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The "High Cap Freedom" Index



This is an index page to assist in finding article titles and associated material concerning the recent launch (March 2011) of the JPFO "High Capacity Freedom" campaign.

The Sixth Reason
It has been called the “elephant in the room” of American gun rights. Few in the Second Amendment movement are comfortable contemplating this critical issue. ........

How to Answer The Magazine Ban Pushers. Alan Korwin writes - "depriving the public of gear as a way to stop murderers is misguided, puts you at risk, and at its core, is a thinly disguised effort to get to zero-round magazines—in the false and dangerous belief that disarming innocent people will finally disarm criminals" ... read more ..........

JPFO Introduces "Buster Bullet". This is our latest handbill, on the theme of the new "High Cap Freedom" campaign.  It follows on closely behind the previous article by Rabbi Bendory, explained five good reasons why you should WANT rather then need, your high capacity magazines ..........

Five Reasons Why You Should Want High Capacity magazines. Today, the most common plaintive question you hear from the victim disarmament crowd is: “Why would anyone need a high capacity ammunition magazine?” Note that the emphasis is always on the word “need”. So-called “gun control” has always used semantic deception. What the gun confiscators want to do is apply “needs” to situations that more accurately require “wants” .........

A "High Cap Freedom" Tactic: The Coffee Can revolution - "Whenever I find myself subjected to victim disarmament drivel disguised as "news" or "entertainment", I drop a quarter (or a dime, nickel, or penny) into a coffee can I keep beside my TV watching chair. Given the rate at which propaganda fills the air, it's no time at all before the can fills up. Funds quickly accrue, thus enabling purchases of "unpopular" items such as high capacity magazines! ..........

JPFO Launches "High Cap Freedom" - Question: Who is more likely to be on the front lines at the next Columbine or Virginia Tech, the police with their large magazines, or you and me with our 10-round limit? How many rounds do you want when you are on the front line? Is the policeman's life more valuable than yours and mine? Rabbi Bendory explores high cap magazines in a novel way .........


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