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An Open Letter Regarding Boomtown Casinos



Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO).
Copyright JPFO 2007


(view original letter in PDF here)



April 30, 2007

Aaron Zelman - Executive Director
P.O. Box 270143
Hartford, WI 53027

Reference: Boomtown Casino Gun Show, Reno, Nevada

Dear Aaron,

I am writing to call your attention to a dastardly attack upon Firearms Dealers and Gun Owners by the Boomtown Casino, in Reno, Nevada. Here are the details…

In the April issue of the NRA Magazine, there was an advertisement encouraging dealers to purchase tables for a three-day Gun Show to be held May 11, 12th and 13th, at the Boomtown Casino, in Reno, Nevada.

I contacted the promoter of the event, Bert Guy ( , 3320 Arrowwood DR., Lake Havasu City Arizona 86406, Phone: 928 854-3538) and purchased two tables for the show, paid for by credit card.

In preparation for the upcoming event, I (and I am sure many other firearms dealers as well) purchased additional firearms inventory to be sold at the Boomtown Casino Gun Show. I invested several thousands of dollars in doing so.

On Wednesday, April 26, 2007, I received an email (attached) from Mr. Bert Guy advising that "In light of the recent unfortunate incident at Virginia Tech" a "Corporate Decision" had been made not to allow the display or sale of guns at the show. Furthermore, the email went on to say that, the Show had been changed to a Sporting Goods and Accessory show only. Mr. Guy directed inquiries to his answering machine and to Sheryl Pacini, the Special Events coordinator for Boomtown Casino & Hotel (775-345-8762) (I left messages for both individuals two days ago and have not received a response.)

The decision to disallow the sale of firearms at an advertised "Gun Show" because of the crazed actions of a maniac on the other side of the country is lunacy. This is an opportunistic and unprecedented attack upon Firearms Dealers and upon all Gun Owners.

I want you to know that I have also requested assistance from the NRA, contacting several of their representatives about the Boomtown situation. I received referrals to their California Lobbyist (Carry Herbertson in Sacramento, California (916) 446-2455), and to their General Counsel in Virginia. Naturally, neither could not be reached. Messages were left, emails sent, and as of the time of this writing, no response has been received.

I also contacted the office of Larry Pratt, CEO of Gun Owners of America (GOA). The GOA was very receptive and interested in this incident, and I was advised that the matter would be brought to the attention of Mr. Pratt as soon as possible. I am awaiting a response.

This challenge to our rights to sell firearms and for our customers to buy them must not go unrecognized or unchallenged. I spoke with five different attorneys in the Reno area. Each said that the case had merit but all gave excuses why they could not take the case… conflict of interest or just too busy. The reality is that for whatever reasons, they are afraid to take on this Hotel-Casino and its parent corporation.

Therefore, it seems that the only alternative is for gun owners and firearms dealers to speak out and voice our collective indignation towards the Boomtown Hotel-Casino (775) 345-8762, and in particular, it’s parent corporation (Pinnacle Entertainment Inc., 3800 Howard Hughes Parkway | Las Vegas, NV 89109 | 702-784-7777 | email: <>) by calling them and emailing them.

Furthermore, since Pinnacle Entertainment has shown their distain for Gun Owners and Firearms Dealers, I would urge a boycott of all of Pinnacle Entertainment’s holdings… which are:

• Boomtown Casino - Harvey, LA
• Boomtown Hotel & Casino - Bossier, LA
• Boomtown Hotel & Casino - Verdi, NV
• Boomtown Truck Stop - Verdi, NV
• Belterra Casino, Belterra, IN
• Casino Magic - Argentina
• L'Auberge du Lac Hotel & Casino - Lake Charles, LA
• St. Louis Casino Projects - St. Louis, MO
• The Casino at Emerald Bay - Exuma, Bahamas
• Embassy Suites St. Louis- Downtown, MO
• President Riverboat Casino, MO

New Properties Under Construction –
• Lumiere Place, St. Louis, MO
• River City, St. Louis, MO

Pinnacle Entertainment is one of the Big Boys on the block. Their 2007 annual report describes Pinnacle Entertainment thusly…

"Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. is a leading developer, owner and operator of casinos and related hospitality and entertainment facilities. We currently operate six domestic casinos, three of which are being significantly expanded and enhanced. We have two additional casino facilities under construction and intend to break ground on at least one additional casino facility in 2007. We have also acquired three additional sites in new markets where we expect to build casino facilities in future years. In addition, we operate several small casinos in foreign markets."

Pinnacle also has the following properties under development:

• Atlantic City, NJ
• Sugarcane Bay, Lake Charles, LA

And these properties are listed as…
"Potential Future Development Sites Acquired or Under Contract"

• Baton Rouge, LA
• Central City, CO

They could care less about the little guy, but they want out hard-earned cash. Well, let’s not give it to them. There are plenty of other Hotels and Casinos who are not anti-Gun. Why should we patronize Anti-Gun establishments?

I urge all JPFO members, all members of the GOA (Gun Owners of America), and all members of the NRA (National Rifle Association) to BOYCOTT ALL BOOMTOWN CASINOS AND OTHER PROPERTIES OWNED BY PINNACLE ENTERTAINMENT until such time as they issue a public statement reversing their anti-Gun, anti Second Amendment stance.


Bill Maniaci
Owner, Maccabee Arms LTD.


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