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This list was mainly and originally compiled by a gun forums member some time ago, and received as a document file.  It has been converted into a web page for convenience of viewing.  It is hoped this may be added to over time.  Personal details vary in content according to what was supplied - JPFO does not presume to attest to competence or expertise.  We are led to believe in good faith, that those listed are "2A friendly".

A further page of great value is "The Shooters Bar", compiled by Dave Markovitz, which is worth checking out for all searches, and worth a visit anyways.

Apple Law Firm PLLC (NFA and Class 3) in FL has a network of lawyers in 34 states and The Gun Trust Lawyer Blog

Information within was updated July 21st 2014. Any inaccuracies found or requests for additions please notify us.

Alaska Kenai River Joe Ray Skrha 907-283-7100
Arizona Chandler Marc J. Victor 480-455-5206
  Flagstaff Dan Kaiser N/A
  Phoenix Rick Poster 602-258-8900 x378
  Scottsdale Chad Niven 480-368-2080
  Thatcher Wyatt J. Palmer 928-428-5291
California See: "The Shooters Bar"    
Colorado Colorado Springs Allen C. Gasper 719-227-7779
  Colorado Springs Stephen D. Benson 719-475-0709
  Castle Rock Anthony Fabian 303-663-9339
  Montrose Tom Lange 970-240-2812
Connecticut See: "The Shooters Bar"    also ........    
  New Britain Ralph D. Sherman 860-229-0213
  The Law Office of Michael A. Deem, PLLC (See NY details) Michael A. Deem 914-502-0395
Florida Fort Myers (Offices also in Naples, Punta Gorda & Sarasota) Steven S. Leskovich 239-332-3600
  Gainsville Michael Buchanan 352-378-1107
  Jacksonville Alan Rosner 904-398-9002
  3733 University Blvd W. Suite 212B, Jacksonville FL 32217
Apple Law Firm PLLC
David Goldman 904-685-1200
Fax 904-212-0678
  Jacksonville 331 East Monroe Street, FL 32202
Cynthia Veintemillas 904-685-1200
Fax 904-212-0678
  Kisimmee Philip Dunlop 407-933-0088
  Melbourne Douglas R. Beam 321-723-6591
  Orlando Jon H. Gutmacher 407-650-0770
  Orlando (and other FL branches) David S Katz and
James D. Phillips, Jr.,
  Pensacola Jack Wilkins 850-429-9757
  Pompano Beach Charles Bechhert 954-941-8363
  St. Augustine Paul Braddock 904-460-7227
  Starke Michael C. Quimby 904-964-4055
  Tampa John Ossi 813-258-6774
Georgia Monroe Robert Rogers 678-462-0715
Idaho See: "The Shooters Bar"    
Illinois Waukegan Michael J. Conway 847-599-1069
Indiana Indianapolis Patrick V. Baker 317-686-1900
  Hobart Michael L. Deppe 866-403-3773
Kansas See: "The Shooters Bar"    
Kentucky Richmond Earl-Ray Neal 859-624-885
  Covington Scott J. Kappas 859-491-8500
  Columbia Stephen H. Poindexter 270-385-9501
Massachusetts Framingham Howard Lewis 508-370-3400
Michigan Grand Rapids Martin Blase Mead 616-235-0330
  Harrison Michael J. Ambrozalitis 989-539-3718
  Hudsonville Michael L. DeYoung 616-662-2287
  Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Shaun Patrick Willis 269-492-1046
  Lansing Robert Fleming 517-203-1100
  Lansing Bill Hankins 517-482-9400
  Lansing G. Sal Gani 517-372-8944
  Lansing Charles R. Toy 517-351-3700
  Okemos Greg Crockett 517-930-3954
  Sturgis Robert K. Pattison 269-651-2446
  Waterford Thomas M. Mcginnis 248-683-8510
Minnesota 6420 French Lake Trail, Faribault, MN 55021-7482
Email (507) 333-5615 (office)
David M. Gross (612) 388-3880 (Cell)
  Saint Paul, MN 55116 (2136 Ford Pkwy #359) Steve K. Marden 612-332-8828
Fax: 612-722-6942
Missouri Gladstone Kevin L. Jamison 816-455-2669
New Hampshire Keene Jonathan R. Evans 603-352-2347
New Jersey Marlton Charles H. Nugent 856-596-9770
  Woodbridge -  Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP, Metro Corporate Campus One, P.O. Box 5600, NJ 07095. Daniel L. Schmutter, Esq 732-549-5600

Fax: 732-549-1881
New Mexico See: "The Shooters Bar"    
  For referrals to attorneys in your NM area, contact karlerichmartell Karl Erich Martell N/A
  Albuquerque, NM 87102 D. Eric Hannum 505-842-6171
New York Binghamton Jack L. Kotchick 607-788-2403
  Niagara Falls Joseph Catalan 716-205-0017
  Ossining, NY 10562 (The Law Office of Michael A. Deem, PLLC), 95 Croton Avenue, Suite 37-T. Michael A. Deem, Esq 914-502-0395
  Plattsburgh Gerald R.Forcier, Jr. 518-825-1137
  499 Seventh Avenue, 23rd Floor S. New York, NY 10018 Schuyler J. Gordon, Esq. 917-727-4759
  New York City Steven Wershaw 212-966-0854
North Carolina Goldsboro Robert Morgan Smith 919-735-5252
  228 East Blvd, Suite 200,Charlotte, N.C. 28203. Email H.M.Whitesides, Jr 704-376-6455
Ohio Delaware L. Kenneth Hanson 740-363-1213
Oklahoma See: "The Shooters Bar"    
Oregon Lake Oswego, OR 97035
(4800 SW Meadows Road Ste 300, PO Box 1684)
James E. Leuenberger 503-542-7433
  Portland, OR 97205
(750 Morgan Building, 720 SW Washington St)
Samuel Israel Hochberg 503-224-1106
Fax: 503-224-3869
  See: "The Shooters Bar"    
Pennsylvania Scranton Dennis J. Mark 570-207-2007
Rhode Island See: "The Shooters Bar"    
South Carolina Hilton Head Island Donald C. Colongeli 843-785-9711 Cynthia Veintemillas 904-685-1200
Fax 904-212-0678
Texas Austin, Texas 78701 (901 Congress Avenue) Allen Halbrook N/A
  Dallas, Texas 75240 (2 Lincoln Centre Suite 900,
5420 Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway)
Gene A. Hamm II N/A
  El Paso Ray Gutierrez 915-351-3738
  Houston, "Texas Law Shield",1020 Bay Area Blvd, Suite 220, TX 77058 .  Post shooting legal service Walker, Rice, and Wisdom 281-461-6000
  Rockwall Patrick Short 972-771-1441
  San Marcos, Texas 78666 (120 West Hopkins ) William M. Rugeley N/A
  San Marcos , Texas 78666 (109 E. Hopkins St., Suite 204)
Paul C. Velte IV 512-353-2299
512-476-2299 (Austin)
Fax 476-9504
Virginia See: "The Shooters Bar"    
Washington Snohomish John L. Rodabaugh II 888-715-8800
West Virginia Martinsburg David P. Greenburg 304-263-0000
Wisconsin Elkhorn Christopher L. Kuehn 262-743-1580
  Madison, practice, licensed in Wisconsin. Ronald N. Walker 608-574-1361


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