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Following the posting of "The NRA's Letter to Obama" on 3/16/11, we received a hefty response to the associated survey (now closed), for which we thank everyone who took the trouble.  If you haven’t read the article, it is important that you do so before reading this selection of survey comments. The entirety of comments can be found within this PDF file which can be downloaded. There are some much longer but very cogent thoughts that should not be passed by.

We have gone through and extracted a large selection of what we feel is a fair sampling of answers to present here.

Replies have been for most part maintained as anonymous.


The NRA has sold out to Obama before, now they pretend to be mad at him? What a bunch of drivel.

Jim Marvel

I think NRA is making all the essential points, which the prez will simply ignore, and go on about his Statist way.

The NRA letter was good but not harsh enough.  Maybe the Rabbi who wrote Bloomberg a letter should write a letter to Obama.

It is about time the NRA has finally gotten a backbone. I think it was a good letter. I would like to see the NRA more strident about "shall not be infringed" and shall not be infringed by any means, by any level of government. It is also past time the NRA joined the rest of us and called for the abolishment of the BATFE.

The NRA is NOT doing enough. As the largest pro-gun organization in America, they should be much more aggressive, activist, and outspoken toward the government about the entire assault on the 2nd Amendment by both Obama and his criminal cabal of judges, senators, congressmen, advisers, and Czars.

I'm a Life-Endowment NRA member, and this letter talks tough, but NRA has slipped in the fight to protect the Second Amendment. Since I read the Chris Cox piece in the now defunct Free Hunters magazine, stating that the Second Amendment was about hunting, I've had no use for him, and the NRA in general seems to have gone soft and appear to be willing to sell some out. I much prefer GOA and JPFO today.

Gregory A. Russell Sr.

The letter was well done and to the point. I think they did a fine job.

I was a member of the NRA for a number of years but let my membership lapse several years ago because I felt (and still feel) that the NRA was and is far too concilliatory in their interactions with the "Government". For the same reasons, I became a member of JPFO because I need to be associated with folks who actively and aggressively speak out and don't worry about having a bigger museum. I must say, however, that the subject letter shows me a small but encouraging move toward a badly needed more confrontational approach.

WR McGrath

The letter was too wishy-washy. I'm tired of the NRA being so "polite" that they refuse to tell the truth. I'm also tired of the fact they are willing to give in on so much. We need to go all the way back to repealing the 1968 gun control act. I am a former NRA member.

As a Life Member of the NRA since 1974 I am in favor of most of the actions they have taken over the years to protect the rights of the firearm owner. Their recent letter to Obama took exactly the right tone and stated the right actions that should be taken. The administration, if they had any brains or insight to the real problems , should use this letter as a frame work for any future activities involving firearm's regulations.

The NRA leadership is and has been the "the great compromiser"of the 2nd Amendment. What part of "shall not be infringed" do they not understand? "Shall not be infringed" means there can be NO COMPROMISE now or ever. Fabian Socialists like Obama and his ilk know and love the incremental compromise game of politics called "how to cook a frog." I'll end with a quote from the book Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal" by Ayn Rand.

"The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. Whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic Principles."

Well written, too bad it is only preaching to the choir :-(
NRA are you going to cave on this like you caved when they offered you a deal ???? You lost my respect, and support, at that point.

Carol, former life member.

"The primary reason many Americans support gun ownership is ...(esentially criminal control)." Really? It's possible that's why MOST Americans support gun ownership but that is not the basis of the argument why The Framers included the Second Amendment in The Bill of Rights. I had trouble finishing the letter after that one. He should have led with the BATF's disgraceful Operation Fast & Furious and asked if that's where the nut in Tuscon got his sidearm. The Emperor has no clothes. I do miss Charlton Heston.

They not only are NOT doing enough but much of what they are doing is counterproductive. I'm speaking particularly of the "deals" they cut w/ the gun grabbers. Also of whom they endorse for office. Last November we were surprised to see 3 Liberal Democrats endorsed for house seats out here in NM. I have ceased my long term habit of donating to NRA-ILA due to these issues and would leave NRA altogether were it not required for membership at all ranges out here.

The NRA has made much money from its loyal membership. But what are the benefits? I can only think of the cost. That is to say that the NRA has willingly, knowingly and intentionally cooperated with the government (both Democratic and Republican office holders) to incrementally destroy the Second Article to the Constitution. The NRA is, without a doubt, the LOYAL opposition flying false colors to its membership.

Brian A. Cavallo
Lt Col, Armor, USA (Ret)

I am more confident of the NRA defending our rights to keep and bear arms with Chris Cox helping lead the way.

