JPFO’s Response to Mayor Bloomberg’s Deceitful TV Ad.


By Charles Heller
Executive Director, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

Copyright 2011, JPFO.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Jew who should know better, has launched a television ad campaign with a commercial that is appalling in its deceit, inaccuracy, and fundamentally perverse motive.

Here's the ad.

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Correction: You cannot purchase a "fully automatic" weapon at a gun show. Only a federally registered Class III dealer, or a person with a tax stamp for that weapon, may possess a machine gun. The screening for this license is detailed and probing. Is American-born Adam Gadahn (aka "Azzam Al–Amriki") really so ignorant?

While Gadahn might be clueless to this reality, could Bloomberg — the presumably knowledgeable founder of "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" — be so incredibly misinformed that he doesn’t know such a basic fact of U.S. gun law?

Title 26 of US Code, Chapter 53, sets forth the regulations as to who can deal in machine guns. Are we to believe that Mayor Bloomberg cannot afford a lawyer to tell him that? Or is he prevaricating?

Why would Bloomberg perpetuate this tired lie about machine guns at gun shows? Why would he use the words of a known terrorist, bent on jihad against America, to advance his agenda? Why didn’t he edit out that part of Gadahn’s appeal?

Let me ask another question. Why have Al Qaeda and Gadahn chosen to mention gun shows, and American Muslims acquiring guns at gun shows, at this particular time? Why hasn’t Gadahn been spouting this message for years? After all, Gadahn has been appearing in Al Qaeda videos since October of 2004.

With the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives desperately trying to cover up and/or spin the travesty of their botched "Project Gun Runner" (aka "Gun Walker", aka "Fast and Furious"), it seems a convenient coincidence that Gadahn should surface at such a perfect time to draw attention away from the BATFE’s horrifically boggled gun smuggling schemes to Mexican drug cartels.

In the face of the "Gun Runner" scandal, Bloomberg’s obsessive campaign against gun shows in America was losing steam. He, and others who side with his distorted and dangerous advocacy of citizen disarmament, had absolutely no chance of getting Congress to pass any sort of gun show legislation. It was a non starter … until Gadahn’s fortuitous and timely appeal to his fellow terrorists.

I'll ask the question that should now be on any thinking person’s mind. Is there a connection between Mayor Bloomberg and Adam Gadahn? Why is Bloomberg airing and perpetuating the completely dishonest and deceptive video produced by this treasonous American turned Al Qaeda?

What does it say about Mayors Against Illegal Guns when they are willing to use a traitor’s intentionally deceptive materials to advance their agenda?

Charles Heller is the Executive Director of Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

© Copyright Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

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