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by Aaron Zelman & L. Neil Smith




by Aaron Zelman & L. Neil Smith

Download a 50 page sample, in PDF format.

How would you feel if you no longer feared your government … ?

What would you do first if you were elected President of the United States?

Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smith, who brought you The Mitzvah (’s "Freedom Book of the Month" for July, 1999), now present their answer to that question in an exciting sequel they call Hope.

Hope is the story of Alexander Hope, a young American who comes back from Vietnam, falls in love with a bright, beautiful girl, and with her starts a pioneering computer business. Thirty years later he’s a billionaire, and alone in life. He decides to leave everything he created behind to write books and teach history at a private college.

AwardAlmost as a joke, Alex allows a handful of admiring students to enlist him as a candidate for a third party Presidential nomination. His brief campaign rests on a single promise: to enforce the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution -- commonly known as the Bill of Rights -- exactly like the highest law of the land they happen to be. And in a series of astonishing but perfectly plausible political events, he’s amazed to discover that he’s headed for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

From his office in the White House, President Hope labors to bring a swollen, murderous, runaway government under control by binding it "with the chains of the Constitution" -- an objective that would end at least 90% of all government activities -- while the enemies of liberty at both ends of the political spectrum (and within his own party, as well) attempt to obstruct, discredit, impeach, and even kill him.

Along the way, readers witness the birth-struggles of Presidential policies rooted in the rule of law -- what Alex calls "Bill of Rights enforcement". By turns, he confronts a bloated military, a brutal police establishment, and a corrupt judiciary. (Wait’ll you see what he does to the Forest Service!) He dumps the deadly victim disarmament ("gun control") efforts of past regimes, declares an end to the War on Drugs, and gives the UN 24 hours to get out of town. Besieged by Democrats, Republicans, and hostile Old Media, Alex fights to get the government out of the way of ordinary people so they can fully realize the American Dream: to strive, prosper, and eventually reach for the stars.

AwardSome readers won’t care for Hope: those who can’t tolerate individual liberty, those who are racists and anti-Semites. Hope pulls no punches. It separates "the chaff from the wheat"; "the sheep from the goats"; those who truly believe in all the Bill of Rights for all the people from those who don’t; those prepared to act from those who’d rather just complain; those who have grown so comfortable with their status as victims that it has become their identity. But say what you will, without someone like Alex -- soon -- America has no hope.

Hope is full of extraordinary characters, both good and evil, some of whom readers met earlier in The Mitzvah. It’s a story of one man’s love for his country -- and for the principles that brought it into being -- for his family, for his friends, and especially for Dana Li, the lovely and brilliant young internet reporter who believes in him.

See how one man drags a whole country, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century and makes it the century of the Bill of Rights. See how one man brings the grand ideas and ideals of the Founding Fathers back to life.

Order Hope today. Read it and find out for yourself how you can help bring the concept of Bill of Rights enforcement back home to America.

Bibliographic details

ISBN 0-9642304-5-3
Pages: viii, 440
Size: 7-inches by 4.25-inches
soft bound (current ISBN # may be different)


What They’re Saying About Hope

Any political philosopher can hammer out a speech, but Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smith also prove themselves to be sensitive dramatic architects by whittling characters so compelling and trustworthy that by the time the speech comes, we’re dying to listen. HOPE’s greatest gift, though, is its sheer clarity about the original undiluted mission of the Bill of Rights, seen through the eyes of people who really believe in sticking to it. This novel should be required reading in every school and public office. Dare you to read it, America!
-- Diane Carey, New York Times Bestselling author of Chainmail, Invasion, First Strike, Distant Drums and Best Destiny


Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smith have written a compelling, visionary novel about how life in America would be radically improved if we had a President who actually believed in the Bill of Rights.
-- James Bovard, columnist and author


Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smith, authors of The Mitzvah, now offer up Hope, a spell-binding novel of politics and passion that will appeal to women as well as men. Hope offers valuable insight on how to reverse the crimes against our Constitution that have incrementally stolen the liberty of Americans.
-- Dr. Joanne D. Eisen, Dr. Paul Gallant


No matter what your political leanings are, if you really believe in freedom you will find Hope an intriguing and fascinating read of what could be.
-- Jeff Ritchie, independent film producer


If just one real politician’s principles approached those of Zelman and Smith’s protagonist, Alexander Hope, there would still be "hope" for our fast-fading republic. Perhaps their latest novel will inspire one. We can only "hope".
-- John C. Taylor, columnist and internet editor


In Hope, Aaron Zelman and Neil Smith give us a smorgasboard of broad hints and tantalizing visions of how America could be, and should be, remade into "the Land of the Free". The only way Hope could be better is if it were longer.
-- David Anderson, Canadian freedom activist


Hope is an engaging political fairy tale that sets a high standard against which real-life "libertarian" politicians ought to be measured.
-- Scott Bieser, proprietor of


Aaron and Neil have done me a great favor by providing their new novel Hope -- it’s a sort of roadmap for getting from here (injured and usurped) to there ("sweet land of liberty"). It helped me feel better about the world my grandchildren will inherit.
-- Ken Holder, webmaster and political advocate


Hope is a celebration of human potential. Some people will hate it because it rubs our noses in the fact that this country has turned its back on the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and, more fundamentally, common sense and human decency. Many of us have done our best to keep the flickering flame of freedom alive. Zelman and Smith are spraying lighter fluid on it. We may have the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of the 21st Century here.
-- Rex F. "Baloo" May, cartoonist and political observer


Hope reads like a political manifesto with wings.
-- Anders Monsen, Editor emeritus, Prometheus


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