Which Weapons Are Most
Commonly Used for Homicides?

From JPFO. September 14, 2021

The above image is the start of a large detailed and expandable infographic compiled from 2019 FBI data, comparing figures for different weapons' usage in homicides, including a "by state" analysis. It shows how the much condemned rifles feature very low compared with hand guns, but also shows significant figures for non-firearm homicide weapons, which are frequently overlooked. (Download the large image file for reference if required.)

From the Jocelyn Law Firm:-
"With the renewed push by the federal government for an 'assault weapons' ban, we couldn't help but wonder, just how often are 'assault rifles' really to blame for crimes? More specifically, how often are they used as murder weapons when compared to all of the other types of weapons available? Using FBI homicide statistics from the 2019 Crime in the United States report, the insights team at the Joslyn Law Firm charted out how often different types of weapons were used in homicides in the U.S.... "

Follow the "Read More" button to go to the main page where the infographic may be viewed in full. As instructed there, click on the image followed by 'F' on the keyboard that should expand the graphic to full size, which will then be scrollable. .....


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