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The Mitzvah



The Mitzvah

by Aaron Zelman & L. Neil Smith

Read some endorsements


Mazel Freedom Press and JPFO are happy to announce the June 15th publication of a potent new weapon in the intellectual arsenal of liberty. The Mitzvah, by AARON ZELMAN and L. NEIL SMITH, is a novel of today "for those who love freedom -- and for those who should".

When John Greenwood, a Catholic priest from Chicago -- and a liberal "child of the 60s" -- suddenly learns that he’s a Jewish Holocaust orphan, he asks desperately, what does that make him? Is he Catholic or Jewish? American or German? Who’s right, his pacifist mentors, or his newfound family, some of whom died fighting Hitler? Do his liberal beliefs encourage freedom or slavery? Is the real agenda of the United Nations to destroy the Bill of Rights?

John’s mind spins as his struggle to find answers, for himself, his foster parents, his real family, and his long lost love, plays out against a background of real events in America and the world today.

And when John finally speaks out … the government responds.

Sadly, the majority of Jews in America do not embrace all of the Bill of Rights for all Americans. The Mitzvah was written in the hope of changing that. A "mitzvah" is a good deed or a blessing. Many will wonder if the story is fiction or fact, but they’ll say The Mitzvah is a blessing in our time.


The Mitzvah

Usually $13.95 postpaid - Currently on a special time-limited offer. Order two copies for just $13.95, or buy a single copy at the reduced price of $8.00 - postpaid.

Wisconsin residents check the "Include sales tax in order total" box. Canadian residents will have an additional 10-percent added to the order for shipping.

Bibliographic details

ISBN 0-9642304-3-7
Pages: 245
Size: 7-inches by 4.25-inches
soft bound


What They’re Saying


"The Mitzvah is bound to become the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of the 21st century."
-- Rex F. "Baloo" May, author and humorist


"The Mitzvah puts a bayonet right through the pretensions of American liberalism."
-- Tina Terry, freedom activist


"Zelman and Smith have written a book the establishment doesn’t want you to read. They don’t want you to get the picture that reveals just how far government has gone beyond its limits under the Constitution. Read this book. Do something the freedom-haters won’t like."
-- Larry Pratt, Executive Director, Gun Owners of America


Dear Aaron and Neil: Congratulations on The Mitzvah. This is your best work in years. -- a quick read and a very sharp one. The characters were strong, real and believable, as were the dilemmas they faced. I was totally engaged from the first sentence to the last. I kept thinking, "I’ll read just one more chapter tonight." But each paragraph drew meonward and each chapter impelled me into the next.

I’m honored to have gotten the advance look. Can’t wait to get my authentic Smith and Zelman autographed copy. Heaven help us, may peopleget the message before it’s too late.
-- Claire Wolfe, columnist, WorldNetDaily author, 101 Things to Do ’Til the Revolution, I Am Not a Number, Don’t Shoot the Bastards (Yet)


The Mitzvah by Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smith is powerful stuff. This attention-grabbing novel tells the story of a Catholic priest forced to confront evidence that his birth parents were German Jews who hid their infant son with neighbors before being murdered in the Holocaust.

As a non-Jew, I was fascinated by the priest’s efforts to investigate his birthright and understand the fundamentals of the Jewish faith. His intellectual and spiritual journey became my own.

What the priest discovers will alarm most readers. The Mitzvah clearly shows that in America, not only are many Jewish leaders and legislators ignoring the Bill of Rights, they are also ignoring the teaching of Judaism.

Like a clear diagnosis of cancer, The Mitzvah is upsetting but must not be ignored.
-- John Ross, author of Unintended Consequences


Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smith have accomplished something remarkable with The Mitzvah. It’s unquestionably polemic -- with the same occasional "set pieces" you’d expect in works by Ayn Rand or Robert Heinlein -- but at the same time very readable. I felt I came to know the protagonist, Monsignor John Greenwood, and enjoyed spending time with him. I even woke up in the middle of the night once, thinking about John and his journey of discovery. The Mitzvah makes arguments supporting the 2nd Amendment that badly need to be made.
-- Andrea Millen Rich, President, Laissez Faire Books


"One of the most important Second Amendment novels ever published. A penetrating and masterful focus on anti-gun liberals and their schizophrenic views on both firearms and self-preservation. A compelling, must-read page burner that will cause those for whom the Second Amendment is merely an embarrassment to squirm in their easy chairs."
-- Peter G. Kokalis, Technical Editor, Soldier Of Fortune Magazine.


For those who don’t understand that the First and Second Amendments depend on each other, The Mitzvah is required reading. For those do understand, The Mitzvah is the best book they’ll ever read.
-- Brad Linaweaver, Prometheus Award Winning Author


The Mitzvah is more than just entertaining reading. It’s about discovering the truth even when it challenges your most deeply held beliefs,and it’s about making the kind of difficult choices many Americans are facingtoday.
-- Bill O’Brien, Associate Editor, Rifle Shooter magazine


The Mitzvah is a great tool for educating intimates and acquaintancesabout the realities of surrendering one’s sovereignty and personal securityto those who do not have their best interests at heart. A gripping noveland a quick read, The Mitzvah forces the reader to come to grips with fundamental questions. And, while the firearm-phobic may not quite know how torespond, you will!
-- Dr. Paul Gallant, Dr. Joanne D. Eisen


Somewhere around three in the morning, my wife said, "Are you ever going to stop reading and turn off the light?"

I lied. "Sure, sweetheart, just a couple more pages."

I finished The Mitzvah at one sitting and wanted it to be longer. The main character, Monsignor John Greenwood, came to seem like a real person and I wanted to jump into the story and help him wrestle with his personal and moral dilemmas. You and Aaron not only make valuable, even essential points about gun control that few others are willing or able to make, you invented a story that moved along and kept me interested …

[But] I don’t know how those who really need to read it … can be tricked or cajoled into it. If we could just get a few others to start reading it with no idea of where the story might be going that would be ideal.

-- Alan Bock, Senior Editorial Writer at the Orange County Register, is also a columnist at WorldNetDaily and, a Media Fellow at the Hoover Institute, and author of Ambush at Ruby Ridge.


The novel The Mitzvah by Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smithis an entertaining and fun read for Second Amendment advocates such as myself. It should be and would be an enlightening and thought provoking story for all the anti-gunners; if only, they would read it.
-- Randy Weaver


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