyrants. Taking away the people's ability to resist oppression always invites more oppression.

It is a severe mistake to couch the issue in terms of inanimate objects with nonsensical phrases such as 'anti-gunners' or similar terminology. Using the term 'gun' misdirects the argument away from the true purpose of 'gun control'. This is a debate over liberty, not inanimate objects of aluminium or steel.

The left loves that we use the 'gun' instead of liberty.

It is always advantageous to use the proper terms in a debate, this is why the national socialist left puts so much effort into controlling speech and the words we use. .....

This discusses one of several popular misnomers - another being the use of 'mass shootings' when 'mass murders' should be the chosen term. The anti liberty groups have other favorite terms as well, including 'do something', 'gun buybacks', 'clip capacity' and so on - all designed to better promote their agenda towards the media and firearm detractors. Liberty should be the key word.


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