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Since the "New Look" change mid 2011 - we are still thirsty for feedback but sadly get very little. Can we ask for one or two regular visitors to volunteer to regularly report, mentioning any link or display problems, and Email us with info. Some errors can be hard to track down and so outside help is most useful.

"Gun of the week" has been running for some time - let’s hear from you. Like - not like? Any other suggestions?

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Note - (July 2011) We notice sometimes that out of the thousands of alerts sent out, there can be rather high numbers of "bounces" - on checking with our provider it would seem that now and again an ISP makes some change to their email settings and that can result in non-delivery to those using that ISP.

If it happens to be something like Hotmail, Yahoo or even gmail - then many can be affected temporarily. For those who miss out on one of our sendings, we apologize, but the provider does try to stay ahead of things when they can by making changes in their own settings to reflect ISP changes and so control the bounces, which we like to see as zero!

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Why you should consider joining JPFO.

Why Join JPFO?

JPFO tries to be an educator by supplying "intellectual ammunition" - the idea being that we provide information for folks to use the best they can, to further the fight against "Gun Control". We are tax exempt and cannot lobby or endorse but, for sure we can give you the fodder you need such that you can do your bit the best way you can. The fight to preserve our 2A is vital.

Researching to find data, writing articles, as well maintaining the site - all takes time and expense and so, help towards keeping this active and vital is essential. We would encourage anyone who finds our efforts worthwhile to become a member, or even donate - it all helps us survive and continue the hard fought battle.

Please dig deep, use the search, explore through our menus - find even old pages and pass them on. Dissemination of material is invaluable.

Meet The "Gang"




NEW - Read David T. Hardy on the FOPA, a PDF on the Firearm Owners' Protection Act.

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Why did we make this film? See our "Boot the BATFE" page!

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We had a question from someone who wanted to know who supported Thomas Dodd and the 1968 Gun Control Act.

Go to this Google.Books link - and read page 58.




It’s time to take JPFO’s "Boot the BATFE" campaign to a fiercer, more gutwrenching level.

Announcing an upcoming video documentary from JPFO Productions: The Gang: How a Government Agency Uses the Law to Destroy Your Rights and Freedoms, an hour-long video documentary will show:

  • A brief history of the BATFE, with emphasis on its racist origins and ongoing racism.
  • Documentary evidence that the Gun Control Act of 1968 (one of the major laws the BATFE enforces) was based on Nazi law and Nazi legal concepts.
  • Video proof that the BATFE tried to frame an American gun owner with federal felony charges by attempting to call a malfunctioning semi-automatic rifle an "illegal machine gun".
  • Documentary evidence that the BATFE is incompetent to carry out one of its primary tasks, the classification of weapons.
  • Interviews with abused gun owners and manufacturers. We are also trying to get a BATFE whistle-blower or former agent to go on camera to give an insider’s view of BATFE corruption and ineptitude.
  • Finally, a Second Amendment lawyer will reveal how Congress and the BATFE routinely misuse the interstate commerce clause to control gun ownership and persecute firearms owners.


Although production was finished some while ago, we can still use your
help financing our marketing campaign for "The Gang"

Click HERE to donate to THE GANG

JPFO is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization & donations are tax-deductible. (Ask your tax advisor.) Any contribution of any size is welcome. If you wish to donate a different amount, print-out our form and mail or fax it, or call our office during normal Central Time Zone office hours.


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