This is the best so far. For a while, I was very disappointed by the response from NRA. I'm glad to see they are finally "more or less" speaking like I think. (If I sent a letter to Obama, I would probably be arrested). 30+ years life member of NRA.

I think the NRA is a necessary evil. I belong because they need my membership to show strength in numbers. They have lost their compass, and seem to be run by people furthering their own personal goals. I think Gun owners of america is a better thing to belong to, to protect our rights. NRA gave Harry Reid $4950.00 for his last campaign, and now are trying to justify it. They also tried to make a deal to not oppose the bill with Pelose and Reid muting our voices. Just one of many errors made by Wayne and Cox. They gave several anti-gunners the endorsement in the last election, even after being informed by local members they were wrong. They ignore the local rank and file, I think they are forgetting who they represent.

The NRA is little more than a front organization -- please see my published essay here:

The NRA sucks. Go along to get along. Happy to lose our rights incrementally. What the hell do they do with those hundreds of millions of dollars? Why do they pretend that guns are only for hunting? We own guns because they can save our lives and protect us from those who would harm us, including our own governments.

I'm a member of NRA along with JPFO, 2nd Amendment Foundation, Concealed Carry Assn,. ANJRPC, and Gun Owners of America. I wish the NRA had a small fraction of the energy and integrity that those groups do.

I think that the response was appropriate. Wayne LaPierre does an outstanding job of providing the point of view of responsible citizens while deflecting the same tired old ignorance about gun ownership by the foaming at the mouth cowardly surrender monkeys. I don't have a problem with people who want to be sheep, that is their decision.

I do have a problem with the wolves trying to coerce me into becoming a sheep, and there is not much useful dialog that could be exchanged with those who would try to enslave us. At some point you just get tired of listening to the same old lies and you make sure that your rifles are clean and your magazines are fully loaded and ready for action.

As usual, the NRA is clueless and is actually aiding and abetting the gun grabbers. Since when is the purpose of the 2nd amendment to protect ourselves from criminals?! The purpose of the 2nd amendment is to protect ourselves from government! The NRA is giving the federal government the perfect excuse to build a police state (that is to say, more of one), then claim crime to have been conquered and therefore that people no longer need guns.

Remember, this is the same government that tempts honest men into committing minor crimes, then sends 300 killers to assassinate his wife and children in order to prove they are in control. The NRA needs to stop pretending to protect gun rights while secretly helping the anti-gun lunatics. When the NRA announces on national television that 'WE NEED GUNS TO PROTECT OURSELVES FROM GOVERNMENT', only then they will be doing their job.

I personally think the NRA is only after money. The more they can get maybe they will be able to build themselves another office building and fill it with the best offfice furniture available. They send more flyers out to try and get more money but they are spending millions of dollars on this. If we give money it should be used SOLELY for the purpose We The People Intended!!

1SG Walter E. Horn USA Ret.

Great letter by the NRA. My thoughts exactly. JPFO needs to remember that this president is the enemy of the 2ND amendment, not the NRA. We need to stand together. I love both organizations.

Where is JPFO's letter to Obama??

I believe that the NRA leadership is and has been betraying its membership since Neal Knox was run off by Wayne Lapiere and others around him. It was Knox who brought Lapierre up through the ranks only to be betrayed. Most NRA members do not realize that the 1968 gun control act, which was patterned after and taken from the Nazi gun control , was supported by the NRA leadership of that time including Charlton Heston.

I have been a long time member of the NRA but I am considering supporting an organization that is truly fighting for our second amendment rights and our liberty. That is why I started supporting your organization two years ago. I think this letter is a smoke screen aimed at convincing the present members that they are truly the number one org fighting for our gun rights when they are the great compromisers. I am considering no longer supporting them.

I thought that the NRA's letter to Obama was remarkably polite, to the point and certainly far more understated than what I would have written.

I think the NRA should do much more, such as the pushing to repeal all unconstitutional gun laws, holding LEO's accountable for the violation of citizens rights, and actively campaining for the abolition of the BATFE. And stop trying to sell me wine and anything else that doesn't fight to restore my rights. They should set an example for congress, and reduce their spending by cutting the massive corporation that they have become down to deal with protecting the second ammendment for all gun owners, even ones the ugly black guns with big magazines, or ones which go rat-a-tat-tat. Not just no farther, but restore it to where it started. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED !

