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As December 15th, Bill of Rights Day, (Declared an official holiday by an Act of President FDR in 1941) approaches, gun owners and freedom advocates have a fortuitous window of opportunity to spread the word about the one document that makes America positively unique in the history of civilization.

Offer a copy of JPFO’s Gran’pa Jack #3, the Bill of Rights issue, to the older trick or treaters or the escorts of the younger goblins on Halloween eve. An important group to begin to educate are the teenagers, but young parents motivated by the hope that their children will have their chance at the American Dream, are also great candidates.

This Gran’pa Jack comic book will provide factual and fully documented information to teenagers that they will, sadly, not likely get in schools these days. It is also a great refresher for those of us who were once taught these American principles, but our memories have faded a bit.

Learn about the Gran’pa Jack series [HERE].

You can order 100 copies of Gran’pa Jack #3 ("It’s Common Sense to Use our Bill of Rights) for only … $47.99 (normally $2.99 per copy, S&H included). Many other bulk options are also available.

After you’ve used the opportunity of Halloween to hand out the booklets, you will be warmed up for Bill of Rights Day on Dec. 15th. Send some to school with your child to give to his or her history teacher. (suggested 7th grade on up).

For all its foibles, America has worked marvelously … and can work again. So much of that success is because the Bill of Rights was, in the past, STRONGLY ENFORCED.

We will not see a return to a "Bill of Rights Culture" unless we each stand firm and peaceably demand it. "We the People" can prevail.

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