CO Rep. Would Rather See You
Die Than Defend With a Firearm

By Dan Zimmerman. July 24, 2021

We can remember the days when the story of a woman successfully defending herself against a masked, armed attacker was considered good news. Times have apparently changed. At least they have for a certain breed of rabidly anti-gun politician and their civilian disarmament advocate allies.

A recent incident that illustrates how virulent hoplophobia can twist your sense of justice comes from Prince William County, Virginia where a woman stepped out her front door early Thursday morning and was confronted by a masked man with a gun. The un-named victim, however, was armed and she defended herself.

As the PWC Police Department described what happened in a public statement

The victim, who was also armed at the time, shot the individual as they approached the front door of her residence. Officers arrived at the home and located a man near the doorway of the residence suffering from gunshot wounds. Officers also located a loaded handgun in the man's possession.

Officers performed CPR on the man until rescue personnel arrived. The man was transported to an area hospital where he later died as a result of his injuries. The victim was not injured.

This is what we like to call a Defensive Gun Use of the Day. Yet another example of an armed citizen using a firearm to defend herself or her family. The CDC cites a report that reckons defensive gun uses happen anywhere for 60,000 to 2.5 million times a year, depending on who's doing the counting. .....

It is hard to believe that any rational individual would rather die than defend themselves. There is zero guarantee that an armed robber or rapist is going to meekly leave when they have had their way - some will not want to be identified and many are also just too loathing of human life that they will kill almost for pleasure. Self defense is a most basic human right.


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