As a fairly long standing member of the NRA I have been disappointed in a few things they have done. This particular letter is on target and makes me glad that I have stuck with the NRA for as long as I have. I also think that the JPFO has a little bit of responsibility for helping keep everyone's feet to the fire. I better start paying something to JPFO too.

R. Lund Boise, ID

The NRA is not a protector of the 2nd Amendment secured rights of the people. Compromising and deal making with the government does nothing to protect the liberty of the people but, instead, stifles rights. In addition to not helping stop the feds, it also ignores the treasonous actions by local and state governments that in fact do not have any authority whatsoever to regulate in any fashion the inherent, inalienable right to keep and bear arms.

Never in the Constitution for these united States of America does it state, "as long as the government approves". The duty of the NRA should be to work on repealing every regulation placed on the people illegally by the feds, state governments and local government the state creates. None have supremacy over the people or their rights.

Excellent letter, to the point, right on target! The NRA is doing all that can be done in light of the socialists influence and policies that Obama has brought into our government.

I am a lifetime member of the NRA. I am seeing them change course and objectives. They have been taken over by the "special interest groups" and are not longer serving the core of the membership. I've read where they even supported Reid in NV and who knows who/where else. I do not support any of their programs any longer. I've written them and told them that if I were not a lifetime member I would not renew my membership.

I support the contents of the letter in that I believe 100% that the Obama administration is actively seeking to control the populace through removing the second amendment completely. They do not care about facts, only fallacies.

I've been involved with the NRA for about 40 years, and a life member, but I have to admit, I've been disappointed in their approach on many occasions. The NRA is the big dog in the fight for freedom, but it seems to me that they wait till some of the smaller dogs get a bite on a challenge before jumping in. I don’t believe in playing politics when it comes to my G-D given rights. There just isn’t room for compromise when it comes to civil rights.

I read many of the gun rights blogs out there in cyber-land, and most are not favorable towards the NRA. With 80 mill. Gun owners out there, you would think we’d have more than 4 mill. Members. I think The NRA should be there at these so called talks. Remember from the “Godfather” “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. But JPFO would represent my beliefs more.

I learned very quickly that the NRA is not totally pro gun. They are no different from our elected officials. They talk the talk BUT they do not walk the walk. The letter was just all politics. Nothing more than "look at us we are your friend, now give us money".

Richard, Morganton, NC

The NRA needs to start following the "no compromise" position of the JPFO and the Gun Owners of America. You have the right to self defense, period.

The letter is the most strongly worded piece I have seen from the NRA in a long time. The organization (and Wayne LaPierre in particular) appear to have recently grown a pair.

Get a grip! "Illegal guns"? "straw purchases"?, "Don't Lie for the Other Guy!"? Really? Since the definition of "infringed" remains the same today as it was in the 18th century when the Bill of Rights was ratified, Mr. LaPierre/Mr. Cox must remain ever fearful that their dues paying members might encounter a dictionary (or a history book)?

The NRA throws the 1st Amendment under the bus in that letter. By asking the media not to cover mass shooting. Freedom is freedom. NRA has always gone along with major gun control legislation in the past. They threw the returning vets with PTSD and never convicted of a crime, under the bus the last time. I predict this time they will act like they are against covering background checks for private purchases. But they will act behind the scenes to get it passed with no repercussions in their congressional rating system. That is my prediction.

Gun control has never been shown to reduce crime but has just the opposite effect on the law abiding citizen. NRA does not understand what " Shall Not Be Infringed" means. They have become a smoke and mirrors money gabbing organization. Yep, I am a member but working to change the board of directors.

No, I think the NRA is more concerned with being the "No. 1" in appearance fighting for Second Amendment rights, but looks are not enough. They need to take a more hard line stance. JPFO & GOA may be smaller organizations, but they have the right attitude. No compromise, No surrender!

Rev. Larry Board

I think this is a "good first step". NRA has thrown down a gauntlet and in this instance deserves our full support.

I am no longer a member of the NRA, having terminated my membership about 2 years ago. I became disenchanted with how I feel the NRA does not fully support Constitutional gun rights. "Reasonable" gun restrictions seem, well, "reasonable" to the NRA. Any gun organization that advocates less than total freedom from regulation does not deserve my money.

I agree with the letter 100%. I'm a NRA life member.

Former NRA member. Those "extremists" don't WANT to win, have never wanted to win, and now that gun rights may become extinct within this decade, are appealing to the "better nature" and "common sense" of well-known (and popularly-supported) dedicated enemies of freedom. They have none.

