Paranoid? It would appear so.

(One person's take on those who are armed)



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To the NRA & gun advocates.


By Jake Brown. December 7th, 2015

I am not comfortable with you carrying a gun. When you carry a gun I feel threatened by you. I absolutely believe more guns on the street creates a more dangerous society.

I want much more rigid and well enforced gun control laws immediately.

It's very simple, like it or not, YOU need supervision. Today, you are a "good guy" but tomorrow is anyone's guess. Risking the lives of my loved ones so that you can have a sense of freedom and independence is not worth it.

I don't trust you. You have not proven yourself worthy of enough trust to carrying a deadly weapon in public.

When something terrible happens in your life, I don't trust that you won't take your anger out on the innocent. Your good intentions now, offer no assurance that tomorrow, YOU won't spray your anger in the form of gunfire at an office party, a parade or a class room and murder many people. The mere ownership of a gun gives YOU the ability to be the next terrorist.

You say you are one of the "good guys" well, people change. Consequently, when it comes to killing people, your word just isn't good enough.


Jake Brown

This came in as an email and is as an example of a mind-set we may well encounter at times. There is probably little to be argued to change such an outlook sadly, as this is often one of those attutudes that resists all logical argument. It might however be wondered as to how this thinking would react in an active shooter situation, with no 'good-guy' weapons available. Make your comments below.

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