NRA could learn a lot from JPFO (who they consider extremist) about the darkness the human heart is capable of harboring and the lengths to which some will go to impose their will on others. Obama and his co-conspiritors Bloomberg et al. don't care about violent crime, but about the ability to resist in a meaningful way.

IF (BIG IF) the NRA had the GUTS and GRIT of JPFO, and the JPFO had the MONEY of the NRA; we practitioners of SECOND AMENDMENT CIVIL RIGHTS would have no problems or infringements on our G-D given, Constitutionally protected RIGHTS!


The NRA is the biggest gun-control organization in the U.S. Yes, I stated that correctly. I believe it was the NRA who helped pass the Brady Bill. I recall it was the NRA who helped pass the 1968 Gun Control Act. I believe it is the NRA that insists on enforcing existing gun control laws, in violation of the Constitution. I doubt I need to say much more.

I loved the letter, it puts the ball squarely back in Obama's court!

Chris Smith

The lip service from NRA continues to disgust me. The letter does little more than talk about symptoms brought about from society ignoring the the responsibility of having the Second Amendment. Given the ego, political beliefs, and obvious agenda of the one addressed in the letter, the "steps" suggested sounded like food for jokes mocking the stupidity of the NRA.

I pray the NRA receives a revelation about the Second Amendment and becomes an organization that is known, to not just support it but, to educate others to the responsibility of having it.

I've been an NRA life member for many years (and an annual member way before that), and have been thoroughly disgusted with the majority of their actions for most of that time. It seems that the best reason for not sending them back their membership card in a million pieces has been so I could be a severe pain in their posterior.

Now, with this letter to Obama, possibly they will upgrade their long standing status from the Office of Donations, Compromising and Backstabbing to full blown 2nd Amendment support - like they should have been doing all along. They should take their lessons from JPFO and GOA, to name just 2 that don't compromise. Our Constitution and B.O.R. are NOT compromises or living documents. Here's hoping Wayne and Chris can extract their heads from their posteriors long enough to hear what we, the members, are saying!

Mike Copeland.
Permission granted to publish my name for survey purposes.

I give them credit. They called him to task without any vacillating. Tactful, yet direct.

The NRA would be just as well served sending that letter to Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer or Vladimir Putin. They would all get a chuckle and throw it in the trash bin.

Patrick Dye

I am a member of the NRA and I think that Wayne La Pierre was right on the money in his letter and every point he brought up is a very real and pressing issure. I applaud his actions and reasons for writing the letter and I agree whole heartly that going to the Whitehouse and participating in the discussion would have been, and he implied, an exercise in futility. He is a very wise man.


I am an Endowment member who is very frustrated with the NRA. All my readings on 2A prohibit most current law in my mind. The NRA appeases the membership, makes concessions that hurt us and generate an atmosphere of continued litigation. Like most corporations they create their wealth by churning issues. They should defend 2A for what it states. The fear is, if they win the battle they will have no need to exist.

I think that the NRA, in this case, is doing the right thing. Obama is not serious about cooperating with gun rights organizations, he is merely inviting them to the table so that he can later crow that we were in support of his new, onerous restrictions on gun rights. I have had serious issues with the NRA's stance on other things and I let them know about it. In this case, I support the decision.

I read the letter to obama several times. They brought up many good points, but I don't think that it was strong enough. As Americans and gun owners we should make it perfectly clear, we are not going blink, we are not going to compromise, we are not going to back down, we have to draw a line in the sand and not give one inch !!! You can not go into a fight expecting to do do ok. You have to go into with the expectation of winning. No compromise!!!

My name is Thomas Ross. I am a retired police officer a member of JPFO, GOA and the NRA. I do not care if those in power know what my feelings are. The more they try to silence me the louder I will Get!!

Mr. LaPierre and Mr. Cox speak out from both sides of their mouth.They have supported Federal gun laws ( ie: Back ground checks or as I call it ' Please may I have your permission to purchase a firearm') as well as BATF.In my opinion they are HYPOCRITES.

A. Carney

I became a member of the NRA when I first became a gun owner several years ago because I thought it was "the thing to do" to help protect my "gun rights". However, over the next year or so I came to realize that NRA did not stand for National Rifle Association but for Negotiate Rights Away. Every major infringement on the right of the people to keep and bear arms on the books has been "accepted under negotiation" by the NRA. Even in its inception the NRA has always been about passing legislation for "reasonable" gun control laws.

Ever wonder why you cannot find a copy of the original Charter of November 17, 1871 in New York that is cited on their website? So what part of "shall not be infringed" does the NRA not get? JPFO gets it!!!


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